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  1. It’d still be a good idea to join ACE(assuming you’re not in a coaster club already and want to attend future events), as others have mentioned they have worked with Kings Island for 40+ years.
  2. Possibly, but I don’t see Cedar Fair spending a lot of money on a prototype at one of their major parks. I’d personally prefer the great safe investments we’ve been getting.
  3. I think the Skyline on international street being replaced with something like this would be nice.
  4. Wonder if it had anything to do with the noise complaints, probably not but always a possibility.
  5. According to the blog you apply in advance at this link. “Apply online in advance, then come out to the job fair to learn more about the many exciting opportunities available at Kings Island”.
  6. Oh I thought he was asking who the other person who’s taken aerial photos was.
  7. I think you’re referring to @Captain Nemo ?
  8. The trim break will be present, maybe he means the trims won’t hit hard.
  9. It’d be cool if something like this was added to Action Zone (and further transform the theme of the area)
  10. ^ they still have to take the trains apart
  11. Cedar Fair as of late has done fantastic theming, I wish Weber group (Who themed TRTR & Copperhead strike) would theme Orion but I’m not holding my breath for them being involved sadly.
  12. I hope we’ll be able to see some of the theming take place, I assume Daniel woodlands will be doing most of the theming, wonder if holovis will be involved in this project also.
  13. It will, the blueprints show it & they’ve also built the maintenance building for the trim break
  14. Fun fact Cedar Fair now has a higher market cap then Six Flags.
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