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Starting to Decode 2014

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Do amusement parks like Kings Island still hold trademarks on the names of their former rides? If so, there is no need to file a new trademark on the ride name again. Just like Ford and GM still hold the trademark names of their former car models that they no longer produce, like Falcon, Granada, Corvair, Firebird and T-Bird. If this is the case, there is no need to file a new trademark on The Bat as the name of a new ride that might be flying in the area!

Dracula, that evil vampire that he is and the prince of darkness, has transformed into a giant vampire bat, is swooping down through the mist and fog as he choose his victims. You can hear the loud, bone chilling screams as they try to protect themselves from being turned into the undead, just like the evil vampire that is Dracula! But there is no escape from the evil clutches of his talons and fangs as he grabs and transport his victims to his evil lair. They will rule the night for all time.

Trademarks last indefinitely, but I don't see one for The Bat. It could be that it was formerly registered to someone else and not transferred to CF, but I'd have to do a more extensive search to know.

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Well its been a fun one.. So long Starting to Decode 2014!

You know, I chuckle at this thread. The more I read it... which is pretty much daily now... the more I become amused. Why? It's a near carbon copy of about a dozen other threads related to KI throu

For those waiting for when we'll announce what we're building for the future, you might want to grab yourself a Snickers bar. It's going to be awhile. We still have the majority of the 2013 season

I have a bad feeling im going to be very unhappy tomorrow at the park, me and youngstud will be carried out in cuffs. I can picture it now... this rollercoaster will be the fastest b&m invert, it also has the most trim brakes on any b&m invert to date with 7 which is a world record ya! ( editing to emphasize " will be carried out in cuffs " was metaphorically speaking, just shows how severely disappointment i will be. )

This is why I am not attending the announcement.

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Has anybody been by CSF to see if any of the trailers have left?

I will be heading out that way for a few hours and then plan on heading to Kings Island for the announcement. I'll swing by and see.

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I thought really hard about taking a day off today for the announcement but after nearly reaching a mental deadlock I decided to roll over the vacation day I would have used to 2014 so I can spend a day riding.

I'll probably go poop at 10:30 or so. I'm sure it will be all over every outlet I frequent by then. :)

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Overall this is what one can deduce so far Height:? Length: .75-1 mile Inversions: 5-6 ( 2 loops, batwing, at least one zero g roll)

Mock up:


There are a few things wrong in that video....the biggest one being that the entire layout is mirrored to what the blueprints show...

Also, Screamscape is no reporting that Flight Deck might be renamed The Bat because the Flight Deck logos on the trains have been removed. Really?!?! <_<

On another note, it sucks that people like me (who live far away from the park) can't see anything from the webcams because of the weather... :(

How many acres is the site in question?

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