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  1. Most giga stations aren’t that big (considering how the trains aren’t particularly long). Also it doesn’t really need to be wide considering there will almost certainly be a ride separator keeping the number of people in the station limited.
  2. Here’s a photo from today’s behind the scenes tour!
  3. The photos are just going to get sadder and sadder
  4. I sure hope so, some times the rides I get on that ride are painfully unbearable.
  5. Parks usually don’t add a new coaster for their anniversary. I’m assuming we’ll see a new coaster in 2023.
  6. Hershey is just a great well rounded park, great rides, great atmosphere and especially great food. The new Hershey Chocolate Town will only elevate the guess experience. Can’t wait to visit next year!
  7. I get so much dread whenever I see a new post in this thread, I’m not looking forward to the inevitable post where we start to see Vortex come down.
  8. Last Saturday it rained and the park was a complete ghost town, doubt it’d be much emptier then it was that night.
  9. I would love to see backlot retheme however theming it to a junkyard wouldn’t be that good imo. My main gripe with this coaster is how ugly it is especially for a coaster that’s in the middle of the park. Theming it to a junkyard wouldn’t do a lot to fix this issue imo.
  10. I think those are just supports that are laying in the ground until they need to be put up. They’re not actually supporting the ride
  11. They could expand the bottom section of the ride house if it was necessary, I don’t find it to be impossible. However with the recent direction Cedar Fair has been heading with theming I’d suspect they’d just want to start over with a new station and new queue house.
  12. Does anyone know if Kings Island has a non-compete agreement with Great Wolf Lodge? I know they were partial owners at one point.
  13. I’d guess it will get busier toward Christmas however weather also plays a huge factor in how busy it will be. Yesterday for example the park was a ghost town because of the rain.
  14. Friday they let everyone in about half an hour early, yesterday they didn’t.
  15. Below that area there used to be a queue house that was used during The Bat but not during Vortex.
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