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  1. Yes, they also showed a table of all the projects they’re doing in 2023. Some unnamed still, but 6000+ feet of track is being redone across multiple parks with the precut track!
  2. Gravity Group revealed at the ACE No Coaster Con the amount of work Racer is getting. It seems just Red is getting work. We might see blue side get some work next year? Looking forward to riding Red and winning more!
  3. I recall someone posted a video of DB with the new paintjob back when people saw the tests on the supports. It looks really good, if I can find it I'll edit the message.
  4. Interesting! I think the brown will blend better in the wooded part of the ride. With it peeking out of the woods for the crests of the hills. Estimated Color Visual: (it'll be very similar to this, but we'll likely get photos soon of the new colors!) Mushroom Brown: RGB (144, 110, 88) Crimson Red: RGB (124, 41, 42)
  5. This past Coasterstock made me aware of how much of an incline it is back there. Never realized how much of a pain it is to walk down there.
  6. Cedar Fair owns a little over 640 acres (could be 670, it's somewhere in that regard) of land in regards to Kings Island @Imperial79 They have a LOT of space out back that is unused, don't know if it'll ever be used there's not much resale value with access to the area but we could certainly see expansions going back behind Orion in the far future? There's still stuff in-ward that needs redo so doubt we'll ever see that back area used for areas other than rides. https://www.acrevalue.com/plat-map/OH/?lat=39.344644&lng=-84.263436&zoom=14#!
  7. Oh wow. Cedar Fairs experiment did not go as planned? Something else? Not happy with all the bad PR that happened since opening? Looking to build on-site hotels maybe? So much to consider!
  8. The Kings Island webcam debacle continues. What will we find out on episode 24 of this exciting series!
  9. The actual gravel plots been there for a while, not new, drone launch area. The white pile you've pointed out could be the toss pile of some of The Racer track they're replacing? I don't see it being anything important.
  10. That's very interesting. Leaning more towards the disconnect between KI and CC now.
  11. Could just be the site going into “winter mode” where it’s not at all related with the park until it opens again in the spring. Edit: Digging into the code more, there's still a lot of references to Cedar Fair and Kings Island present. It is running on CF CDN servers still, I'm unsure if the park is cutting contact entirely or if they're just not related until we near the re-opening day. Time will tell once again if that's true. Additionally, CF Corporate site no longer shows any open job offers for Camp Cedar whereas there were many earlier. Edit 2: I found a subsection of the site that still displays the nav-bar with Kings Island. https://reservations.visitcampcedar.com/campcedar/ Edit 3: While the site uses the basic Cedar Fair design, it's domain references a host in Canada.
  12. Theres a video floating around with a large amount of sparks/smoke coming from a wheel of a train from Thunder Run at CW while it is under operation. Hope nobody was hurt! I can provide the video if necessary, it does not show anyone getting injured so it’s not graphic in that nature. This took place last night by the looks of it.
  13. Just be prepared, it has a good chance of not being done by opening day. I imagine it'll be like how KD handled Jungle X-Pedition, since they continually kept adding more stuff to it as the season went on. It was much more in a "finished" state during the fall than it was in March. Granted, there was a whole new roller coaster with the KD expansion, but Ohio winters can be brutal and almost randomly blanket the park in a lot of snow.
  14. Park has stated there is extensive water line damage throughout the park.
  15. I wrote up a rant myself but I deleted it in favor of just agreeing with you. It feels silly almost, but that's just how their corporate works. I love the park don't get me wrong, I go way too often, but nothing is perfect. Either way, glad they at least flipped the cams around.
  16. My assumption is the park wants to keep the camera online but also try and not expose a lot of the work being done on Diamondback. This is just a guess, not official. They have (and will) hide stuff as they deem necessary. In this case, Diamondback cam is now the Camp Snoopy cam until further notice. Someone internally had to rename it too so it’s certainly on purpose. Still kinda funny that the Banshee designated cam is the new [DB]/Camp Snoopy cam and the Diamondback cam is the Coney Mall cam now. Whether they move the Diamondback camera back is unknown, hopefully they do, as it’s a lot more fun to watch than camp snoopy. Though, you can see the parking lot a bit more here!
  17. The Diamondback one was shifted to the right so you can’t see much of DB at all.
  18. If I recall correctly, last season they went on sale a month-ish before the season started (around the same time FL went up for sale too) (March) @Orion742
  19. Haven’t updated this thread in a while! We’re gonna see some nicely repainted Bat trains in 2023 alongside Racer trackwork, Diamondback repaint, and Adventure Port!
  20. I sure do love me some nice freshly graded land Hoping to see it for Vortex's plot in the next 5 years. :fingers_crossed: !!
  21. Marketing team having fun with those new sweatshirts.
  22. Yes It could be incorporated into the theming because it almost seems like it’s partially through an action (the fist/pour people) as you’re still going up the lift.
  23. Coney Mall and Jolly Old Vortex Land (unofficial name) are two very different places indeed. CM is weird as it starts to lose its mall vibe when you turn past the jukebox diner (going towards Rivertown)
  24. Bat because it easily maintains its speed until the end and spreads crowds out better.
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