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  1. The burnt end mac sucked, 0/10 would not rbe recommend
  2. That’s very unprofessional. What is with the parks management this season? Everything seems to have fallen off a cliff. Edit - This is a fake account, although I still think the park is not being ran all that well atm.
  3. The clientele that this event attracts is so trashy. The amount of homophobia and sexism I witnessed tonight made me feel like I was living back in the 50s. I saw at least 4 groups of women getting cat called and harassed, mostly by younger & teenage males. Not to mention as I was driving away from the park some crazy chick tried to road rage on me. I think there’s two solutions here, either rise the prices to help keep these types of clients out of the park or just stop haunt all together. Horrible horrible experience today.
  4. There seems to be a lot less theming throughout the park, less scare actors. It just doesn’t have the same ambience or magic anymore. Not to mention there’s less mazes then pre Covid.
  5. Do they still have the fountain show at the end of the night???? Also the theming for this years haunt is so bad. This event is a shell of its former self.
  6. It’s unholy and makes the experience feel less special. I don’t really care about this since it’s out of the park. But the progressive ad near antique autos ****es me off.
  7. I think it’s going to just be a small section of the kids area.
  8. Has anyone else with a prestige pass not gotten a single pass perk this season?
  9. The quarterly report didn’t seem that bad at all, not the gloom and doom some here were taking about. Increased revenue per guests is a major win for the chain.
  10. From what I’ve heard KI isn’t one of the parks whose performance has been bad, not sure how its chads fault for the entire chain performing poorly.
  11. The food during this years grand carnival has been the definition of mediocre imo. The parks food department is in a disappointing state.
  12. There has been a song playing on Banshees lift since the ride opened, often very quiet though and can be hard to hear.
  13. I’ve noticed a lot more surveys this year, glad to see the park cares about guest feedback.
  14. Interesting how seasonal events was one of the biggest ways the chain was planning on increasing revenue yet here we are with all these budgets for seasonal events. Bizarre strategy. Can’t wait to see haunt.
  15. Yep this is the biggest thing. I don’t follow the industry nearly as much as I used to so I can’t really say why attendance is down (although I feel like KI is NOT one of the parks that have a major drop). But I do know for parks like KI decreasing the quality of the product where such a large amount of revenue comes from the passholder base will only do more harm than good. Just look at how people on this forum feel about the current situation and passes. If die hard fans are disappointed with the park I can imagine how ****ed some guests will be when their little kids can’t ride anything after 9.
  16. Since this is a thread about communications I just wanna say I appreciate all the work Kyle did at his time at Kings Island, all the historic videos uploaded on the parks YouTube channel were fun watches! Wish the parks YT channel had more content.
  17. I’m guessing market research showed guests are more likely to just spend $100 on an add on then buying a $100 more expensive pass. I agree with others that this change doesn’t seem to benefit consumers at all besides it being $50 cheaper.
  18. Ouimet is still on the Cedar Fair board.
  19. Can they now give us water cups that aren’t super small now? Or even just the season pass refill cups
  20. This is beyond trashy. I remember one time when I visited Kings Island for my birthday one of buddies who had invited bailed on me, the park was kind enough to refund the ticket. Doubt they’d do the same if they’re trying to pull this.
  21. Yea it’s a blt, anyone know if that’s on the meal plan? edit it is edit 2 - not as good as the one in brewhouse it was very try hard to eat
  22. Also had it today; I thought it was decent but I feel like there was two much meat with there being 2 full side Pattie’s.
  23. Can’t wait to see how well this post ages.
  24. Had to leave literal hell with all these bugs, people said they were gnats but I’m not a bug expert.
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