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  1. I hope they relocated the two redbud trees that were planted during the 2022 offseason. I'm fortunate enough to have tons of them on my farm growing wild, they are beautiful specimen trees. It would be cool if they would plant some pawpaw trees. They are a subtropical species but have a very tropical look and are native to the area.
  2. Then there is this situation (Cedar Fair is represented by Worthy Rent A Car in this scene).
  3. Had a great time with a friend who hasn't been to ki in 25 years. Park was packed, looked great and was sensory overload as usual --in a good way. And for the first time that I can remember, I was at ki and rode zero rides. Now for the negative: it looks like tower tree has new programming. I did like The Vortex pattern, (small v), but overall it's too strobe lightish. Flashy for the sake of being flashy for the most part. Or flashy vs. classy. Why are they only opening one door for Tinker's? At least that's how the 930 show was. And the show was about 10-15 minutes late. But what a show it was! Much better there than in the Tannenbaumhaus.
  4. KI and KK are the only parks I made it to this year. KK's operations are much different than KI, but I have to say that the Thunder Run crew never disappoints, except that one time a few years ago where they were trying to "sell" rerides. At KI, I cannot say that one crew stood out above another because they all delivered a great experience each visit and each ride. All the coasters I rode had ops who had a sense of humor but a sense of urgency. They were very accommodating to my seat requests. I would imagine that this physically demanding job, combined with the weather, and a sometimes entitled guest base would make for challenging days, but I never saw that implied or expressed.
  5. What wonderful news! Hopefully they will retrack the entire returns, especially the pothole on the Red Racer. It would be a shame if they did not repaint it. I haven't seen Racer 75 in person, but the photos show wonderful work on the structure but lots of unpainted wood, and this was after they snazzed it up for their 40th.
  6. I really enjoy CFA, but have only eaten there once or twice since I became an enthusiast in 2014. As with Subway, why pay theme park prices or use a meal punch when you can get an expanded menu outside of the park? Especially with the expanded food offerings, it seems a no brainer. But kids and teens are probably the biggest consumers of those two chains. On a side note--I went to a Subway on Sunday night after work. I almost didn't recognize it. I am not a fan of their reinvention and will probably continue to go to Jimmy Johns when I want a sub.
  7. Great video, @IndyGuy4KI! Captured the spirit of Winterfest perfectly!
  8. I disagree about shading near Chic Fil A. The walk with tables between there and the Snoopy grill is very well shaded with the evergreens and large umbrellas.
  9. Thank you for sharing! This makes me appreciate not only the old times at KI when I was a kid, but the effort KI has put into bringing the "magic" back. I think that is why so many people are loyal to KI--they have a childhood tie in. I often think to myself that today's kids, in 20-30 years, will think back to Winterfest, normal operating days, Carnivale etc as "classic KI" and those memories will be cemented in their minds.
  10. Just that it's not "Beast".. It's " The Beast". Lol
  11. Hmmm...buildup to an awesome ending involving a Volcano...only to met with anticipointment in the end. Sounds like Kings Dominion took a hint directly from KI.
  12. Thoughts? Cedar Fair Announces 2022 Third Quarter Results and Record Performance Through the First 10 Months of the Year - Cedar Fair
  13. And your artwork looks great, being framed on my man cave wall.
  14. It might taste good, but it looks disgusting.
  15. A spinner would be unique to the area, but I don't know how well received it would be. Many people avoid spinning flats. Reliability and capacity seem to be a mantra with ki. That seems to exclude several coaster design companies. Then there's a recent NOC that lists a company that has both reliability and capacity...
  16. When Vortex was there, as well as the Eagles, that was my favorite part of KI.
  17. I'm glad Tinker is going to KIT. It will be much easier to concentrate on it. I enjoyed the Snoopy show, and the heart tug when the ho ho ho came over the speaker was great. I, for one, wish it to come back in a few years but not in the KIT.
  18. Looks like Scream Extreme at Kentucky Kingdom.
  19. I would expect they are made in China as it seems that much of CF merch is. I'm just suprised that they would print that in China. It would make sense if the complete set came from China. I just wish more could be sourced locally. If we are serious about affecting climate change, even small things like this matter.
  20. For years, the enthusiasts said Winterfest would never return because "Cincy winters are brutal." To help solve staffing issues, dorms were suggested. Again, it would never happen because that's not applicable to KI. To help solve staffing issues, recruitment of retired people was suggested, like at Dollywood. That won't happen at KI, we were told I've seen more retired folks at the park over the last couple of years than ever. Extended calendar was pondered. This was counterd with "what else do you want! They need time off to prepare for the next season!" I wouldn't be shocked if we get winter weekends. Maybe keep Snowflake Lake open with a focus on shopping, dining and entertainment. 1. I'd say general admission tix will be similiar to Winterfest tickets. 2. Probably parts of the park would be closed. 3. Depending on which park, I would guess that it will be more of a Winterfest schedule than a summer schedule. If this were to happen at KI, it would be interesting to see what happens with state certification. Will they certify from 1-1 to 12-31 or go towards a calendar year certification? 4. I think you would see more full time employees added. CF has been making adjustments and if you get more full timers, it adds stability and reduces turnover cost. But it does cost more in payroll and benefits. 5. If the attendance shows significant interest, I would see more climate controlled attractions coming down the road to the parks.
  21. The pieces are printed in China for some odd reason. With other imported goods from countries where English is not the native language, there can be translation issues. Someone who approved the final proof at KI/CF did not catch it, I'd guess. That is one thing I don't like about buying merch at KI with it being made in China, possibly by child labor. I wish the folks at CF corporate would follow the lead of Chef Major and concentrate on local sources. Specifically to the pins, surely there is printer somewhere in the US that could print these at the same cost or cheaper and leave a smaller carbon footprint.
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