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  1. Not really an addition but more of a prediction on my end. Phase 2 of Beast retrack (GG comes back to finish redoing rest of the helix structure
  2. Was it put in a locker?
  3. Knotts has just announced it is extending the Chaperone policy to other days of the week as necessary https://twitter.com/knotts/status/1552006596401717249/
  4. *walking to ride mystic from Beast* kid points at Mystics first drop/hill says “now THAT is The Beast” very confidently couldn’t help but chuckle
  5. https://www.knotts.com/code-of-conduct This policy is only enforced every Friday/Saturday until further notice, starting this Friday (the 22nd).
  6. While there is already a Beast poster, wouldn’t have a problem buying another one for Beasts helix
  7. Just don't be me and buy the largest size, only to spill 9/10ths of it on the brickwork in Coney Mall...
  8. I agree with a lot of these. I love the park, but I had to wash my hands after touching some dirty stuff and wanted to just grab some sanitizer, out. Ok, next one, also out… and the next, and the next, … until I finally just went into a bathroom and washed with soap there. It can’t be that hard???
  9. That’s a good idea. I’m open to suggestions on how to improve the algorithm. While I can’t exactly predict it to the second, like how queue-times tries to predict any specific days crowd level but it’s actual level can vary greatly. What I wanna add in next is variable capacity numbers and changing guest interest depending on the time of day. An example being guest interest for Beast increases at night. EDIT: This was added in. Dynamic guest interest & dynamic FL capacity included. Estimating FL amounts based on the queue-times predictions + my own predictions to get solid numbers. It's rather magical.
  10. Shoutout to Diamondback crew today for dispatching trains before the one on the course even hits the MCBR!!! Have been doing this the past half hour and are still at it! Great work to all who are on that team, that's hard to do!! Wait is moving incredibly fast with these awesome operations!
  11. People are reporting that Bat has reopened! Wait time is at 45 minutes right now.
  12. Due to the unfortunate removal of webcam screenshots, I have developed a secondary replacement of sorts. Though, nothing can really replace the real-time screenshots that were provided hourly. :salute: See full update tweet thread here:
  13. unfortunately this can be said for a lot of stuff too, in or outside of Kings Island lol
  14. Yes, https://twitter.com/KIWaitTimeBot It runs on a Node VPS using Twitters v1.1 API.
  15. Hayo, I'm moving this to it's own thread as I feel it's more suited in it's own thing than taking up replies in another thread. So, I am simply copy-pasting what I put over there onto this thread. (excluding some now unnecessary information) While my intention is not to directly advertise a twitter account, I developed a twitter bot that automatically posts a few interesting things relating to Kings Island (hence some KIC members might be interested) 1. Every morning, the bot will post the operating hours of the day and when the park will open. If the park is not open, it tells you when the next operating day is and when the park will open. 2. Whenever the park opens or closes, it tells you either how long the park is open for and when the next opening date will be. 3. During operating hours, the bot will post wait time updates once every hour, at the half past mark. (10:30AM, 11:30AM, 12:30PM, etc) until close. 4. Alongside these operating hours, the bot will post snips of the official Kings Island webcams (found here: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/live-video) The wait times run off of the same data other wait-time sites use - like queue-times, thrill-data, or isitpacked. The images are still-images fetched from the video feeds directly and sent as media. The reason I developed this bot is solely so myself and others can see current wait-times in a quick way, how busy the park is, and other info right from twitter whenever I'm scrolling through it. Hope you'll find it kind of neat like I do, as you may even be able to see yourself if you time it right. If you are interested in seeing these automatic updates on your timeline, feel free to give the bot a follow on the handle KIWaitTimeBot. My long-term goal is to have it also post end-day statistics in a visualized format to get an idea of how busy the park was for any given day, similar to how thrill-data and queue-times do it. The web-cam snip part is brand new as of yesterday and for an unknown error, the 6:30PM webcam snip did not function properly. Am debugging!
  16. It actually partially was; they redid the turnarounds. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-racer-coaster-getting-new-track-smoother-ride
  17. darn they're fast, not even Halloween yet original photo credit to TBKarate
  18. 5. Thunder Alley 4. Firehawk 3. The Crypt 2. Slingshot 1. Vortex
  19. There’s a Reddit post with photos out and about. Dents in the track, wheel missing. Thankfully nobody was hurt but this could easily spell the end of Bat. 30 years in 2023.
  20. Shh!! Don’t let the others know!! Keeps the line short that way
  21. It didn't break down once for me on Saturday, ran just fine. Somedays are worse than others. Rather it be down than have an accident, so you tell me
  22. Yesterday I heard the usual “Yeah at night they turn the brakes off on Beast” a few times. Operator on Orion also called it “The Orion”…… is this the right thread???? Haha
  23. Can confirm start and stops are basically gone. Saw it park in one stop today on one of my twelve Beast rides (I like Beast ) One major issue I noticed that was NOT present last time I visited is a rather big pothole, or what could be called a fun bump. Immediately after the second trim, what feels like the right side of the train jolts up for a split second then falls back in line with the track. This is much more noticeable in the front than the back, but still not undistinguished. Anyone have an idea how recent this is?
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