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  1. But did that horrible nurse practitioner, who may have been under the influence, who's brother was filming on ride and could have caused an injury, who claimed to be a medical doctor, who interfered with EMS, who then claimed she was a trauma nurse, who demanded that EMS give fluids and a medication that would make the injury worse and who blasted out details of this all over social media, violating privacy principles...did she face any repercussion from any regulatory bodies in Ohio?
  2. I think you are making my post into something that I did not intend. I was observing that as a Cincy legacy, Kings Island should have been in there somewhere. As far as the 22 list, I'd have to agree, Larry, that was quite good. Without a drink plan, if you need water on a hot summer day at Kings Island, you're going to be miserable!
  3. I never rode T2 with the OG trains, but I thought the Kumbak trains on T3 were not bad, except the restrictive nature of them as the ride came back to the station.
  4. Hey now, T3 wasn't TERRIBLE! the only issue I had with it was the downward ratchet on the restraint towards the end of the ride
  5. In general, yes it's worth it to me because I'm a casual visitor to Cedar Point, so I want to take advantage of my time in the park. The last time I got FLP, if you were a platinum pass holder, you got FLP at FL price, but I'm sure that will change with the new pass structure. As others have said, the merge point is further back on many coasters, Kings Island has us spoiled.
  6. Not a Cincy local, but it seems like Kings Island should have been somewhere on these lists. https://www.citybeat.com/best-of/2024
  7. So, I wonder how this will work with guests who have "loose articles" such as insulin pumps?
  8. How about an inverted Christmas maze? They could call the Winterfest Wonderland Parade!
  9. I've tasted and kind of enjoyed. But I'm not a beer drinker, so I only speak to my personal experience. The blueberry flavour was good. The beer flavour was bad. But I'm glad I have the cans and the 3 year old full cans in my collection !
  10. Season pass sales must be trending down to offer this so early.
  11. That's simply adorable. Kind of reminds me of the song "Come Sail Away With Me" by Styx!
  12. Maybe they will use them for a floral display. If they don't creatively reuse, it's lazy or cheap. If they use what they have effectively, it's wise.
  13. So is this a Kings Island post or a channel twelve post? I'm not the most media savvy guy, but these photos look thrown together and the quality looks like it was taken from a disposable camera on a cruise ship.
  14. I never patronized the park and understand the historical significance and local sentiment. I rely on the anecdotal experiences of the Tower Topics podcast last week, where they discussed this topic...both said when they went in recent times, there were very few patrons. I just don't think, if this was the norm, the operation could have been viable, especially since parking revenues would likely go to the orchestra. Supposedly, Coney got the parking revenue from Riverbend and that was it's bread and butter. Most of what I hear is that the orchestra has stolen/closed resident's close by park. I just don't think the pool could be sustained with customers in a ten mile distance.
  15. It's a good idea, but with live entertainment being eviscerated, I don't think it's probable in the current state of Cedar Fair.
  16. Isn't Richard Zimmerman the park president who, under one of the paramount ideations, basically tried to destroy old ki with many ride removals?
  17. Ahhhh...so that's why we now have 3 platform ride ops on The Beast instead of 6. And dirty midways. And scaled back entertrainment...
  18. I can't reveal my sources, but I can't not share this news, which some will love and some will hate. Planet Snoopy expands in 2025. Diamondback as we know it, is being retired and renovations will shorten the height. It will be called "Linus's Big Boy Coaster"
  19. I understand your viewpoint. My interpretation might be splitting hairs, but it says YOUR benefits CAN be used at other parks. So if you are a KI PP holder, whatever is offered at KI can be used at other parks. But different parks can offer home park benefits to their PP holders. But, based on the KI implementation of this tier, it would take a lot of improvement and trust for me to ever buy this pass.
  20. My take is that this is acceptable. All benefits are park specific. It sucks, but if they opened it to all, KI passholders could take spots from CP passholders because they are limiting attendees. Look from a different perspective...if ki had a problematic coaster such as SOB that was closed for 2 years and a fan favorite ( which it wasn't, but it's just an example) that was turned into an awesome RMC or GCI hybrid, thousands would want to ride. If you are one of the most loyal clients of Ki and spend all the money on this pass, you'd be very upset if 15 CP prestige pass folks took a spot away from you. But, we both know how terrible KI's implementation of this pass level is, so if they had this event, they would probably open it up to silver and above and limit it to 200 registrants. Screw the prestige! Let them eat yesterday's skyline chili leftovers that have been dumped on the ground by the dumpster and if they are lucky, a staff member will hose the down with reclaimed urinal water!
  21. Park is cashless now. And running cards for . 45 cents would probably cost the park more than that in cars fees.
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