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  1. Invertigo and Banshee pull much more positive gs, in my experience at least.
  2. Good catch! Definitely a typo haha
  3. Bringing back Phantom Theater, KCKC, or a boat ride replacing BB would be absolutely amazing. A return of the tunnel by Vortex's old plot would be great too.
  4. Bring on the spice! A few of these sound good to me.
  5. No worries, you get your point across. Keep listening to your teacher and I am sure you will continue to grow and learn. As for the beer, leave it to us heathens.
  6. I don't think you are going to like the answer to this question....lol
  7. I would kill for a non-interactive, story telling, practical effect dark ride at KI. I would also be thrilled with a thrill ride with theming and effects on par with Tomb Raider (or The Mummy). Sadly, I have realized this is likely never happening.
  8. I am just as excited for this as Iron Gwazi. Pantheon is no slouch either. Let's wait until we actually ride them before we go crowning them though. That said, I really hope these coasters put Intamin back on the map in the US.
  9. Just the libertarian in me coming out lol
  10. If there is not a victim there is not a crime.
  11. While I do tend to agree modern B&M's lack intensity, Banshee is the exception. I have greyed out on Banshee many times.
  12. Craft beer and food trucks? Yea, I think I just may like that kind of event.
  13. But can be buit as high and go as fast ad the parks wanna build rhem for a fraction of the intamin costs. Breaking 500ft is pretty incredible. Edit: never thought I would say this but I would kill for a new Vekoma too.
  14. Youre correct I meant to say trex, my mistake. By making them the way they do they drastically reduce cost though, meaning you can fit more elements in for more bang for your buck.
  15. We are far from reaching the limit of coaster technology. RMC raptors, for instance, can do things never done before. I agree, though, that Cedar Fair as a whole has been playing it safe. Sea World is the company going balls to the walls right now in America, and admittedly they are not doing so hot. I also think RMC has been revolutionary in more ways than @silver2005 gave credit for. To each their own, but those angles and putting a launch on a wooden coaster alone are amazing innovations in my eyes. There is a reason it had not been done before.
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