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  1. I mean to be fair with the whole Volcano situation, the ride went down in May of last year (never to reopen).They didn't fully know yet whether they were going to close it until well into the off-season. There was nothing they could really do to give it a proper send-off. Similiar situation for Son of Beast (Except that was 3 agonizing years of waiting for an answer). That having said, it sure would have been nice to know about the Crypt's closing in advance... Could be worse I suppose. Would've hated to be a Great Adventure guest during the summer of 2007, where they all but had to witness The Chiller dismantlement right before their very eyes, and in peak season no less. I believe Hypersonic was closed without giving proper notice as well. Somewhat off topic, but man, those three launched coasters. They sure helped in paving one of the many paths amusement innovation hath travelled, as all three of them now have successful versions operating today, but my goodness the combined issues those rides resulted in. But like I've said, failed rides seem to happen less and less anymore across all manufacturers, as their technologies become ever more refined and exciting as ever. And as for all the flak Intamin received for Volcano, lest we forget Hypersonic and The Chiller - neither of them a product of the hot-button manufacturer in question. Groundbreakedness naturally incurs more risk...
  2. I'm neither of those people, but I believe that is accurate.
  3. Welcome back! Say, I think I actually do remember you from awhile back. Cormaster being you're name ( but I don't recall any "stupid" posts, lol! ) As for Terp, no unfortunately he is not still around (on the forum). A couple years ago I believe it was an issue that arose where his employer does not want him having an online presence. But last I've heard about him he's doing well otherwise!
  4. It makes me wonder, but I wouldn't say it makes me worry...
  5. By general standards, yes. These rides will leave much to be desired in the capacity realm. But by launched coaster standards, I'd say 18-20 riders per train is about par for the course. That having said, if a new multilauncher would come to KI sometime in the forseaable future, I hope it doesn't have the spike/switch track element. While they definitely look like cool maneuvers, I am not sure its worth having less than three-train operation.
  6. Oh ok. Now that that makes sense! Haha you're good. Thanks for the clarification. At first, I had thought you were serious. Really I was just genuinely confused as to how that post could have made someone sad!
  7. Hello @FUN&ONLY! I just wanted to let you know before you read this, if that earlier post of mine in this thread made you tear up, well then get the kleenex ready for this one! List of Premier Rides Innovations: - Developed the first LIM to be successfully implemented onto a coaster, seen as a major breakthrough from the earlier Schwarzkopf systems of propulsion (flywheel, weight drop etc.) - Pioneered the first lap bar restraints capable of handling inversions (OTHER than just vertical loops a la Schwarzkopf) - Utilized the "sliding station" as seen on the Mr. Freeze rides, in order to make it possible to run TWO trains simultaneously on a shuttle coaster - Held the record for largest vertical loop for a short time time with Full Throttle, as well as having track run on both sides of the same structure (crest of the loop) - Developed the one-of-a-kind "Ferris Wheel Lift" as seen briefly on Round About at the now long-defunct Freestyle Music Park (I know, I know - maintenance nightmare but points for trying I guess!) - Created Speed - The Ride, which I believe was the longest shuttle coaster in the world at the time, Mr Freeze still the longest non-complete circuit shuttle - Revenge of the Mummy rides and Italian Job: Stunt Tracks - among the first family and themed launched coasters - First quasi-mobius launch coaster in West Coast Racers (well, when or IF that opens this year!) Waterworks in 3...2...1... :P
  8. 2011. Without question. Why? Two words... Holiday Horror. In its first year that was probably my favorite maze I had ever experienced at the park. I believe it was still pretty good in the years following, but with there being just a bit less effort put into it IIRC. Close second would be 2010, as it was the last season featuring Trail of Terror, and I remember Urgent Scare being done exceptionally well that year as well.
  9. Adventure Express is incredibly young in mine train years. The mine trains of Six Flags Over Texas, and Over Georgia for example, are nearly twice its age. CC Mine Ride just turned 50 this year. AE is 28. (It's not going anywhere, rest assured )
  10. Call me crazy, but unless Holiday World or SFGAm has a big new wood coaster up their sleeves (which is doubtful), I'd say the track record is safe as any for now. It won't really be necessary to extend it. Therefore, if its an RMC you might as well go with ground-up I-box.
  11. And as for the untimely demise of the original Bat... Huss fault was that anyway?
  12. Its been claimed for years that BLSC gets "terrible" capacity, but according to these numbers at least, that doesn't appear to be all that true. An average of 772k from 2012-2015? Not great, but far from terrible. Only twelve riders per train, but with decently quick dispatches. Besides, launched family coasters generally get lower capacity (across mulitple different manufacturers). Firechaser Express, for example seats just 14 per train. Verbolten 16 (albeit with five trains).
  13. In this article Dorney Park cited low ridership, coupled with maintenance problems as the main reason for Stinger's removal. Nowhere is anything mentioned about replacement parts being an issue to find. Its worth noting that there are two other Invertigo models operating overseas (one of them a relocate opened in 2015). There are also five Giant Inverted Boomerangs still operating, and as we know there are two Flying Dutchmans still in operation as well. Granted, the futures of those coasters are certainly in question as they all suffer from similiar issues as Stinger, but I don't think Vekoma not supplying parts would be the reason for any of their removals. I'm genuinely curious as to where the whole "Vekoma doesn't their support their older/rarer models" rumor originally surfaced. No where can I find any legitimate backing for it, outside of enthusiast hearsay/readsay. ALL that having said, I completely agree with you about Invertigo likely being the next coaster removed (with CF along with it), but not for the reason you're suggesting. Possible, I suppose. But unlikely...
  14. Corkscrew IS less Dynamic than Vortex. That is correct, as they were Arrow Development then.
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