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^ You don't need to randomly and instantly post random things about your life to have an account on Twitter. Anyone can create an account (or more than one account) and use it for any purpose (that's permitted by its terms of service). You don't need to ask people to "follow" you.

Many choose to use one to aggregate content that they're interested in, as many companies and individuals use Twitter to share information. I have 4 Twitter accounts, going back to 2008, and I hardly ever post to any of them.

This is in stark contrast to the social networking service of Facebook Inc. They limit their users to one account, which they encourage its owner to share absolutely everything with.

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Just a heads up that there will be another Tweet-up at KI tomorrow.

From @KingsIslandPR on Twitter:

For our followers planning a visit tomorrow (Wednesday), we'll be doing a tweet-up for your chance to win a Banshee poster.

As always, you can participate by following @KingsIslandPR on Twitter and watching your mobile device at the park. You can either use the Twitter mobile app or point your mobile browser directly to http://www.twitter.com/KingsIslandPR .

If you don't have a smartphone, you can access Twitter via text messages. Just text "follow @KingsIslandPR" to 40404. Text rates will apply.

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I was in line for The Beast for what turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous sunset ride, so I can't really be too sorry I missed it. If the tweet had happened 15 minutes later, I probably would have been already in the Eiffel Tower area anyway.

I'm just really happy he did another one. Thanks, Don! Pretty cool!

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