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  1. It’s just a themed pathway really with a bunch of scare actors, it’s not better then a maze of course but it’s definitely nice to have as you’re walking between rides/mazes.
  2. Kings Island still has the most scare mazes though in the chain correct? They might be tied with Knotts.
  3. Is there really room though with those buildings currently there?
  4. It’s a 30 million dollar coaster, if the attendance doesn’t change much then I see us moving to at least a 4 year cycle considering Cedar Fair has indicated that they will be making less large individual investments. And since it appears they’re going to move back to the one coaster a year (maybe two) I don’t see Kings Island getting a coaster every 3 years.
  5. I wonder what happened, sounded like something was wrong with the train or seats.
  6. Only way I see us getting 3 year coasters is if Orion is successful and draws in a noticeable increase in attendance, if not I foresee us going onto a 5 or 6 year cycle.
  7. Cool that they launched the web store, I remember back a few months ago they were talking about adding it, glad they went through with it.
  8. I mean in my opinion they provide nearly identical experiences, large inversions no airtime. Dive coasters at least “hang” you over the drop & wing coasters provide a more unique experience (especially if they’re launched)
  9. I don’t see the purpose of a floorless coaster when we already have Banshee. A launch wing coaster or a dive coaster would at least provide a more different ride experience.
  10. Mike Seems to be doing a fantastic job, this year was probably one of the best years when it comes to additions in my opinion with the several all around improvements that were needed. Does anyone know how much it’d cost to repave the entire parking lot (I’m aware they’d likely only repave the most used portions)
  11. I don’t know how I feel about a dive coaster, they’re fantastic supporting coasters but I’d kind of prefer a Launched Wing coaster after riding Thunderbird. As to where they should put it I say take out Invertigo and Congo falls and bam you have a fantastic front entrance coaster. I’d be incredibly upset if they remove Vortex for a cookie cutter Dive coaster, not worth it imo.
  12. Here’s what I think would be nice 2021 - Flat ride (A Screamin swing would be perfect but I’m not getting my hopes up) 2022- Water Park investments 2023- Family rides? 2024 - Maybe a Dive Coaster in Action Zone where Invertigo and Congo falls is? Id love for Action Zone to be gone (One less paramount scar) and be rethemed to a haunted area, Haunted Hollow sounds like a cool area name.
  13. I hope they don’t push the whole Orion, The ride thing a lot. I don’t see why that’s necessary. Kind of like Volcano, the blast coaster.
  14. A 5 hour line on Millennium force? Most of the time you can almost walk into the ramp... maybe you just went on a really bad day.
  15. One of them (The one closest to Vortex) seems to go down more often then the other fountain. They were both down on Thursday.
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