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  1. I really wonder where people come up with this stuff
  2. Uhm no. Certain maintenance crews have certain rides and how much stress a ride gets has no bearing on which one gets worked on first,
  3. A comment at the bottom of the Register article hit the nail on the head when he/she said full time employee moral is at rock bottom.
  4. 2011. Let's see here. Well, WindSeeker is boring. The Starflyers by Funtime are much more entertaining. Fastlane was long overdue but a great idea. Dinosaurs Alive comes off as a lame money grab and as for 2012, if you were expecting something other than waterpark improvements, you're a fool.
  5. So everyone who has a platinum pass is a jerk? BTW, I don't have any kind of season pass either.
  6. Just so we're straight. I give my opinion on chainsaws at haunted attractions and all of a sudden I'm a bitter, unhappy, negative, inconsiderable jerk?
  7. What the hell are you talking about? My wife and I haven't even been to Halloween Haunt this season and since you brought it up, the two times we have been to the park, we haven't paid a dime to get in. So get your facts straight before you try to show up "people like me."
  8. The teenage girls aren't screaming because they're scared. They're screaming for the attention, literally.
  9. Does Club Blood still have the best looking/slutty looking girls in it? It needs to be a combination of the two. Not one or the other.
  10. In answer to the title of the tread: hopefully the wrecking ball.
  11. It was never sent to GL. Like Interpreter said, salvaged.
  12. The track was not intended to be yellow. The only reason it was yellow in the animation was to make the track "stick out" during the animation.
  13. BLSC 1. More less 2. Half assed 3. Yes 4. No FoF 1. No 2. Neither. They reach the same speeds. 3. No.
  14. Screw KI's season. Football season is right around the corner!
  15. There's a perfectly good reason why they are assigning seats on The Beast but you are too ACER-minded to realize what it is.
  16. You want some constructive criticism? The music was horrible. Try using something other than techno music in your videos. It's too cliche. Too much use of slow motion as well as too much use of the white burst transition in between shots. Also, the POV in one long segment was boring. Perhaps show a shot of a train going down the first drop then once it reaches halfway cut to a POV shot for the rest of the first drop? I'm also a little surprised you didn't show any off ride of the spalshdown seeing how that's a pretty big aspect of the ride.
  17. Raptorguy, myself and 95 of my closest friends are going to buy Fast Lane and ride Diamondback while you're in line just to tick you off.
  18. Standbyme...I "get it." You don't.
  19. If nothing else, this thread reveals to me the people who "get it" and the ones who don't. Sadly only a handful of people "get it."
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