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  1. Feel like this confirms that they did in fact not bump. I would expect the ride to have gone down longer if it did.
  2. That is a GREAT SIGN!!! This means we can possibly see an opening day of early to mid May!!
  3. I want to say that my information is out of date, I'm not entirely sure if it actually collided or not, but it was rather close to colliding. Going to update my earlier posts in this thread to help clear up confusion. Either way, it was down for part of Sunday and resumed with one train operations later in the day. It was testing with three trains earlier this week. Multiple rides were down periodically throughout the day, it just wasn't a good day overall. Hopefully it's better on the 29th and going forward.
  4. We'll be more concerned with whether the 50th cake is chocolate or vanilla.
  5. Nothing wrong with the classic arrow chain-dog sound! Also, anyone happen to notice the trims before the first lift on Adv. Express were off opening day? We slammed into that turn!
  6. Moreso Consign, they did Banshee and Diamondback! B&M only recently started contracting Altec as their primary controls engineers, which is what Orion has.
  7. Update, they are running all three trains now.
  8. It is running two right now, so that is a good sign.
  9. All the more reason I'm glad that KIC is recording it! Unsure if we'll get any hints or teasers, but all the more reason to look for some!
  10. Yeah, have figured out the line between official and unofficial over the past few weeks. Am looking forward to providing any news from the park when they release it themselves.
  11. I am unsure as to an actual exact opening date for Beast. All I know is it'll be between 6 and 36 days. I'll only be posting Beast news on KIC if I have officially sourced information.
  12. Orion is running right now, with guests on-board, one train operations.
  13. I believe #2 more than #1, that's for sure. You get a pretty clear view of the park up there, but I'm sure they're working on getting it open soon nonetheless.
  14. Yeah often times they don't reset the queue times in the morning after a busy day. Pulled up to Haunt one day and it was low crowds in the morning with a wait time estimated at 180 minutes for Beast when it was barely past the ramp...
  15. I can confirm that Orion is not operating right now, ignore the "Open" status on Queue Times. Keep in mind, Queue-Times fetches data from the park itself, so it's as if you were looking at it through the mobile app.
  16. Overall it doesn't help Orion given that the power was out for most of the day in Area 72, like @MDMC01 said earlier in this thread. My guess is it likely screwed up some sensors, which ultimately led to this happening. EDIT: To not double-post. Looking at wait-times from the park, they've indicated that Orion is in fact open. I don't know if this confirms it's actually open as they've set Beast to open in the past couple operating days by accident for a brief period of time, so this may change. EDIT 2: I am wrong, it is indeed not operating. Ignore queue-times Open status.
  17. Not really a surprise given Banshee and Diamondback are programmed by Consign, while Valravn and Orion were done by Altec. Now both Valravn and Orion have had similar incidents...
  18. Today was just not a great day for the park PR wise, that's one thing. Bad ops/maintenance issues are expected and normal, especially this early in the season. Roller Coaster collisions and these attacks are not normal and are going to be on the news.
  19. Good lord, today was not a good day for Kings Island. Invertigo valleyed in the morning, Beasts down until May, upwards of 5 coasters being down for issues with 3 being persistently during operating hours (not good for the other lines!), Diamondback queue nearly overflowing, 3+ hours for FoF, FLP line for FoF spilling under racer, now the Orion collision, and to top it all off, some rumors that fights broke out around 10pm. EDIT: They are no longer rumors, police and EMT are on scene. This is going to affect a lot of things. Hope we hear something from the park. UPDATE: It is hard to say whether or not Orion actually collided, but it was rather close. It was running one train the following day, on Sunday, and started testing with three earlier this week. It may re-open with two or more trains this Friday, but don't be surprised if it's just one or even closed.
  20. I'm not there, I have other methods of seeing stuff. The Diamondback line has overfill filled up, and nearly the normal queue out the entrance. It's a lot of people. Diamondback just went down for something, bunch of people leaving queue all of a sudden.
  21. Unsurprising! How far out is it onto the A72 midway?
  22. The guy who made these was apparently selling them for $120 but KI is now reselling them at $200 a piece
  23. Has Congo Falls always been included in Fast Lane? Not listed on the site at all.
  24. I could see it torn down soon and make way for a whole revamp to that area of the park, that's what needs work the most in Action Zone.
  25. Anyone happen to know the reason why they weren't reporting actual wait times this weekend (including preview day)? App usually shows that but it was just showing rides as Open or Closed (Down). Might be technical difficulties, but it's hard to tell given their backend API for the app is just saying 0 minutes for all rides that are open.
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