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Kings Island 2014 Discussion Thread


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Yes.cause no one in my family doesn't know I have this account, so I don't want them giving me questioning looks and my mom and dad get on me and it ruin my day at Kings Island. Believe me, you have no idea how my parents are when it comes to talking to other people. They are the greatest Parents in the world, I would never trade them for Anything else. I just don't want my day at Kings Island ruined.

If "no one in [your] family doesn't know...", then they all know...

And your parents ask questions because they care...

Terp, tryin' to hep without being tryin'.

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Regarding your original concern, readers of this site generally don't seek out people from trip report photos and greet them. Even moreso when people are in a group. That would be slightly creepy.

Unless you indicate your interest in meeting up, that is.

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I wanted to mention something after reading the posts from TheBeast1116.

If you (anyone on this forum, not singling out TheBeast1116) are a minor looking to meet up, please make sure you tell your parents. If they are not comfortable with you meeting people from online please be obedient. Your folks love you and want you to be safe.

I am an adult. Even when my daughter and I did the first meet up, I let someone know we were meeting up with people from this forum. It's just necessary to be safe.

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