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  1. I vaguely remember riding the monorail as a kid. I was 11 when it closed but we only went to KI about once a year so I don't remember a whole lot about the park growing up.
  2. Saturday was interesting. Things went down for a weather delay due to storms north of the park about 7:45 or so. I had planned on finishing off the last two and a half hours at the park with whatever I could get in Action Zone (Bat was a given, but since lines in that part of the park are typically long, I figured probably Banshee and Drop Tower but wasn't sure what else). Lots of people bolted at that point so everything was practically a walk on when things reopened 30 minutes later. That 30 minute delay ended up allowing me to get more rides in than planned. In addition to Banshee, Delirium and Drop Tower I also got a ride on Invertigo (best ride I've had on that coaster in a long time), Grand Carousel, Woodstock Express, Flying Ace and Surf Dog. The only coasters I didn't ride Saturday were Flight of Fear (didn't want to wait for it) and of course Great Pumpkin Coaster.
  3. I am as well. My only concern is that since it's Labor Day weekend, the park will be packed.
  4. I was up there for my sister's birthday last August. I mostly stayed in the kids area with my younger niece though so I don't know how many lifeguards there were in the main area. It was quite crowded though.
  5. I noticed a dumpster sitting outside the building recently. It'll be interesting to see how well the roller rink works out since there's another one not far from there (albeit off a side street and with limited parking)
  6. I haven't been in a couple of years but last time I was there on a Satruday, even with HoliWood Nights, the waits for Voyage and Thunderbird were 30-45 minutes tops.
  7. On a related note, it should be interesting to see what happens with Balloon Glow this year (though I won't be attending). It's typically one of Coney's busiest days, and there aren't any rides to draw people away from the pool this time...
  8. Roller skating, not ice skating. Found a couple more sources saying it was called "Roll n Bowl" as well: https://www.facebook.com/Kingoftvbowling/posts/1464863923686390/ https://www.ballreviews.com/miscellaneous/what's-the-biggest-bowling-center-you've-bowled-ina/msg310500/#msg310500
  9. This is close to where my sister lives as well. I've only been in there once but I always thought it was interesting that a two-level bowling alley existed. I actually saw a comment on Facebook saying it was originally a combination skating rink and bowling alley. It will be interesting to see what they do with it though.
  10. One thing I would recommend is avoiding Woodstock Express. It's not very friendly to tall people (I fit but it's a little tight and I'm 7 inches shorter than you)
  11. There's more to the story I'm sure. Someone likely left something valuable in plain site, considering there haven't been any other reports of cars being ransacked at KI. I'm also wondering why the person whose car was stolen left their keys in their friend's car. That's just asking for trouble. However, the idiots at KI are getting old and hopefully they'll be able to catch the idiots responsible.
  12. There are also far more job opportunities in this area than there are in Sandusky and surrounding small towns - especially warehouse positions (similar pay, year round work and benefits)
  13. Management also ignored a petition from numerous people who wanted them to keep the rides. It will be interesting to see what happens at Balloon Glow this year, though I probably won't attend since I typically spend all day out there for that event and don't want to spend all day at the pool.
  14. He still works for the park - he just hasn't been their PR person for a while. His current title is "Area Manager Digital Marketing".
  15. "We welcome anyone to apply but good luck finding a place to live if you're 30 or older and not from the area". This could end up backfiring on the park.
  16. You would be best to contact HR with that question, but applying for a position that requests a demo reel without actually having a demo reel isn't going to get you very far
  17. The man who founded Surf Cincinnati before selling it in 1990 died recently at the age of 76. I'd known him through church for decades but had completely forgotten about the Surf Cincinnati connection until I read his obituary (though only visited the park once and that was well after he'd sold it). https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/frederic-schatz-obituary?pid=197457101
  18. I didn't know I305 was Batman-themed or that Behemoth was a looping wooden coaster I seriously have to wonder how hard it would be for these sites to actually proofread this stuff.
  19. Definitely going to have to make it to Indiana Beach whenever this COVID thing settles down. Nice to see the new owners investing in the park already.
  20. From their FB page it appears they did open last year but they haven't posted anything since August 2019.
  21. Another classic ride is leaving a park owned by Parques Reunidos (also owners of Kennywood, Idlewild and various other parks). The trabant ride at Lake Compounce in Connecticut is being retired. https://www.facebook.com/LakeCompounce/posts/10158490762370272 Not sure how many people here have visited that park given that it's an 11½ hour drive from Cincy but always sad to see classic rides retired.
  22. Cedar Fair announced Q3 earnings a few days ago. As expected, things aren't pretty. I'm not a finance guy so I'll let others comment on this in more detail. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2020/Cedar-Fair-Reports-Results-for-Its-2020-Third-Quarter/default.aspx
  23. Apparently getting all of the 2021 season for free isn't good enough for some people... https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2020/09/season-pass-holders-sue-cedar-points-owner-over-reimbursements-for-shortened-season.html
  24. Given what happened last October (see https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/10/cedar-points-new-gold-pass-good-weather-combine-for-crowded-halloweekends.html for a refresher), I'm not at all surprised by this decision. Granted, that was during normal times and part of that was likely due to Haunt, but even so, better safe than sorry. Hopefully this works out well for them.
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