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I really wish Boo Blaster would get a peanuts theme...


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I agree I would love to see some improvements made to Boo Blasters. I rode it yesterday and while fun, it could be more. I figure we wont get much in 2015 with what we spent on Bashee (I guess I could be wrong, but I'm just basing this off of previous years that I've seen) I think improvements to rides like Boo Blasters and the Action Theater would be a great idea. As long as they maintain them of course.

The Guardians ride looks awesome and after going to Disney/Universal this spring I would love something like that.

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I'd love to go in that building lights on and see actual Crypt stuff. Turn it on and let me see the remains.

Speaking of which were there any pics/video of them taking the ride out of the building, that'd be a weird site to see.

Or hell being built, never saw construction pics.

Negatory on the removal, and installation was done at a time of far less publicity. I don't remember any construction photos. There may be some.

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The Peanuts have so many works for them(Cedar Fair) to pull from ... Great Pumpkin,Joe Cool, Flying Ace etc. It's not hard to do a Dark Ride themed to Peanuts. They could theme it to Snoopy's Dog House...let us enter Snoopy's Dog House they would have to re theme and change up the castle facade..but really we could see what goes on in snoopys dog house or the imagination of snoopy. ;)

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These rides can he improved upon. Got a score of 16000 on a similar style "shoot em up" dark ride this week that was half as long. The ability to see "where" the gun is firing, helps greatly.

The Boo Blasters ride at Canada's Wonderland is shorter and, like Kings Island, does not light up a target to indicate where you're aiming. And yet, I had no trouble getting about double the score I normally get at Kings Island.

I have a very strong suspicion the issue in this case is not the riders being a poor shot, but the blasters being wonky.

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Licensing requirements and the legal beagles doubtless allow only one top dog be featured in the park...

I much prefer Scooby, I think he is the better dog. Just a personal opinion though, I could be wrong.

PS: I'm also an artist and have always found his character design to be much more interesting, so I'm probably being biased.

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