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At Least 6 Injured After Ride Tips Over At Beech Bend Park

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Many parks do, without incident.

How does a properly installed, maintained, inspected and operated ride "tip over?"

Like a piano falling out a second story window onto a sidewalk--first conking a pedestrian in the head, such things do not happen without negligence (or worse), but whose?

The ride manufacturer?

The installer?


The ride operator(s)?

Or is the premise wrong? Was some kind of foul play involved?

And who will be the first to litigate when?

That last article was ominous. None have been treated or released. None are yet critical. "They are still here."


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Both the Tennessean and kentucky.com (Lexington Herald-Leader) are reporting that 12 were injured ("according to authorities"), but the Bowling Green paper's article still says 8 were injured, so I'm not sure who's correct here. Either way, this should not have happened, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a lawsuit and/or fines coming from this.

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I was on a ride that decided to toss parts onto the seat I was sitting in and nearly injured the young girl beside me. The ride kept on running even when one large piece slammed onto the ride platform with a loud, THUD. No Ops seemed to care and only reacted when I pointed out what happened. They removed the pieces and a few minutes later the ride was running like nothing happened. No one we talked to that worked at the park really seemed to care. We left the park and will never go back.

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Surely a park supervisor or manager took down the name and any other pertinent information for all riders at the time of accident before allowing them to leave the scene.


Surely the ride was properly secured and operated.


Surely this accident never happened.


Stranger things have indeed happened, like the ride falling over.

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This doesn't surprise me at all. My one trip to this park was abysmal. 


BB is still the only park that I ever felt unsafe at.

Clearly someone has never been to Mt. Olympus.


There's a reason they are currently selling admission for $9... I'd rather go three minutes up the road and ride the coaster at Timber Falls Adventure Golf. It feels safe, is actually fun, and doesn't really draw a line.

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A rickety theme park ride is truly scary, and not in a good way.

I recall serving beer in Cincinnati, and I know you've seen me in the nineties- I had earrings made from a Swiss Army Knife's corkscrew and bottle opener.


I would work at events that were just... creepeeeee. The dead Rockstar ride that had horrible airbrush portraits and made a weird cranky sound, and the haunted house that were just two trailers tied together, despite the fact that Six Flags Haunted Castle fire was still relatively recent.

The Rat Wheel game was the worst; they used real rats.

You want to wash it all off as soon as possible, it was a sinister vibe that you didn't even want in your car on the way home.


I looked at the news photo, and the ride looked like a German tin toy. That's a not-good scary.

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