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  1. That's an interesting point, @Shaggy. I go to the cemetery from time to time to drive past my grandparent's/aunts and uncles graves and my high school friend/college roomate (who I rode Vortex with in 1987!) but these people literally mean nothing to my niece or my cousin's children. We will talk about them and they will remember those conversations, but when our generation is gone and they are gone, there will be no connection. My dad is vehemenently against me NOT having a grave stone. He says I need something visible to future generations. I don't think I do. That's why I want my
  2. Living in rural Kentucky, small cemeteries are everywhere. My grandfather was a tenant farmer when I was growing up. Besides the owners house was a cemetery of past family members. It was surrounded by a rock wall. Unfortunately, on the outside of the rock wall, was the slave burial ground. Those graves were just marked with a field stone--no inscription or anything. For years, cattle and hogs would trample over this , until my grandfather became the tenant farmer and fenced it off. There was a part of the farm that was woodland and there was a hidden cemetery that was found accid
  3. Is AE a hybrid? And what about The Voyage--wood track with a steel structure. Is it a hybrid too?
  4. They could put it where it was before they removed it.
  5. That's OK! We have Mexican and Asian food in Oktoberfest!
  6. @SonofBaconator....I didn't know drones existed back in 1971
  7. I checked out the surf and turf by using a computer not connected to my email. I got the same offer on the website as the pass perk is. I'd guess they are finding revenue streams, which i support. I wouldn't be happy about it if were in a normal year, but like buying extra merch when I visit, I want to support the park in these lean times. It's a business, I know, but I have wringed every penny worth out of my pass, food and dining plans over the year.
  8. It all comes down to money. They would project the cost/long term operational expenses vs projected income. It's unfortunate for the Dream Mall--opening during a global pandemic. Malls in general are in decline. It will be interesting to see how it works out. For a company like Cedar Fair, it would be very expensive. Would they take up land at a park like KI or would they buy a different property? Even a small park would require several acres under one roof, so the building shell would cost millions upon millions. I think duplicated rides would reduce the appeal (do you want to
  9. You don't know how many times you have been to KI this fall?
  10. Thank you for this thread! Never been yet, but its on my list.
  11. @brenthodge, you can still some gas lights on the building facing the plaza. Kings Dominion still has there lamps as well, but that's a far trip and they remain closed this year.
  12. I agree. But...it is much better than it was before. And it is much better than blacktop which was the original pavement. I think, over time, when the trees grow in some, it will look more and more as to what they may have had in mind. I'm really glad they did the work, even though I miss the pedestals and the lamps
  13. Could you imagine if they sold pieces of The Beast track when the do complete retracking?
  14. There is a BIG difference between "likely" and "occasionally."
  15. That's terrible that you got kicked out of KI! Were you a team member ora guest at the time of the boot?
  16. I think you are hyperfocused on spray paint. Enjoy the park for what it is and don't worry about tommorow because today has enough to enjoy at Kings Island.
  17. And I am so happy for you! And I promise, if I ever see any postings like the one that had Vortex and Firehawk pieces, I will forward the info to you. Reading your posts and seeing how important it is to you, it literally made my day to see that KI is giving you piece of Vortex you wanted. Congratulations!
  18. I am a "real" enthusiast and Vortex is important to me. But I have other things to devote money to. If someone wants it and is willing to pay it, more power to them. But others who are not willing to pay that price, don't feel like you are any less "real" of an enthusiast than others who appear to be the self-appointed GateKeeper of enthusiasm. Edit: There seems to be a auto spell checker that is changing GateKeeper to GateKeeper.
  19. Hey now...New England isn't a dull region! It is all very subjective. I could say that Cincy is dull and KI is awesome. That would tick off alot of the Cincy folks here. I think as a region, our area of the country is very good. KY/OH/IN/TN are all beautiful states with lots of things to see and do. And look at how many parks are in a 6-8 hour drive--KI, CP, SFGAmerica, KK, HW, SFSL, WOF, DW, Cwinds, KD, all the PA parks, SFGAdv, and on and on. We are very fortunate in this area of the country.
  20. I am very happy for you. Enjoy it. Good solution.
  21. I never would have thought I would associate soup with Kings Island. I really like what they are doing--they are making some very wise decisions in the midst of a pandemic.
  22. ^Those prices seem very reasonable too.
  23. This is incredible! Thank you for sharing. The park was so beautiful back then...and with the recent improvements, it is again! It's very nice to see the beloved pedestals and know they have been put to good use in Area 72. This video helps me to see KI as I did as a kid. It looks so big.
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