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  1. And I would add that the retirement of Firehawk was more so about unfavorable operating cost-rider ratios, and likely nothing to do with metal fatigue. As for speculating the future of The Bat, I think these facts are relevant: - 5 Arrow Suspendeds remaining (out of 10 ever built) - 3 of those 5 at CF parks - The Bat is the youngest of all remaining suspended coasters, and CF has yet to remove any one of theirs I wouldn't start to worry until Vortex (CW) goes. It's two years older than The Bat, and a virtual clone. That will be the one to watch.
  2. ^The station is held up by steel. Its the only the station track that's wood-supported. And while it probably is the same wood from 2000, its important to note that the vast majority of wood holding up Beast, Racer and Woodstock Express's station track is still from 1979/1972, so I can't imagine SOB's remaining wooden structure being that much of a burden to maintain (or at least, well enough for it to stand - there are not any coaster trains to ride on it). While I'm certainly approaching these developments with cautious skepticism as any, what's happening definitely has my interest
  3. While I think the park overall has done a pretty good with everything this year with regards to precautions, and commend them for it, if I were to make a couple suggestions, they would be: 1. I know this would be hard to enforce, and perhaps even harder to get the memo out given how far into the season we are, but I really wish they'd consider nixing the allowance of having your face covering down while eating/drinking and walking in the midways. Because when you have as many guests doing that as they are currently, it partly defeats the purpose. It also makes mask enforcement t
  4. I love wooden coasters... and GCI - and is Mystic Timbers is the quintessential experience of both. So naturally my vote goes as such. But as the Theme Park Crazy says, "You can never go wrong with a B&M hyper", and Diamondback is no exception...so its a close call, but MT for me...
  5. Oh yeah totally agreed, I remember those Friday specials as well. They were great. And yeah, they do need to tone down the Teen Titans Go playback nowadays. That's probably the worst show on the network, but is played seemingly the most. For the record, I actually "grew up" with that same Cartoon Network as well (I'm 22). I'm just kinda weird in that I continued watching CN and cartoons in general through most of my teen (ie. 2010s) years. I'm familiar with and liked the shows you mentioned. To that list I would add Chowder, Misadventures of Flapjack, and Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  6. ^I'd have to disagree on Cartoon Network. Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Amazing World of Gumball are/were all pretty high-quality shows that dominated the cartoon scene of the 2010s. Regular Show and Amazing World of Gumball are two of my all time favorites, and Adventure Time, while not exactly my thing, was definitely well-made, and very popular, recognizable and significant. If we take those shows into account, I'd argue CN actually increased in quality from the 2000s. That having said, discussions of whether cartoons/TV shows have declined over time is a challenging one consi
  7. Adventure Express a rather distant third however, with Invertigo and BLSC being far and away the leaders of this scenario... That having said, I think it goes without saying that the disdain for BLSC derives almost entirely from its location and appearance. All other things considered there's nothing wrong with it IMO, and I would argue the capacity argument doesn't really hold up considering its both a launched and family coaster - both of which characteristics that correlate to lower capacity anyway. Invertigo on the other other hand arguably is in a good location for the kind of r
  8. People can like rides for different reasons. What Mack launched coasters lack in intensity or force, depending on who you ask are made up for in hangtime, comfort, and more gracefulness. I think its just a matter of preference really. And I'd argue that its not always clear-cut as GP preferring the former, and enthusiasts the latter. If we're going by TPR's poll/ranking system (which is based on Mitch Hawker-style methodology, and thus is free from the biases and inherent problems that many know Golden Tickets' rankings to have) Mack launched coasters actually rank very similarly to Intam
  9. I'd say its important to note that Steel Vengeance happened in large part due to the opportunity they had with Mean Streak's infrastructure, and being at the right time in terms of RMC's technology. I would argue the same for Iron Gwazi to an extent. Under different circumstances, RMC Son of Beast could have happened (if it had gone defunct later, did not have pre-existing issues etc.) I wouldn't consider GateKeeper or Valravn to be anymore "game-changing" than anything KI has gotten under Cedar Fair. @SonofBaconatorI understand your point of CP being more destination and CW and Car
  10. I had a feeling that one or both of those may have been taller. However, the omission of their height stats led me to infer that their terrain/elevation changes were more significant thus making the height more or less irrelevant. But upon further looking at them, I can see that they're a bit taller than I had thought.
  11. Adding to this, its pretzel knot is currently the only example of such in the world (the only other instance of this element - Moonsault Scramble at Nagashima Spaland). Its also the only B&M invert with an in-line twist. And on the topic of terrain, it manages to be the fastest B&M and gravity-powered invert despite not being the tallest.
  12. While this would technically fall under the realm of covers, I always thought this could be part of a movie soundtrack - an epic western or pirate one. (and yes, the title is a reference to Pirates of the Caribbean)
  13. And on that note, this is the impossible-to-escape box that we were put into with regards to Orion - one which, by its design we we're bound to draw some ire from the outside community, regardless of what our opinion on Orion was going to be. On one hand, if we shower with it praise and are overwhelmingly positive, well then we're just "fanboys" blinded by love for our park, and unable to look at it objectively. But on the other, if we dare posit any criticism of the ride or display any negative sentiment whatsoever (despite the fact that one could be mostly positive otherwise), well the
  14. I will say, I was not expecting this much negativity surrounding the unthinkable reality of Intamin... my goodness... borrowing ideas from other manufacturers. As in, this is literally how the industry, and any industry ever has worked. It's even more shocking considering how many concepts and influences other manufacturers have gotten from Intamin. As I detailed in an earlier post, its the just the way of the game for competing entities to offer very similar products. Look at all the Mack Rides that have been built in the past decade that are strikingly similar to so many rides
  15. They are, but typically don't accelerate nearly as fast as the Compressed Air and Hydraulic systems, which is why made sure to specify those two for comparison. Intamin is doing quite well in the LSM market.
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