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  1. They have lights on because they’re still working back there. They got a very late start on erecting a couple of track pieces. In the morning, I bet we see the crest of the overbanked hill installed.
  2. Well, we can stop wondering whether or not it's a "giga" coaster when B&M officially calls it one.
  3. I've never been on Leviathan or Fury, but the seats on these trains look different than something like Diamondback. With Diamondback, the seats are so open and fastened with open metal supports, whereas with these, the seats seem more..."enclosed". I think I love these trains more than the Diamondback ones.
  4. They can't. They will need at least one crane like Zeus or Artemis to do the turnaround. And probably the overbanked hill, too.
  5. Are you sure? I think they're both still there, but the angle of the sun is just making them hard to see.
  6. It looks like Zeus might be getting ready to be moved. He's folding down. Someone just took the basket to the top of the lift hill like an elevator, and got off up there.
  7. I'd guess they'll definitely have the same strategy for doing the turnaround hill as it's over 200 feet, but I'm not sure about the wave turn hill.
  8. I guess I never realized the sun came up in the spot it did in the webcam. I always thought it was much further to the left of the pan. Unless the sun has changed that much position in the sky in the last two months..
  9. More track going up now? Cleo has a piece of track in a weird vertical angle..
  10. This. They can (they literally moved the camera from left to right from Banshee to the Orion construction area) but my guess is they won't. The park really doesn't care about anyone that wants to watch the construction.
  11. Yep, it's definitely new. I watched them as they lifted it into place today.
  12. Wow, what a welcome surprise this morning! It looks absolutely massive. Artemis is on her way out, and it'll be interesting to see how they move the other two cranes over to the next area of construction.
  13. It has now been three weeks for what is apparently “software upgrades”. The Kings Island IT staff looks incredibly inept right now.
  14. I broke it down somewhere earlier in this thread. I want to say that Diamondback’s lift hill sits on land ~30-40 feet higher than Orion’s. I honestly can’t remember.
  15. Well, short of Kings Island hanging a giant shroud over the lift hill/drop, you should be able to see it during Winterfest.
  16. The turnaround hill is over 200 feet itself. The highly-banked turn after the first drop is 174 feet. I think they'll still need at least 2 of them.
  17. Who wants to bet the webcams come back up after the topping off? We all called it weeks ago now.
  18. What POVs were illegally recorded? Maybe I’m not familiar with the situation.
  19. It’s the same drop height, but Orion is 5 degrees steeper. Orion is also a B&M, which means it’s better than that crappy Intamin
  20. Amen. The steepness on that drop is something for sure. It’s going to be an awesome ride.
  21. So since my posts keep getting deleted - is no criticism of the park allowed? I don’t get it.
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