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  1. I recently watched a POV of the refurbished Calico River Rapids ride at Knott's, formerly known as Bigfoot rapids. Throughout the ride guests encounter tons of cool theming and even animatronics. Could theming be added to White Water Canyon or would it be pointless? There is a lot going on with the train, Diamondback, and Mystic Timbers going by so animatronics wouldn't make a lot of sense but I think it would be cool to see some theming added throughout stretches of the ride on an off year. I would even be fine if they tied it into the Mystic Timber's story. Thoughts?
  2. I have no clue how feasible this is but it would be absolutely awesome of we saw a large scale log flume return to the park.
  3. Paramount made decisions that would best fit their brand and not necessarily the parks and because of this, a lot of the old charm left the park. Great rides like Phantom Theater, the original Antique Cars, the eagles, and Kenton's Cove were all sacrificed for the brand. Again they were a movie company so they saw the parks as ways to promote their brand but it did damage that Cedar Fair had to fix. Unlike movie parks like Universal Studios and Disney, Paramount wasn't necessarily able to start off with a clean slate so they had to work with parks that had their own identity. I wouldn't call i
  4. I think some of the "smaller" Haunt buildings should be used during the regular season for something else. Killmart could be a safe fun house, CHAOS could be a walk through attraction which could tie into Area 72, and Blackout could be rethemed as a family friendly walk through spooky attraction connecting to Banshee and The Bat.
  5. Speaking of Cedar Fair parks in general, I wonder how much business Valleyfair loses to the Mall of America if any
  6. A question I have. Its stated that its being done in house which is 100% fine, but why isn't GCI coming back to work on it? Is it because of Covid or is it a money thing?
  7. The main thing I would say that would stop an overhaul would be $$$. Also I have few questions. Would rides be rebranded? For example, "Snoopy's Space Buggies" doesn't really fit in with the camping atmosphere. Also would some current rides or attractions be removed? Here's my vision for a rebrand: Remove the barnyard for either more kiddie flats If not flats, remove the barnyard for a coaster. A GG woodie, a spinning coaster, or a wild mouse would be nice. Repaint Woodstock Express yellow for two reasons: It resembles the bird's actual color and it would pay homage to
  8. Also while I'm thinking about it, when #12s balloon stack was removed in favor of a straight stack, was it meant to resemble UP #119?
  9. I've seen this talked about on here every once and a while so I thought I'd make a thread about it. Traditionally the children's area was typically rebranded to whatever property the park was trying to promote from HB to Nickelodeon to Peanuts. Would it benefit the park to overhaul the kids area? Maybe add another kiddie coaster? The camping aspect would make a good transition to Rivertown. The park doesn't hold the title of "World's Best Kids Area" anymore so changing things up certainly wouldn't hurt. If not a overhaul maybe just adding some more modern rides.
  10. This is my favorite look of #12 with the blue domes and balloon stack. Is it possible to return it to this look for the park's 50th?
  11. Would it be out of line to want a 3rd drop ride that's in between Drop Tower and the Kite Eating Tree? Instead of something like Drop Tower which is slow and builds up suspense, how about a series of towers around 150ft that just launches riders up right out of the gate? Would that be repetitive or stand out enough to coexist with the other two drop rides in the park?
  12. Unless a new model comes out I don't see what KI could get. A giga dive is still years out. The only other type of coaster that would be semi-realistic would be something like Red Force but with TDD being in the same state that would make no sense. IMO once a park adds a coaster that breaks the 300ft mark... that's it. I don't see Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Canada's Wonderland, or Kings Island getting coasters taller than their respective gigas.
  13. https://www.coaster101.com/2016/01/12/book-review-dick-kinzel-biography/
  14. I often wonder which Cedar Fair park has the worst roi in the chain. Is it the smaller parks like Worlds of Fun or Michigan's Adventure or maybe a larger park like Kings Dominion? Basically what I'm asking is which park would Cedar Fair be willing to part with if they had to sell one off?
  15. Notice how they called it "Camp Cedar" instead of something to like "Kings Campground." I fully believe they chose to name it "Camp Cedar" to get the attention of Cedar Point's clientele. People who have been going to Lighthouse Point at Cedar Point might chose to make the journey to Kings Island because now they accommodate RVs. Also, people who come from states like Kentucky and Indiana might be more inclined to stay a night or two; especially if they have a trailer. That's better than waking up at the crack of dawn to get the whole park in one day then leaving at night. If I know RV f
  16. Maybe not for quantity but arguably KI should be up there quality wise. Firehawk, King Cobra, Vortex, Screaming Demon, and of course SOB all significantly contributed to not only KI's history but also the history of the industry as a whole.
  17. Cedar Point has a total of 17 defunct coasters according to RCDB. https://rcdb.com/4529.htm
  18. I mean it is. All of the scenes haven't changed, they just changed out the Snoopy Doo IP to basic scary characters. The only major changes were the Boocifer projections, the Boocifer animatronic and the skeleton finale. Other than that it didn't really change all that much. I'm sure it saved them a ton of money to make minor changes vs having to start from scratch.
  19. Hey I was only about a mile off with the campground idea!
  20. My two choices are from the Paramount Era: KCKC Phantom Theater
  21. I was preaching this for weeks and now that Cedar Fair will be operating that campground it would increase the need for a shuttle.
  22. Send it to Valleyfair, they need an invert in their lineup.
  23. With exception to CGA and Gilroy Gardens, most of Cedar Fair's parks are 4 hours or more away from one another. KI is still the superior park in the region over HW and KK so CF doesn't necessarily need to buy out the smaller parks. Herschend on the other hand has a stronghold on parks and attractions throughout the south and could really help out KK. They could pose as a threat to CF with their heightened quality which would encourage competition between them and KI.
  24. If I'm being honest I feel like CF would eventually GL Kentucky Kingdom. Its our closest competitor and its not near any other CF park to encourage platinum passes. On the topic of smaller CF parks, I think they stoped investing in the smaller parks to justify the spending on the Paramount parks. Prior to Covid I thought the smaller parks would get some attention coaster wise but I don't know what financial position the company is currently in.
  25. Families tend to make parks more money so it would be a good business decision to tame haunts and limit alcohol sales. Additionally higher prices can be good for a park if they deliver on quality so that families feel like they're getting their money's worth.
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