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SEAS Q3 Earnings

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$12??? Are you kidding me? Pricing integrity has gone out the window, soon to be followed by bare minimum park staffing, reactive maintenance and up keep.

I wonder if FoxNews would like to team up with SEAS and do a BlackFish 2 documentary or CNN might want to tell the other side of the story. Ohh wait SEAS was given that offer and refused.

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My first thought is to the animals- will they get top care?

I wanted the park to thrive in spite of its bad decisions so the animals wouldn't do without. What will happen to them?

I don't want them turned out to sea. That would be like setting my ten year old Scottie out in farmland to fend for himself.

What plans have been made for them? Why in God's Pink Hell did they allow PETA so many shares?

They did drop the ball in not addressing Blackfish, which is back on Netflix, by the way.

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PETA's protest this year about the Macy's float involves getting naked, painting themselves black and white, and piling into a bathtub in front of Macy's.

Is taking off their clothes all these people know to do?

How are they going to keep warm until they get to Macy's, wear the furs of all the shelter animals they've killed with their "no kill shale tear policy?

They brain is divided in two for a reason, so we can have both empathy AND reason. These PETA persons rely solely on their emotional outrage.

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I have, yes. There's speculation on some BGW fan sites that the lack of promotion is due to a last-minute theme change. I'm not sure if I buy that or not--I would think the amount of theming that's gone into Busch Gardens' most recent additions wouldn't be something you could change within a year of the ride opening. If that is the case, then I think it says a lot about how much theming to expect out of the ride and out of SEAS at this point. But I'm still chalking that rumor up to wishful thinking.

Why the park hasn't said anything at ALL, regardless of theme, about the ride continues to confuse me.

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