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Let's use this thread to post TT2 reviews. Let's hear what you thought!


Photo source: https:// themeparksbydon.com/cedar-points-155th-season-features-a-new-formula-of-thrills/
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Such an incredible ride! It's extremely re-rideable. 

The area overall looks great, the queue could be a little better, the lockers are meh, but the ride!  

I took 8 spins on the coaster and each ride was awesome! The roll back is cool. The first launch is pretty great, obviously not as forceful as the original, but the backwards launch when it kicks in, is just insane. Going up the spike, feels like a dream...looking to your right you're looking down on Power Tower....never thought that'd happen for me. As the train rushes back down and into the 3rd launch, insanity happens. So much fun!!!! Going up the top hat is bizarre...in a good way. Going down the spiral is crazy...it feels like it's over in just the blink of an eye. You really are going at high speed until the brakes. 

I did a couple front row rides and holy cow, the feeling of your face peeling back is even more I think than the original.  But, my favorite row is row 10, the back. Going up the spike in the back feels like you're never going to stop and it's just a crazy feeling. Once you hit the 3rd launch and go to the Top Hat....as your row gets closer to the apex, it feels as if the train just stops and before you know it, you're being whipped over the top and holy cow, the air time! 

Truly love this ride! Hoping many of you here can go and experience it! 

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