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  1. Walked on Drop Tower and Invertigo. Seems most of the crowd is at Orion. It is a good time to hit other rides.
  2. I did not touch on theming, which is a HUGE step forward for Cedar Fair. Very well done in that department.
  3. Breaking news! What people like is subjective! Lol I am glad people love it. I agree it is a good ride. Not in my top 5, probably not top 10, but a very good addition.
  4. In all fairness it is short for a giga. Length wise it is a lot of track, ride time wise it is short.
  5. I didnt mind the rattle one bit, nothing painful at all. It was definitely there though.
  6. Definitely felt a rattle in row 6.
  7. Having ridden Orion about a half hour ago, I will give my review while i enjoy an adult beverage. The first drop is great, it maintains speed, but is not very forceful at any point at all. The last hill is great airtime, but when you hit the break run you can feel how much longer that thing wants to go. I wish it had more time to play out the speed, but it is a very fun ride that the gp will find reridable. It is not what i hope for in a giga, but it is in my opinion the best ride in the park now. Don't mistake my enthusiast wants for unrealistic expectations, I get i305 is not what brings money in and this is a very good ride.
  8. We all knew some would follow the rules and some wouldn't and still came. Evaluate the risk-reward and decide if it is worth it. Everyone should follow the rules but it is impossible to enforce 100% compliance. I am not letting it ruin my day or mood.
  9. Don is walking around area 72 currently.
  10. Im just going to park my car in this turn lane and come back after a ride or two.
  11. ok, I am not impatient just curious. It is impossible for there not to be kinks, I am just happy to be here!
  12. Are they letting people in the parking lot? I have not moved for 10 minutes.
  13. I have already cited a source on how the covid deaths are counted in the US. Im just glad i could have drinks at a bar tonight. If you do not want to take the risk you have every right not to. If you do want to, you should have every right to take that risk.
  14. You lost me at China study. Does make sense that it would spread less outside though.
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