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  1. They are absolutely terrible for the environment and treat their workers horribly. The only thing I can think of that is positive about them is they contribute to the economy of poor countries. My parents took me on cruises when j was young and I have traveled all over the world as an adult. There are way better ways to experience the world than cruises. (In my opinion of course. My main point of contention with them is their effect on the environment.)
  2. You guys have me very hopeful that this kills the cruise industry, I'll be very sad if they somehow find a way to survive.
  3. I saw this a while ago and instantly scratched my head. The only thing I can think of is Intamin gave them a 2 ride deal. Pantheon looks amazing but this does not excite me.
  4. I am not on any social media (not counting this and reddit) so I'm ignorant to what that is. That said, I love dark humor and think nothing should be off limits but it has to be funny, and that just sounds like people attempting to be edgy and lacking compassion. Not everything has to be politicized, this is a good opportunity for us to unit and bridge some gaps instead of broadening them. The kind of thinking "boomer remover" promotes is toxic. Anyway, sorry for getting so off topic.
  5. It is perfectly fine to joke about it as long as you are taking the steps necessary to be safe seriously. We could use a little brevity at this point. I would love to post Norm Macdonalds recent set in which he joked about the virus but the language used makes it inappropriate for this forum. It is very important people take this all seriously, but some people here are laying it on a bit thick in my opinion. Avoid crowds as much as possible, practice good hygiene, eat and sleep well to keep your immune system up, and be mindful of any new symptoms you experience. There is nothing else you can do and there is no reason to pile on worry and stress (which kills your immune system). Beyond what I listed everything else is pretty much beyond our control. I hope a vaccine is available soon and treatment improves, and I hope the best for those more vulnerable than I am. Do not live in fear, just live aware and prepared. Edit: just to be clear I'm not downplaying the virus, I just do not think fear or panic improves the situation.
  6. One of the smartest men in this field gives almost 2 hrs of unbiased information lacking the hysteria you will get from every news channel. Basically, it is very serious and a high priority, but there is no need to panic. A healthy lifestyle is your best defense (exercise, diet,...etc). Hand sanitizer is darn near useless in preventing the spread of this virus. I've found conflicting info on the hand sanitizer so I may be wrong on that one. Face masks only seem to be beneficial when it is someone carrying the virus wearing them though, not so much a healthy person wearing one to prevent getting sick.
  7. I've been surprised by the lack of discussion on Iron Gwazi (unless I missed it) so I figured I would start a topic. 2 days after finishing track and 1 day after testing with water dummies on the trains, Iron Gwazi has had its first riders! This is the ride I am most pumped for this year, and it looks like it absolutely hauls the whole ride. I can't wait to ride this thing (and hopefully Pantheon if it is open next month).
  8. I do understand that and I am not in the dumps at all. I do not have to change what I desire based on what is good for the company. I dont expect them to cater to my preferences at all, but I still have those preferences.
  9. Nothing really stands out about this ride to me. I was also hoping for low to the ground, tight twists and turns rather than more airtime. Not really sure where the animosity came from, I'm glad people are happy about it. Maybe my mind will change once I've ridden it. Sorry I hurt your feelings.
  10. An RMC would be great. Also, both of these.
  11. Any members at the park today that could update?
  12. It's a business, not my pal. I do not owe KI or CF anything (except what's left on the balance of my 2 platinum passes for my wife and I). I am not bound to be loyal to them and never criticize them by any means. I am reserving judgement until I ride this roller coaster, but it looks very disappointing to me.
  13. Is there an event or something today? Wife and I are heading there now and I'm feeling a little discouraged now lol.
  14. Boo Hill is leaving and we are getting a dark ride worth riding. A man can dream.
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