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  1. Crypt building is such an eye-sore nowadays. I did not once see that soccer game active at all the past two seasons. I really hope they revisit that plaza, I love all these ideas for it that I'm reading through.
  2. Meant to reply to this sooner; like a non-family bathroom, normal I guess. Something simple; a walk-in bathroom similar to the ones by WindSeeker or Backlot. Moving on, I really hope they reroute the Flight of Fear line, for both standby & FLP. For FLP, I always find it spilling out of the building and blocking the normal exit. For standby, they rarely ever use a good majority of the inside anymore for the line, so if it's a hot day I'd stay away from that ride if you don't have FLP.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Diamondback/Beast[partially] repainted next off-season, but yeah, hope the actual structure for Slingshot is repainted too! That'd be awesome!
  4. Bumping this thread because I've found a lot of people online confused about what Gravity Group is doing, so here are some visualizations. (also so I can link them to this thread!) In the photo released by the park, we can see that this part of the non-enclosed helix is stripped of it's top layer/rails. We can likely presume the rest of this non-enclosed part is the same, but for now we just know this general part is also being re-tracked, likely in-house. Can't say about the second exit of the helix or inside of the helix, also unknown. [Photo cropped from KI Beast Project Blog Post] To also visualize what parts Gravity Group is specifically doing, here's a helpful visual. (Base image: Google maps Satellite imagery) [Green = Confirmed track re-engineering by Gravity Group in the KI Blog Post] [Red = Normal re-tracking (in-house?)] [Red dotted; Possible but not known] It is currently unknown as to which sections are being included in the 1,090 feet of additional retracking, so if any construction progress is posted we might get glimpses/photos of the parts being worked on in-house. Will likely update visualizations after more information is officially released.
  5. Same! Now if only we could get a bathroom in Area 72...
  6. Part of me wants them to revisit The Beasts queue, it's really in need of some work. The vending machine placement always gets me. The majority of the times I went to Kings Island this past season, the standby line was usually always, if not about to, overflow into the midway, it just needs more queue! The whole "back row" queue on the station platform has long since been unused. Not to mention how weird the Fast Lane Plus queue is for the ride, it's one of the few coasters that have a really weirdly setup Fast Lane. Bat just has none at all, given where it's placed off of the ground. The main thing I guess I'd be interested in seeing is an expanding standby line, whether the overflow goes back behind the entrance building or use the space inside of it, and a better dedicated Fast Lane entrance, so I don't have to squeeze past people leaving the ride in the tight exit walkway.
  7. WOOHOOO!!!! IT'S BEEN ANNOUNCED!!! So excited!!!!
  8. I don't think the park would do that big of a change given how strict they are at keeping it as original as possible, but given how big this trackwork is, only time will tell. On the topic of this thread, the other day I had a dream that I rode a racer-themed beast. (It was basically like a wooden wacky worm racing coaster in the woods) It was odd. One side was finished (the one I was riding in it), and the other side wasn't but they were running it and the trains crashed mid-race.
  9. Similarly, back in 2020 when coasters were halved in capacity, I was riding Mystic in the third row (because second row was closed) and the dude in the front had a hat on. Unsurprisingly, his hat flew back right as we hit the first set of double air-time hills. I see the hat just fly back and I laugh. Surprisingly, we hit the brake run and once we stop the dude in the BACK ROW screams at the top of his lungs, "HEY BRO I CAUGHT YOUR HAT". Funny stuff. Oh and on a trip with some friends a few years ago, I lost my wallet later in the afternoon. Not sure exactly when I lost it or where, but when I was hungry and went to get a snack I realized I didn't have it. Filed a report and got a call a week later saying they found it. Luckily, I was already driving down there that weekend to visit family, so I was close-by when I drove back home. Wallet still had cash in it, so that was good news. Gotta love Kings Island staff for always being strong in their lost & found department, mad respect to them.
  10. One cannot express the joy in seeing this finally happening! Come get your early Beast rides at the parking lot potholes at 10am!
  11. Even then, someone would've taken photos of The Beasts first drop from the Coney Mall area near Rivertown, as it's pretty obvious there without any track.
  12. I'm surprised they haven't made any official blog post about it, considering they did one for The Racer retracking in mid November. We'll certainly see an announcement sooner or later, just not sure when! Either way, really excited to see what the park does with it.
  13. Might have to consider for sure, this is right up my alley with collectibles!
  14. Oh wow, yeah that's probably for the best to keep the rule. The only downside is folks on the larger size certainly have trouble getting two clicks.
  15. I never really understood this "2 click" rule. Is there any specific reasons as to why. Is it mechanical? Just merely another Cedar Fair safety precaution?
  16. Glad to hear that GG confirmed the contract with KI. As I've said in the past, really looking forward to hearing any official news about the retracking. Hopefully with some official photos that we can post too!
  17. I'd assume something cosmetic at most, nothing crazy. Doubt they'd swap out for Timberliners or anything. I'm certainly excited to hear any official news about the re-tracking. Looking forward to riding this in the coming season.
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