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  1. They seem to be working on the lift motor as of this moment. A few cars parked right next to it. Update: A few more cars showed up with people heading to the lift motor area. They are definitely working on it.
  2. I believe they’re having lift motor issues. Some days are better than others; likely will see a full motor replacement soon?
  3. Well deserved; glad to see all the work Kings Island put into this season being recognized at this extent! *lifts glass* To many more awesome seasons!
  4. A second GCI would be interesting; and with WoF it could be possible for a second GCI to appear right down the path from Mystic :haha: Let GCI push their new Infinity Flyers to their limits and see what happens. oops double posted; sorry
  5. I would love for it to interact with other parts of the park. A lot of Kings Islands coasters are setup in a way that most of the ride is in the back area or around the edge of the park. Kings Island still, in my opinion, lacks a great thrillseeker ride. Not expecting an RMC or some intense Intamin; just something that really easily stands out on top of the lineup. Really hope KI goes above and beyond with this area of land; there's so much potential with that plot and really should pay homage to the strides Vortex made when it first opened.
  6. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/haunt/conduct-policy-and-guidelines
  7. I have been watching it most of the day. They were first late to test the ride, got two trains on the track, then it was stopped for hours until they sent a train around and plopped it into storage. (Around 1:15pm) The last train sat in the station until around 6:30pm when it was sent off but at an incredibly slow speed. Took 20-30m to climb the lift. I kid you not this was incredibly slow. Thought it wasn’t moving at all until I looked closed and saw it slowly moving up a pixel or two every so often. It hit the MCBR and was stopped there until 7:30pm-ish when it was sent off and then put back in storage. Possible lift motor issues? It did get its chain replaced in the offseason. Curious to know if it’ll be open tomorrow.
  8. Just saw this a minute ago too. Hope anyone injured recovers, these types of accidents are horrible.
  9. Hearing rumors that extra padding was added to the inside of The Beast final helix. Not sure what this could be but has anyone ridden Beast recently and noticed this said padding? Curious if it's real. Thanks
  10. me having flashbacks for Vortex Selim may be hungry for demolition, but time will ultimately tell
  11. I feel like staffing this year at KI was much better. Given they had some stuff closed during the week, a lot more of the shops/registers are open on weekends to deal with increased crowds. Shoutout to KI for always running as many trains as possible on their coasters no matter the park crowd level.
  12. Since we've reached (and passed) the end of daily operation for the 2022 season (excluding Winterfest) it's a good time to start looking towards the next operating season to think of what we might see change. This thread is aimed at speculating what work we might see done in the off-season for the 2022-2023 season. Whether that be during the weekdays when the park is closed or after the final operating day for the season (Oct 30th). We already know that Cedar Fair has announced no major capital investments for Kings Island regarding the 2023 season so any work we see will likely be similar if not less compared to what we saw in the previous off-season. Some initial ideas that I'm throwing out there: 1. More Beast trackwork; GG might come to finish the rest of the helix with the goal of finishing the new structure (this may be in the next 5 years?) It's obvious to see how much life GG sparked back into Beast with the work they did. I can very easily see Kings Island giving them the opportunity to come back to do more of it. Whether this happens is still up for debate, but I for one would love to see it happen. 2. Diamondback repaint maybe 3. Parking lot gets more work to repave another part or the rest of it Seems like a no-brainer to me at least given most of the parking lot still gets pretty packed; as long as a lot of the potholes get filled/repaired What other things would you like to see happen or think might happen? Things you think won't happen for sure? (excluding obvious major capital investments of course) Hopefully as the year progresses towards and into the 2023 off-season replies may include confirmed off-season work.
  13. Speaking of the old Crypt building What about a Vekoma Mad House themed to like rivertown monsters/some lore? That would be a fun dark ride and get a new flat ride in the park.
  14. who said there couldn't be a roller-coaster themed restaurant with a roller coaster that wraps around it? my kind of restaurant tbh
  15. They need to do something with the old Crypt/TR building because it's just an eyesore with its sporadic and periodic use during Haunt. Yeah don't think they'll ever demolise LaRosas', too much history there. I'd love to see The Vortex plot get a mix of thrill and entertainment. There's a lot of land there, could def fit a coaster in the back along the forest; maybe interacting with Beast in some way without ruining the darkness of night rides, with an extended midway into the plot for new flats and shops/restaurants.
  16. Time to begin speculating what changes they'll make during the off-season!
  17. there's always that one family that brings their baby into the scare zone and gets angry when the scare actors do their job
  18. Could we see Skyline/GCI look into similar, long lasting, track styles like Gravity Groups engineered pre-cut track, besides the Titan Track? Or is it something you’d incorporate by default into your normal wooden track?
  19. If you want some fun ejector, sit in the first three rows on the right side of the train (farthest seat from the loading gate). Try to see about giving yourself some space from the lap-bar. Right after the second trim the train hits a bump and you get thrown out of your seat, tis fun. Has worked for me every time I've done that. They haven't fixed the bump there yet but likely will when during the week of weekend operations.
  20. Mystic Timber shed projector audio wasn't working for me last time I went. It was too quiet to hear whatsoever.
  21. White Backlot train is having a bad day.
  22. 2022 brought lots of new improvements around the park, I’d call that an addition; while still smaller than something like Orion in 2020 Lots of rides painted, Beast retrack work, new Tower Gardens, plus some other stuff like new shows, parades, and food Plus not including this year basically is resetting the addition clock since the pandemic set everything back a year or two internally. So any 2023 addition likely will be 2024 or 2025
  23. "money > consumer > don't waste your money"
  24. Hard to say if Gold Pass is being reduced. Rumored 2023 Gold Pass for Cedar Point lacks early entry perks while Platinum still gets early entry still. (I guess this is a good thing because a lot of people were complaining about CP giving Gold pass early entry)
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