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  1. Straight from my about me page... Found this to be funny...from inside the ballot, it says:
  2. Considering that there are podcasts out there for seemingly anything and everything, I say... Why not us? Go for it!
  3. Again, thank you for for all the time and effort you put into writing these... I had a lot of fun...even for how abbreviated it was... it was great to take a walk down nostalgia lane and ride some one of my favorite classic coasters...the Tornado! And the ride on the flyers was great too... I was a part of my first ever selfie that day! Anyways, good work on the ptr and I look forwars to hanging out over thanksgiving break.
  4. Joshua... First, I would just like to thank you for the enormous amount of time and effort you put into this Ptr, and all your Ptrs for that matter...I understand how much time they take...which is why I never really write any However, I am glad you did, and enjoyed reading every word... I would also like to say that I'm glad that the trip was everything you imagined, despite my severe lateness to the event. I had lots of fun even though I was only there for less tham 2 hours. Those Beast and Diamondback noght rides were some of the best I have ridden in a long time... And most of all, I really enjoyed the car ride home and explaining my favorite pop punk band to you. Its a shame McDonalds was closed but I can't wait to go to Skyline or somewhere with you sometime over Thanksgiving break. And thank you to who everyone else from KIC who was there...I always am glad to be in your presence! In sum, I really enjoyed this ptr and will be looking forward to part 3.
  5. A great work so far! Love the title! A quite innovative way to do trip reports I might add, and I look forward to reading the two subsequent parts... Your welcome! I had a lot of fun as well. And despite the unexpected tardiness to Kings Island... We still did a lot in just 1 hour and 42 mins!
  6. BeastForever

    Mystic Timbers Construction Progress

    Can't believe how steep that looks from that angle... Incredible.
  7. BeastForever

    We are looking for a new moderator.

    It's still around. Just virtually no activity besides these 2 posters (I Am A Rider and SSR1996) that will still regularly post. Mainly to each other. But hey it's still something!
  8. BeastForever

    Kings Island 8/11/2016: A Memorable Visit and ERT Night!

    GREAT report. Glad I could finally sit down and read it all... A interesting series of events sure did happen before I arrived! I really am amazed at how you (and VortexBFForever) are able to recall seemingly every single minor detail that will happen in a day, and consolidate it into a hearty TR. No wonder they take so long to write!.. But anyways, no problem about giving you a lift home. I enjoyed the conversation we had very much as well. And yes, I did struggle with the driveway
  9. BeastForever

    National Roller Coaster Day 2016

    I'd love to go, but this happens to be the exact day of move-in at OSU. So no event for me...
  10. BeastForever

    What Mean Streak means

    SIX is not FUN. CP is not KI. KI is not Carowinds.
  11. BeastForever

    New For 2017: Mystic Timbers!

    The park considers Surf Dog as a coaster, and The Racer as just one. The GCI Engineer said KI will have 5 wooden coasters next year, but that is not correct. The Racer does not count as two coasters. However, the total track length of both Red and Blue go into the park's wooden track length record, which with Mystic Timbers will be 18,804 ft.
  12. Great pictures! Thanks, but if you could please not quote ALL the photos... it will save broadband space and make things run faster. Thank you.
  13. Made my first visit today: Not much new at the zone but here are the pics for what they're worth 6-15-2016: