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  1. Thanks for the update, @brenthodge. I hope they get these things nailed out and have faith they will. I have really come to love this ride since 2019. So much so that I rode it more than The Beast in 2022!
  2. So, for those who have experienced AE 2.0...do the tunnels have the whooshing wind noises? Has the jungle noise returned before tunnel 1? On the first lift, is the creaking noise back?
  3. I think it would look unkempt. I understand they want splashdown views but I wish they would selectively plant trees and bushes. Also... Fix the hardscape. We have blacktop, concrete, and papers. Pick one and make the area consistent.
  4. I thought we weren't allowed to discuss drones here on KIC?
  5. I never rode the ride either. The first time I saw the show, I left thinking bad thoughts. But then I did some reading about the ride and started to put pieces together and rewatched...and rewatched...and rewatched...the nostalgia factor was in full force last year and I was hooked. I'm really glad it's back this year and look forward to seeing it again.
  6. Well spill the beans about what's different!
  7. Use the sternness that I saw last week outside the front gate. A gaggle of middle school boys were running and horseplaying as they made their way to the bus. Two guards called them out, moved around them and gave them the what for. The dejected teens complied. See also about 10 years ago when I was between the clock and junkyard coaster by Swan pond. I stepped into the grass to get a picture of Diamondback splashing down. I got dressed down firmly, but nicely, by a staff member. An adult being scolded by a teenager. That employee really cared about Kings Island.
  8. This is sacrilege! You are all cringe! now you WILL pay!!!!!
  9. My comment was moreso directed at the fact that Super7 complains constantly about just about everything related to KI/CF instead of the size of the ride. I'd be willing to wager that if the company spent 200 million per year at each park, they'd still be unhappy.
  10. I think they figure in 5-7 million in capex a year in general improvements with larger amounts for coasters. How much more should they invest @super7 to make you happy?
  11. Former arborist here. Larger box(ed) rooted trees are generally slower to establish and have a higher mortality rate than 5 or 8 gallon trees and balled/burlap trees. The need more bald cypress, hemlock and tulip poplar across the park. They are fast growing larger trees. Add in medium sized trees like dogwood red buds. Add sugar maples to contrast the autumn blaze maples. I counted 14 6 foot tall southern magnolias that have been planted this year too. Even though those are "tiny" they cost a pretty Penny, even wholesale. Those would likely not live as they have an extensive shallow root system. And if they would love, it would likely cost more in labor vs material for purchased trees. I do like the idea of native trees though. That's a great idea...start seedlings in pots and get them up to 6-8 tall. Between seedlings and cuttings, you can have an endless supply.
  12. My meals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were all the same as previous years, I have no complaints. I mean, that KI Salad is a Beast!
  13. I got GG last night. I didn't like the protein options, so I got three sides and two pieces of bread. I had the fruity couscous which was really good. I had the garlic bread which was tasty and was not tiny and they gave you two pieces of bread. I had. The pierogies they were large size and they gave you four. And finally I had the grilled vegetables which were cruciferous vegetables and they were very tasty. However, anyone who has been around me since I ate there last night. I apologize because cruciferous vegetables produce flatulent results. I don't do pork chop type meats, I don't do bones and chicken, and I'm just not a big beef eater. If the chicken was boneless skinless chicken breast, I would get that every time. Overall, I was very pleased and impressed. The food was delicious and the sizes were enormous. The remodel looks great.
  14. It's not a terrible park. But it seems to be too small for the mission it has been given. Maybe if they gave it some character instead of a copy and paste of Cedar Point entry plaza to start.
  15. Shhhh...but I heard that Disney has bought the Star Trek franchise from Paramount and they are going to convert the hotel into a Star Trek Experience. Darth Vader is actually the great grandpa of the Borg Queen, he met her great grandma at an Ikea in Sweden. That's the story line they are using for this project.
  16. KD is a much better park than Carowinds. Subjective, yes, but Carowinds is like an Indiana Beach with a GiGa.
  17. Having some buyers remorse?
  18. I mostly have a great experience at the Chicken Shack.
  19. Then we would have had a much more developed kd. If the bm thing was over with bgw, I think we would have seen a hyper in old Virginia and the giga where i305 is. I have a suspicion that the water park would have moved completely behind Racer 75 and the waterpark portion that left redeveloped into the dry park. I think there would have been a huge lean into park roots but with a modern twist. International Street and front entry redone.
  20. My heart weeps for the two redbud trees they planted in the deforested grassy area in front of AE last year. I sincerely hope they were relocated elsewhere.
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