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  1. I do understand that and I am not in the dumps at all. I do not have to change what I desire based on what is good for the company. I dont expect them to cater to my preferences at all, but I still have those preferences.
  2. Nothing really stands out about this ride to me. I was also hoping for low to the ground, tight twists and turns rather than more airtime. Not really sure where the animosity came from, I'm glad people are happy about it. Maybe my mind will change once I've ridden it. Sorry I hurt your feelings.
  3. I really wish I could get excited about this.
  4. An RMC would be great. Also, both of these.
  5. Any members at the park today that could update?
  6. It's a business, not my pal. I do not owe KI or CF anything (except what's left on the balance of my 2 platinum passes for my wife and I). I am not bound to be loyal to them and never criticize them by any means. I am reserving judgement until I ride this roller coaster, but it looks very disappointing to me.
  7. Is there an event or something today? Wife and I are heading there now and I'm feeling a little discouraged now lol.
  8. Boo Hill is leaving and we are getting a dark ride worth riding. A man can dream.
  9. So if you can't have it you would prefer no one had it? Also, I respect your opinion but disagree with it. To me the last few years have all been duds. There is 0 intensity and far too few actors. Having been to some of the bigger haunts in Ohio KI's haunt seems very pedestrian to me.
  10. If they can not cook chicken tenders right, I will NEVER get a steak at KI. My rare ribeye will be coming out looking like charcoal. I am not a big fan of Texas Roadhouse either, but I admit I am a steak snob.
  11. Glad everyone had a good time. I never knew that about the church group but it strikes me as pretty disgusting that they spent (a sizable amount) of money making people seeking a day of fun uncomfortable when it could have been spent improving a community. Good to hear the event will continue.
  12. I hate to say it but some people would definitely boycott the park for this. Luckily, this number seems to decrease every year. I would definitely go if my pass got me in, but I can't justify buying a ticket when I can get in any other day with my pass. I've never been since not part of the lgbt community but it sounds fun.
  13. @ Malem (I can't quote for some reason). It was very undercooked. The cheese had hardly melted and there was a ton of grease. I didn't even think about guest services, I was tired and went home right after I ate. That is sound advice though, I wish I would have voiced my frustration. I just don't get why they can't figure out the food situation at Kings Island. I love the park, but I don't see myself eating there again until I hear of change. Perhaps I will send an email. I doubt they are unaware of the issue though, seeing as the majority of people on this site have posted about similar experiences.
  14. I got two slices of pizza in the Festhaus today and only ate one then threw it out. Terp I wish I would have listened to you! It was absolutely disgusting and cost me 15 bucks.
  15. Mass Effect has a super interesting universe and could be amazing, but the games were pretty adult oriented. I would think they would have to water it down to make it more family oriented.
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