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  1. Cedar Fair’s legal department can kick rocks. Read up on the regulations for yourself. Just because they ban the use of drones IN THE PARK doesn’t mean someone can’t fly one over it. Kings Island (or any property owner, for that matter) does not own the airspace above their property. And like I said, this site catering to every whim of Kings Island, while claiming to be an independent site, is disingenuous at best.
  2. I invite all of you, including the admins, to read up on the actual FAA regulations regarding drone operation, rather than just accepting Kings Island’s ridiculous and misleading policy as gospel.
  3. It’s not on firm or shaky ground. Kings Island has NO LEGAL GROUND to ban drones over the park. Only the FAA does, and only under certain conditions.
  4. Agreed - this is supposed to be an independent site. But it clearly is not if Kings Island PR is calling all the shots.
  5. My concern isn’t so much Kings Island’s useless drone policy (since they can’t do a darn thing about them), it’s this site’s constant catering to their whims. Is this an independent site, or is it not? Because if Kings Island PR is calling all the shots, then they own you. Period.
  6. Kings Island’s drone policy is irrelevant. It has NO legal standing. As long as the drone operator is following the FAA’s regulations on their usage, there’s not a darn thing Kings Island (or any property owner) can do about it.
  7. I don’t want drones flying over my property either. Do I get to tell people not to do so? Nope. Kings Island is no different than any other property owner. It appears the drone operator followed every applicable law and regulation. Again, at times I wonder whether this is truly an independent site, or actually controlled by KI PR.
  8. This kind of stuff is what drives people to Facebook and other sites for information and updates rather than here. Of course Kings Island doesn’t want drone footage released of their property. But the video didn’t violate any laws. So what’s the big deal? At what point does this site stop being the internet’s leading KI fan site and starts becoming the unofficial mouthpiece of Kings Island PR?
  9. That's even further back than The Bat, and the terrain is probably worse. Nah.
  10. Usually it’s the transfer shed/track, station track and the brake run.
  11. Hey guys, there’s been a lot of people that have contributed quite a bit to this thread and decoding in general. But the constant attempts to pay yourselves on the back is a bad look. Carry on.
  12. And it's also one of the best coasters in the world. Length isn't everything.
  13. It was a few days ago. It's been closed for the past two days.
  14. This thread has accomplished its mission. Time to move on to the Construction thread.
  15. This makes absolutely no sense, as this coaster is definitely under construction. Whether it has been announced officially or not is irrelevant.
  16. I believe with Diamondback, there WAS track on-site before the announcement. There's news footage out there somewhere showing people speculating about the new coaster, with track visible on the grounds. Not sure about Banshee, however.
  17. Pre-Diamondback, too.
  18. That is a lot closer to white than grey. I like it, UK colors!
  19. Did you see any painted supports beyond the brown ones for Hershey?
  20. Painting old scrap pieces of track as a test for certain types of paint being exposed to the elements?
  21. CSF has fabricated several coasters bound for China in the past few years. Notable is the bright yellow track that sat there a couple of years ago - it went somewhere in China. Edit: Actually, it was last year for the yellow track. It was yellow wing coaster track that ultimately went to the Happy Valley park in Beijing.
  22. Yep, I guess I didn't remember that Candymonium will have those flat gray supports. Good call.
  23. I was thinking the same. Those supports look to be finished and ready for loading.
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