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  1. I understand coasters have to be thrilling but there are times when I wonder when parks and manufacturers go too far
  2. I wish they'd bring back the 4D theater if Urgent Scare is indeed leaving. You could show scary 4D movies like they used to do at Fear Fest.
  3. Here's my opinion: Fill Vortex's land with a sit down looper When the time comes, rip out BLSC and put in a Mack spinner geared towards families
  4. He's talking about how the original TTD concept went even further back which would have meant that Gemini would have been torn down to make room.
  5. You basically confirmed that TTD's technology was obsolete
  6. Going back to TTD- If the train component struck the woman I believe they would be able to deduce it rather quickly by just seeing what part is missing. The ride goes 120mph so any number of parts can come lose. My questions would be how long was that train on the track before the incident happened? Was it running from when ride opened for the day or was transfered on later? Was it a part of the train that's difficult to access by maintenance crew? I feel like Cedar Point would at least be able to answer those questions but like others said, they're probably opting to say nothing at this time.
  7. You are able to spread out more on flyers. To match The Beast's current capacity the flyers would have to have 18 rows. Hypothetically speaking, if The Beast was overhauled, I'd like to see if they could modify the track to not require as many trims without compromising its length.
  8. Exactly. Also I don't think the family is biting their tongues, itching to tell the whole world the condition of this woman. That's not exactly the attention you want for your family, no less the person who was injured. I mean that's the job of a park spokesperson, they can't really elaborate any further on something like this at this time. I'm sure CP's legal team is making sure they don't say anything yet until the Department of Agriculture finishes their investigation. I don't exactly know what people expect CP to say at this point.
  9. It is, but if nothing more is being said at this time then its hard to report on a story any further. Sure they can talk about the subject of maintenance, but that's all they'll really be able to discuss about the ride itself until the family makes a statement. I'm sure the Department of Agriculture will release information about their own investigation at their choosing but until that happens, discussions about the ride's upkeep are purely speculation unless another credible source provides information.
  10. I said nothing about Intamin in the above post. I was saying that without any more information from the family or the victim herself, its hard to further report on a story which would upset any member of the media trying to get more information.
  11. I must have read your post wrong, my apologies. I agree the media is upset because this is a major story that they can't really report any more on until the family makes a statement.
  12. That's true, however her condition might dictate the family's (and their lawyer's) willingness to publicly speak about her condition. We don't know what condition she's in so its hard to speculate.
  13. Before I'm met with pitchforks and torches. The Beast is over 40 years old now and as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world, (3rd longest coaster in the world), it shows its age at times. Would it be beneficial to close The Beast for a season, (or part of a season), to completely overhaul it? GCI came in and worked on Ghostrider at KBF and I've heard people love it. We also brought in GCI to do some work on The Racer. Maybe some new trains? I'd like to hear some feedback
  14. I feel like the enthusiast community would flood them with so many questions that it might be better for them if they remain quiet.
  15. I do wish that the ride was somewhat altered when the Paramount team was cut. For example the Cincinnati Billboards would have been a really cool idea and could have been implemented at Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland with their respective local cities. I had an idea for a complete retheme that would keep the same layout but change the scenery. Basically I would make Backlot Stunt Coaster themed to fighting fires, I know original, where the trains are emergency vehicles and they're going to stop a fire. During the mid course you would see the helicopter redecorated to look like and EMS or fire department helicopter and you drive straight into the quote on quote burning building. It was something that I would like to create in No Limits 2 but it takes a more creative mind than mine to do that
  16. Earlier, I said that mini dives can do a lot more than your standard dive coaster. Your standard 8 and 10 person seaters require a lighter track which limits how long the ride can truly be if you have to keep something under budget. The 6, and now 7, across seating utilizes standard B&M track so the layout can be more creative. Anymore most people ride dive coaster is for the dive. I think a lot of amusement parks are realizing that they can make a coaster a lot smaller and still be able to market the dive aspect. Basically on standard Dives the height of the dive is the main focus with the rest of the layout being not so original. With mini dives it seems like its the opposite where as long as you have a dive, you're able to cut down on the height allowing for a more unique layout. Also as mentioned earlier by @Shaggy, this coaster looks like it has some moments of intensity.
  17. I couldn't agree more. I'm sure the lawyers see it as a liability at this point. They'll probably get some type of audit. If the que isn't enclosed or more barriers added, I could see the que being relocated.
  18. Its interesting that Canada's Wonderland acknowledged Paramount. Not saying Paramount is something to ignore, but I wouldn't think of adding the "Paramount Ownership Begins" would be something they would have included.
  19. That's sorta what happened with the Superman Drop Tower ride at KK. Our Drop Tower was shut down temporary to ensure we didn't have a similar incident down the road.
  20. I never understood how a ride's popularity trumps the fact that it hurt someone. People will naturally be drawn away from it unless changes are made.
  21. I agree. I know a lot of people will hate me for saying it I also don't envision it coming back.
  22. Back to TTD, I do wonder if it will become the chain's next SOB. Its too early to speculate, and I'm sure the woman's condition will play a role in what happens down the road. The que itself will be modified, I feel like that's a given, but what about long term? Will people still want to ride it if it reopens? Will it be worth it financially to reopen it at all?
  23. Going back to the ride itself, I don't see it reopening for the 2021 season, regardless of this person's outcome, but I'm not a ride operator. I wonder if an incident like this puts TTD as a candidate for removal down the road. It costs the park a ton of money to operate and it might now produce the ROI they want.
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