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The Beast and Racer Pen Collectibles


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Did you see the pens they are selling of The Beast and Racer?


The Beast Handcrafted Pen made with wood from The Beast Roller Coaster. 





The Racer Handcrafted Pen made with wood from The Racer Roller Coaster.



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I’m on the fence. 

Some pens (as in, the actual ink system) are made from precision parts and are designed to last for years. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the Bic pen that’s currently leaking into the side compartment of your car door.

So either this is a unique, quality piece… or it’s a ludicrous cash grab.  

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I think they got the pricing flipped up between these and the Eiffel Tower kit. For $125 you get a pen and a generic stand with a certificate. The part of the pen that’s even visibly part of the ride is small, and well, it’s a pen. I’d have paid $60 for one, $125 is overpriced.

ET kit, you get a decent size paint chip sealed in plastic, certificate PLUS two special postcards like The Vortex kit had, AND a custom (and painted) Cutout model that’s probably worth $30 by itself. Severely underpriced at $60 for what you get with that, that would have been more deserving of a $125 tag.

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3 hours ago, PKIDelirium said:

I think they got the pricing flipped up between these and the Eiffel Tower kit.

Another way to look at it:

The Racer & Beast pens include pieces of wood from the rides…something not easily obtainable by the general public…the Eiffel Tower kit contains a paint chip that was easily available to the public for months this season all throughout the park. I was amazed how far away the chips floated…the farthest I saw some was over in the  landscaping by The Monster. As for The Eiffel Tower model itself, I would say that it is almost a given that they will show up next year in the gift shops, minus the paint chip & postcards…I can’t imagine the park going to that much trouble to design the tower for just 300 pieces. (Which I like, because I would pick up a few more…I am guessing they will be $39.99 like the coaster cut-outs.)

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