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  1. Whenever I'm stressed, worn out, and/or its winter and and am ever-so-anxious for Summer to arrive and all the great things that come with it, I turn to one of my favorite songs of all time... The world seems to have stopped on its axis, and we're not even sure at this point if or when our lives will regain some sense of normalcy in the following months, but for about 3 minutes, one can escape that all in this ol' gem:
  2. Don't know if I'm the minority on this but I wouldn't mind seeing what Premier could build for the park a third time around. Full Throttle polls pretty well despite its shortness. A longer version of that could be our Maverick.
  3. Regardless of when/if the park opens, or how long this crisis goes on, at least we still have @KIghostguy's book to look forward to! Am really excited for that!
  4. I just don't see it. While its certainly not outside of the the realm of possibility, and would be a welcome addition to the park, I'd say a Dive is more likely. While I'm aware there was an 8-year gap between Banshee and Patriot, its relevant mentioning that a floorless somewhere in 2023-2025 would be nearly a 20-year gap between the last one built in the US (Hydra, 2005) and over a 10-year gap worldwide (Nitro, 2013). The reason for B&M invert sales stalling would have to do with nearly every park that wants/can afford one already has one. There are plenty of parks out there without floorlesses that could afford one, but more (in my opinion) interesting models have surfaced, thus rendering them obsolete.
  5. I've always had a soft spot for the ride. It debuted right around the time I had begun transitioning from then-HBL/Nick Central towards the other areas of the park. My 7-10 year old self thought of it as the "coolest thing". It probably helped that the 2003 Italian Job was one of the first (and still one of my favorite) 'true' action movies I had seen as a kid. This, however, also would explain why I've historically been much more favorable of the ride, when to compared to the opinions of other members. I also have little recollection of experiencing Coney Mall/Rivertown with the original Les Taxis/Eagles inhabiting that area, as opposed to the (admittedly unsightly) ride that is there now. From my persepctive, the coaster has always been there. So I guess thats why I don't seem to be bothered by the appearance as much. For the record, yes, I know. The aesthetics are bad, the placement sucks, should have gone in AZ etc, Taxis/Eagles should not have been removed etc. I agree with alll those arguments. The argument/sentiment I DON'T agree with is that it should be removed prematurely (before the end of its natural service life) simply because of it looking bad. I realize there's an irony in this in that the justification given for removal of Taxis/Eagles was that Mr. Fisher thought those looked bad. But two wrongs don't make a right! Backlot is a fun little ride, still one of my favorites, and I hope to enjoy it for as we long as we still can. I suppose I'm in the minority in that I hope it stays quite a bit longer. Or at least, consider this for a second... For years, decades even, its been said if there's one ride that Cedar Point is really missing, its a really good, modern, family coaster. Meanwhile, we already HAVE that perfectly good family coaster, and yet you hear countless clamors for its removal! What a world...
  6. Can't say I see it that way, if anything I'd argue the opposite - that they've made sort of a comeback over the last 10 years, relative to the 90s and 00s when it seemingly was at the top of every park's bucket list to get their (usually non-looping) hypercoaster. As for what I think would be a great replacement for Vortex, I consider these things: - We want to gain inversions back - Could use a vertical drop coaster - Floorless trains will always be a nice/marketable gimmick - And lastly, we want this to rival the aesthetics that Vortex brought to the area A B&M dive checks off all these boxes. Not to mention, it would fit easily into the plot and just might be within the price range/timetable to be had by 2023. Yes, I'm aware that corporate has said they plan to "slow down" coaster installations in the coming years, however one could say its an extenuating circumstance that they probably don't want Vortex going unreplaced for too long.
  7. I'm thinking the biggest reason against that idea simply is that such a retrofitting process would be far more difficult than any one of us may think...
  8. Let's just say I won't truly worry until at least one of Iron Dragon, Ninja, Vampire, or Vortex (CW) is removed. But until then, I'm fairly confident in the ride's forseeable future.
  9. I'm thinking KD's choice to go with a wing coaster might indicate that they want their next next coaster to be as different as possible from their other B&M looper (Dominator - floorless). Conversely, this is why I think B&M dive makes the most sense for KI, in that it'd differentiate from Banshee more than a wing would. As much as I enjoy Floorless coasters (and I even like Rougarou), I think I like Dives even more, and it would cross off the 90 degree box the park is missing, and potentially tack on another 200 ft+ coaster. Most dives have floorless trains anyway, so you'd have two marketable gimmicks in one. (Note: I don't say "gimmick" in a pejorative sense here. I think both floorless trains and vertical drops are actually just really fun elements)
  10. I'd have to agree with this. As intriguing as it'd be to see a Gerstlauer come to the park, even if just to change it up a bit, I also think it'd be best just go with B&M for the dive. It'd fill the space better, be about 50% higher capacity than an Infinity, and probably, would just be a better ride anyway.
  11. I should have clarified. It was Superman at SFGAdv. While I would admit Tatsu, Manta, and their flyers overseas look to be great rides (and probably are superior to three flying dutchmen), I still just don't think I would want a B&M flyer at KI, for the simple reason of the fly-to-lie configuration. One of the most uncormfortable experiences I've ever had on a ride. Once, I got stuck on the brake run for a good 10 minutes at SFGAdv, felt like I was going to pass out Meanwhile, I never had any problem with Vekoma's lie-to-fly. I guess I'm in the minority on that. I'll take the risk of a sunburn over all the blood rushing to my head... Yes, Nighthawk is very rough (I've heard/read), but I always found Firehawk to be smooth. Batwing, I've heard mixed things reagarding its smoothness... All I'm saying is that the one Vekoma Flyer (Firehawk) I found to be much more enjoyable than the one B&M flyer (Superman) I've ridden. B&M flyers are better capacity than Vekoma's, but still not nearly as good as B&M Dives, Wings, Floorless etc They also seem to have a fair amount of downtime as well (although perhaps still not as much as Vekoma flyers) If a custom B&M flyer were to come KI, or another CF park sometime in the future, I suppose it would be a welcome addition, but holistically speaking there are just so much better options to be had IMO.
  12. If I'm being completely honest, (and forgive me if this comes off a little negative, especially this late in the game), what we're seeing right now is precisely why I was never on board with the whole "you won't notice 13ft" argument. With the elevation disadvantage, paired with its placement in the back left of the park, I think were beginning to see that it really could have used all the height it can get in order to appear more imposing onto the rest of the park. Or at least, its a slippery slope. I would say that it was never so much about 13 ft as much as it is about 20-30 ft, given the expectation that it was going to clear 300 ft by at least some amount, even if by just 5-10 ft. Having it at 300 flat was kind of pushing it to begin with, but take away an additional 13 ft? And yes, I do think it results in a noticeable discrepancy between this and previous gigas... However, on the other hand (and this is positive), I'm starting to think that what is lessening the ride visually (placement), will end up enhancing the ride from an experience standpoint. Come to think of it, I never wanted this to be a parking lot coaster anyway, so I'm actually glad to see it break from Fury and Leviathan in that regard. Sure, it won't be as immediately noticeable at the front of the park, in the way the aforementioned B&M gigas are... But if better night rides/seclusion come at the slight expense of imposition onto the rest of the park, then that is an A-ok tradeoff in my view! Think about it. Would you rather be riding past a mundane ocean of concrete, traffic lines, and car light glare, OR flying through the trees and foliage of the dark Ohio woods after sundown? I think you know my pick...
  13. I don't think we're going to see a new flyer come to any CF park in the forseeable future, B&M or otherwise... They tend to have some of the slowest dispatch times, cost more to operate, less reliable, and for a lot of people, are just plain uncomfortable. While I enjoyed Firehawk, I can't say I particularly cared much for the B&M flyer I've ridden. Starting and ending in the flying position I found to be incredibly uncomfortable, and not rerideable in the slightest. One of those rare times that a Vekoma greatly outshines a B&M...
  14. ^That just may be the greatest set of metaphors I've seen used to describe anything ever... Well done, sir.
  15. *Somewhat big post* So I think what's worth noting here (as it is in all discussions regarding ride removal) is that whether something is a "bad" or "good" ride doesn't hold much relevance so long as guests are still riding it - that is, enough guests to justify the operating cost (which can vary greatly depending on what type of ride it is. There is a reason why so many SLCs are still operating. Sure, they may be terrible rides. But so long as people, out of their own free active will, are choosing to ride them despite them being such "bad" rides, then they shall remain open. Unless tthat is, the ride is giving riders such bad experiences that its putting the park at literal liable risk (Son of Beast). But otherwise, no, getting a headache from riding Vortex or Invertigo is not putting anyone in imminent danger. ---- On the other hand, however, a ride being "good" does not automatically save it from the chopping block, such as Firehawk. If not enough peeps are riding due to low capacity combined with too high of an operating cost (cost/per rider), then it has a viable case for removal. I'm afraid Flight of Fear might fall into that realm. The consensus is that its still a very good ride, but its ridership most obviously suffers from low throughput, and with it being launched I can imagine the operating cost is at least somewhat greater than the average chain lift coaster. But reasuringly, none of its sister rides in KD's FOF, Joker's Jinx, Poltergeist, and Crazy Cobra (overseas) have closed yet, which I think can be considered a good sign. And I think the fact of it being indoors certainly may help in extending its longevity The only high-profile Premier to have a service life much shorter than expected would be the Chiller, but even that I'm willing to dismiss for being the one-off protoype model it was. ----- As for The Bat? Yes, I do wonder how long it has until unrepairable metal fatigue sets in (which I believe will be reason when it finally goes, after all its ridership is still very good due to great throughput) For reference, these are the five remaining Arrow Suspendeds: And these are the defunct ones: I think it would be relevant to look the reason of closing for each defunct Arrow Suspended. Original Bat - Thats obvious. Prototype, too many design flaws etc., you know the story.... XLR-8 - The park it was in went under so don't know how much longer it would have lasted after that. Big Bad Wolf - While they certainly buffed out all the major errors associated with the 1981 Bat, on their 2nd/3rd go it at. I think this still suffered a little from an overly intense/ambitious design. It had trims going down both drops, and even then it looks as if they put a significant amount of stress on the structure Eagle Fortess - its said here that a reason was never explicitly stated by the park, but I would imagine it nearing the end of its service life, paired with being placed on such an adverse terrain, the park saw it not worth operating. Hayabusa - similiar situation. No statement from the park, except it was closed after an incident in 2005, never to re-open. ---- Having said all that, the fact that Iron Dragon is six years older than The Bat and still running is good news. But at the same time, just like with Corkscrew, the ride is significantly tamer and not on as big a scale as its counterpart at KI, which might make major repairs less difficult/costly for Iron Dragon. ----
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