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What was your Last ride?


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What was your Last ride of the Season?

Mine would be a train full of KICers on The Beast, chanting "K I C, K I C, on the way up both lift hills, a very fun and enjoyable ride. Waiting next to Terpy in line with "does this go up side down", and all sorts of other trivial hilarity, dodging photos like a Ninja. Very great way to end the season for me. How about you?

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My last ride of the season was Flight Deck (I'll always call it Top Gun) last night. Since there are rumors of this being the last season for Flight Deck as we currently know it, I wanted to get all the pictures and good rides in that I could. I rode it three times yesterday and made my final ride in the very front. I've been riding this thing ever since I was little and it was a great way to end the season. I was going to ride Drop Tower after that, but decided not to. Like I've said before, it's been a great season and I know that yesterday definitely ended it on a high note! :D

EDIT: My new KIC profile picture was taken right after that final ride with the train pulling into the break run.

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Mine would be a train full of KICers on The Beast

Ditto for me; there's no better way to end the season.

Were you dodging photos on purpose (a la TheCrypt), or did everyone just miss you?

I wasn't avoiding them per say, but I wasn't in a particular rush to go out of the way to get in them(like some…).

Beast, which if I am correct, you were in the car after me.

You noticed me, well that is nice I guess. I was in the 8th row. All alone…

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Last train of Vortex of the year. Origionally i was gona do my usual AE last train of year but the dorks running the ride had all the sound effects and music turned off which ruins the ride experiance.... yea im calling you dorks AE crew for ruining my master plan :-)

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