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  1. Well what exactly is the issue then?
  2. Hope this bump is ok, according to Kings Islands Twitter in regards to an online merchandise store “We're looking to add an online store in the foreseeable future.”
  3. I mean rides like Corkscrew are still going strong so I hope Vortex still has life left in it, if any arrow is going to be going I’d put my money on The Bat. In regards to more future B&Ms id love to see a launched wing coaster in 24’. Maybe we could see a Mack Multilaunch but I’ve heard those are incredibly expensive (even higher then B&M), unless we see prices for Mack’s going down I just don’t see it happening.
  4. They were having problems with the ride last night & earlier this morning they were running 2 train ops.
  5. I went to the park today and I thought the parade was fantastic and I hope to see return. The parade route was lined with people so it definitely appears that this is a very popular event for attendees, everyone seemed to be having a great time. The food left a lot to be desired but I’m glad they’re offering more food options for this festive, everything was being served pretty quickly which was nice. The only thing I truly disliked was the Berry Citrus twist drink, had a weird after taste to it.
  6. Ben43065

    Decoding 2020

    Does anyone know what Top gun was originally supposed to be themed to?
  7. Ben43065

    Decoding 2020

    My mine gripe with the paramount era is the fact the quality of the park was lower then what it previously had been. Before Paramount Kings Island arguably was the best regional theme park in the world, can’t really say that now a day’s. If Paramount didn’t buy the parks chances are we would have seen a lot more B&M’s installed in the 90’s. KECO had already installed 2. Furthermore yes the park did get a lot of capital investments but those investments often times were not the right investments. SoB was by no means a cheap ride and did indeed cost a lot of money to install but even with all the money the ride was still a terrible addition.
  8. I got a discount off of Fastlane today, sadly I already have all season fastlane so this is completely useless
  9. Ben43065

    Decoding 2020

    They will certainly market this as a giga coaster, it’s a term that people have become quite familiar with in the state of Ohio and advertising it as a giga coaster will draw more of a crowd.
  10. Maybe it was used in the Bayou themed haunt.
  11. Ben43065

    Decoding 2020

    After spending some time in the park this morning I was surprised to see how much progress they’ve made, as others have mentioned more trees have been cleared & it appears they’re starting on lift hill footers.
  12. Glad to see they may become committed to theming more!
  13. Wow, those things really are taking their time then...
  14. Today on Banshee toward the pretzel & 2nd loop I noticed there was a thin line of trees that clearly were young, is this new or were they planted last year?
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