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Wooden Coaster Capital

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I find that article kind of laughable. One, I don't think anyone from KI actually has been saying "wooden coaster capital of the world." They then accuse CP of falsely claiming the title of "roller coaster capital of the world", but there's no rules. No one says you have to have the most of something to use such a phrase. They even bothered to state KI is going for wooden coaster capital because they can't touch the SFMM record. Though I highly doubt anyone from KI even thought to go after SIX when trying to decide what to build next. It seems like that author might as well work for SIX.

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I mean I already consider KI the wooden coaster capital of the world because of the track length. I'd also like to point out that we have the coaster responsible for re-sparking the second golden age of roller coasters, the longest wooden coaster in the world which is also one of the fastest and 3rd longest coaster overall, a small wooden kiddie coaster, and a new modern airtime machine. If we got another game changing woodie in the line up, I could see the "Wooden Coaster Capital" title really stick. 

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Have never seen any reference to Wooden Coaster Capital ever until this article. As for Cp being the Coaster Capital they have used that forever because they once had the most coasters of any park in the world for many years, until 6 Flags put themselves in bankruptcy trying to compete with Cedar Point's coaster count. I think this article was written/bought and paid for by 6Flags.

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Wooden Coaster Capital of the World is a title that KI could easily obtain. The Beast ranks high every year with the Golden Ticket Awards, still is in the top 10 for speed, and is still the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. Also The Beast and Racer are both ACE landmarks. With the addition of Mystic Timbers, the park has also retained its record for most wooden track in one park.

I'm curious to see if the park will invest in more wooden coasters in the future. 

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