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  1. Ben43065

    International street makeover

    Yeah maybe you’re right, maybe they would be better placed next to the tomb raider building.
  2. Ben43065

    International street makeover

    Personally I think coastal redwoods would suit the area around the tower well.
  3. Ben43065

    International street makeover

    That’d be a great goal to have the park set! I’m not sure how expensive it is to accomplish a goal like that but even if they added just a few trees it could greatly improve the atmosphere of some areas of the park.
  4. I don’t know if the cost to ship it is justified but I do believe people speculate it would be wicked twister is due to all the rumors suggesting Cedar Point is planning on doing something major around the board walk area.
  5. In regards to the expansion of royalty programs what do you guys think it could be? In addition to that what parks do you think will test it out? I’d assume Kings Island would have a good chance of being one of the test parks.
  6. Ben43065

    International street makeover

    I’m not aware if this has been previously mentioned or not but in the blog they did state we’ll hopefully be getting pictures in March
  7. I’ve also been curious about this myself. Does anyone know how much it cost to maintain Arrow coasters? The rides are so some common and the trains are so similar I’ve always assumed it’s not that expensive.
  8. I’d say the main reason for their removal is high maintenance cost.
  9. Well I’m going to say the obvious answer and say Night Hawk, with the addition of copper head strike the ride isn’t as important to its line up and the removal of the ride won’t be that big of a deal. Are there any enterprises left in the chain? If so those are also goners.
  10. Do other RMC’s typically have a similar amount of problems?
  11. Out of curiosity which two rides are you referring two? I’d assume one of them would be rail blazer considering it’s a new model.
  12. Glad to see attendance went up considering they were having trouble at the start of the year. But if you installed 4 rollercoasters across the chain you’d probably expect more then 1% attendance growth.
  13. Ben43065

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I wouldn’t say getting a 30+ million dollar B&M is settling. At least we’d know the ride would be reliable & have high capacity.
  14. Ben43065

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    They likely only may have done the drop of the first hill. Could the trains be quieter then the raptor trains? I’m not sure how much is different between the two.
  15. Ben43065

    When do you think Kings Island will receive a Giga?

    I didn’t say I could run it better then they could I’m just saying Cedar Fair is neglecting some of their parks, Dorney has gotten 4 small rides over the course of 5 years while parks like Cedar Point in that span of time got 3 major rollercoasters + a major water park investment.