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All time Kings Island coaster ranking


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I just watched Airtime Thrills new video where he gave his all time Kings Island coaster ranking. He included ones he never got to ride. I decided to take some and figure mine out. I won't include anything I never personally went on, however. Wondering what everyone else would have for theirs...

My all time ranking:

1. Orion

2. Beast

3. Diamondback 

4. Banshee 

5. Mystic Timbers

6. Firehawk

7. Vortex 

8. Adventure Express

9. The Bat/Flight Deck/Top Gun

10. Son of Beast 

11. Racer 

12. Italian Job/Backlot Stunt Coaster

13. Outer Limits/Flight of Fear

14. Ivertigo

15. Beastie/Woodstock Express

16. King Cobra

16. Rugrats/Flying Ace Aerial Chase

17. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

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I am perhaps a bit biased, but that's the whole point of threads like this.

1. Vortex

2. Beast

3. Adventure Express

4. Flight of Fear

5. The Bat

6. Mystic Timbers

7. Son of Beast

8. Orion

9. Diamondback

10. The Racer

11. Banshee

12. Firehawk

13. King Cobra

14. Woodstock Express

15. Actual Dog Excrement (with trim brakes)

16. Backlot Stunt Coaster

17. Invertigo

18. Flying Arial Chase

19. Ghoster Coaster



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Ok my KI favorites list - 

1. Diamondback (back row)

2. Beast (row 16)

3. Orion (any row)

4. Banshee (row 1 or row 4)

5. Flight of Fear (back row)

6. Racer (non wheel seats)

7. Firehawk (back row)

8. The Bat (back row or front row)

9. Adventure Express (anywhere is fine)

10. Mystic Timbers (towards the back)

11. Vortex (I never found a seat I liked)

12. Woodstock Express (back row)

13.  Invertigo (back/front row)

14. Backlot Stunt Coaster (front row)

15. Flying Ace Arial Chase (don't care)

16. Great Pumpkin Coaster (back row)

I've always wondered where King Cobra would rank for me seeing as it closed the year I was born... however, I love standup coasters so I could see it being in my upper half. 

My favorite coasters ever out of 155 total coasters (not counting Larson Loops or Disk-O-Rides/Coasters) 

1. Diamondback - in the back row

2. Millennium Force

3. Magnum XL 200

4. The Beast 

5. Velocicoaster 

6. Maverick 

7. Hadrigs Magical Creatures 

8. Space Mountain (Disney World)

9. Steel Vengeance  

10. Pheonix 

11. Nitro 

12. The Boss

13. Riddler's Revenge 

14. Shockwave (Six Flags Over TX)

15. X2 

HM: Verboten 


Worst Coasters 

5. Boomerang (Six Flags St Louis)

4. Tempesto (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

3. Great Goofini Barnstormer (Disney World)

2. Python (Coney Island, OH)

1. Primeval Whirl (Disney World)

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Ranking the ones I've been on...

1. Adventure Express
2. The Bat
3. Mystic Timbers
4. Racer
5. Flight of Fear
6. Backlot Stunt Coaster
7. Beast
8. Banshee
9. Orion
10. Vortex
11. Firehawk
12. Diamondback
13. Woodstock Express
14. Invertigo
15. Son of Beast
16. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

Flying Ace Aerial Chase and Great Pumpkin Coaster aren't ranked because they aren't bad rides, but they aren't really part of my KI visits ever.

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Going off my coaster rankings-

Steel (out of 95)- 6. Diamondback, 7. Orion, 10. Banshee, 30. Vortex (defunct), 39. Flight of Fear, 45. Bat, 46. Firehawk (defunct), 50. Adventure Express, 65. Invertigo, 82. King Cobra (defunct) 87. Backlot

Wood (out of 34)- 2. Beast, 6. Mystic Timbers, 11. Racer, 31. Woodstock Express, 33. SoB w/loop (defunct), 34. SoB w/o loop (defunct)

I only put Woodstock just to show how bad I think SOB was. 

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