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  1. To be fair Cedar Fair recently has been theming their attractions more and more. Weber group, who did theming for Copperhead strike frequently does work for SEAS, could maybe work with KD.
  2. There’s a photo of Freespin track on the KD parking lot, I’m not sure if the photo was taken on park property so I won’t be posting it here.
  3. Yeah it’d be nice if they get around to cleaning all that stuff off. I’m happy Orion won’t have that same problem.
  4. I don’t think he’s going to delay school opens, he’s already left it up to districts to decide how they’re going to handle reopening. It’s likely a statewide mask mandate or certain counties are going to be put on lockdown.
  5. Out of all the giga coasters you’ve ridden which has -2.0g’s of airtime? Just because it’s not ejector airtime doesn’t mean the airtime isn’t good.
  6. Bit of a bump but one of the more Interesting names on the list was of course Ride Entertainment. While whatever plans for new attractions they had is most likely out the window the reason Ride entertainment was on the notice of commencement likely was due to this
  7. 907 people died from covid yesterday, if 907 people died everyday for the next 6 months thats 160,000 lives lost. That’s not a number to just shrug off.
  8. I thought Diamondback seemed to ride as it usually does, I personally don’t find it to be rough.
  9. Another weird waterpark placement is Hershey Park, it’s kind of the middle of the park.
  10. Its a slight vibration on a 91 mph coaster... In almost every review for Orion people talk about how smooth the ride is, the rattle currently is not much of a problem imo (I personally haven't even noticed a rattle)
  11. I seriously doubt FoF is going anywhere anytime soon, they just rethemed a whole area based off of FoF, if they were going to remove it soon why theme a whole new area to it.
  12. There is a rumor they may get an RMC raptor in the near future, but it’s just speculation.
  13. Favorite - Diamondback, sentimental reasons Least favorite - Xtreme Skyflyer, I think it’s a very ugly looking ride.
  14. My favorite memory at KI will probably always be riding Diamondback for the first time (which is what made me get over my fear of rollercoasters and become an enthusiast). I still remember how terrified I was when I saw the restraint was just a simple lap bar with no seatbelt. Going up that lift hill for the first time was absolutely terrifying for me due to how steep it was.
  15. I thought Columbus already requires masks.
  16. as the day has progressed a lot more people are not wearing their mask properly or just not wearing it at all. I also wish the park refilled the sanitizer stations, I’d say more then half of the stations I’ve tried to use are out. Still having a great time though!
  17. Parts of the park lack a lot of vegetation such as trees that give it a barren appearance.
  18. I didn’t really notice a rattle yesterday, I thought the ride was pretty smooth.
  19. At least they’re painting it....
  20. If people follow directions they wouldn’t be standing next to each other.
  21. If anyone gets afterburner fries please share pictures of it.
  22. Yesterday they did it every 30 minutes.
  23. Does anyone know if you’re able to redeem fastlane during the passholder only days?
  24. I assume you’re able to redeem your fastlane today? Or is that only when the park opens to all guests.
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