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  1. ...yeah its true....it doesnt seem like something PKI would go for....but hey my band is family friendly!! We play a variety of songs that encourage people to get up and dance and just have fun with the music.
  2. Thats true, it isnt really family friendly. I think it would bring out a good crowd though. Bogarts usually gets a good amount of kids to come out to the HSBC and makes a ton of money on concessions. If KI did this at night it would probably get a good turnout among young people.
  3. Wouldnt it be cool if PKI did a Battle of the bands tounramnet like Bogarts does with their High School Band challenge and Rumble. I think this would be something really cool that would get more teens to come out and be better than that thing last year....whatever that thing was called Xtended play or whatever. You could have rap, rock, punk, all kinds of music. (Although there would be strict rules of course so nothing bad is promoted, which is completely understandable) I play in a band and I would love to do something like this, especially at Kings Island! What do you guys think? P.S. Please check out my bands website: We are called - COMBAT STUPENDOUS
  4. Maybe since they are re-doing the parking lot they will update their trams . Every time I go to PKI i spend jsut about the whole day there and by the time I leave and walking to a car the Tram is a very nice convience but infortuanently all I ever see is 1 tram going around, usually 1 car, and its very old and shooting fumes everywhere. I just wish theyd improve on this. How about some newer (is that a word?) trams, and more of them?
  5. Im sure I would like PKD. I was hoping to visit this summer on my way to Hilton Head Island but our family is flying instead. Ive been checking it out all week all over the internet. It looks like a great park. My dad used to work at SFAW back in the 70's and one time they did and employee exchange thing with PKD and he has this old 1970's ashtray in the garage (he doesnt smoke he just thought it was cool and PKD gave it to him for free ) Id really like to visit someday, it looks like a great park. Carowinds is great too. But anyways back to the topic, I love how PKI has the checkered paint sceme at the top of Delerium and I personally think ours looks better.
  6. I appreciate it, I will try though and if i cant rides then maybe i will take games, I like messing with people who are jsut walking around. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Did you guys not read!? It says it is under construction!!!!!! it is not done yet!!!! I have a way of making those supports!!!!
  8. The one at Fun Spot in Indiana was the first protype Arrow launch loop. My mistake.
  9. Hmm, my mistake guys, sorry about that. Well anyways there is one in ANgola Indiana of the same make and it is very cool.
  10. Are you sure? I have a newspaper clipping from Angola Indianas local newspaper about how Screamin Demon was being moved from KI to there.
  11. I applied online to KI back in January. I applied for rides. I went to the HR offices and they had my application. I filled out some paperwork. I sat for two hours. I interviewed and the interview went great. I passed the math test perfectly with the exception of one question (that lost one is too vague!). I interviewed a second time and that interview was great also!! The man interviewing me told me I wouldve had the job except for one itty bitty problem: I dont turn 16 till April 19th and they cant hold a job in rides for me!! I was a bit dissapointed and I turned down the offer to work concessions, games, or whatever the third option was. He said I could come back when I turn 16 and that they would keep everything on record and if there were any openings that I could get a job. I would love to work at KI in rides, so my question to you guys is: Is there any chance there will be openings in rides around April 19th (when i turn 16)? Id love to work Beast or WWC with two of my best friends who each work on those rides but Ill pretty much take any ride I can get. Any chance of there being openings? No offence to the workers in games or concession, they do a TERRIFFIC job, but i dont want to work those. Thanks for the Help. ~Ronny
  12. Hey Everyone! I got some more screen shots up! Soon I will have a video of my beast recreation posted! LATEST RCT SHOTS Check out the shots then come back and tell me what you think!
  13. He never ran the tram, there is no track to run it on, jsut the track that holds the trams in teh station. I think eventually he will get it to work considering the supports are put up in some places. I talked to him last summer and he said they should get it up and going in the near future, one of their biggest problems though is that it will be a maitenance nightmare. But how cool is that to have a monorail moving through the small city of Fairfield?
  14. Hahah did you just make that up or are they actually putting in a ride called that? What will they think of next? Cedar Point is getting out of hand. We need to stop the madness.
  15. Hey I found some of this stuff interesting and I thought Id share it with you guys. Its some follow up on what happened to some old PKI rides. Remember the Screamin Demon? Well that is now located at a park in Angola Indiana called "Fun Spot" Its a neat little kiddy park. Its up by where my grandma used to live, about 5 hours from here and 1 hour from Michigan. I plan to go up this summer and check it out. It is now called "Afterburner: The all American Coaster" Remember the monorail to the safari ride at KI? Well IM sure most of you know this, it was bought by Jim Bonaduche (I dont know how to spell his last name sorry) of Jungle Jims Grocery Store in Fairfield Ohio. For years he had built a monorail station and the cars actually sit out on station track now in their station but no track has been built. But guess what, you have a chance to ride this piece of KI history too! Jungle Jim is constructing a monorail track around his store!! It will have 3 stops. A station above Starbucks, it will supposidly go underground and stop in a mock wine cellar, and stop at the other end of the parking lot in the huge station house. Jungle Jims is like a theme store! It is very well jungle themed and a lot of fun to shop there. www.junglejims.com For those of you who havent been there I reccomend you check it out. I have no idea when the monorail will open though. I just thought those of you who didnt know this would find it interesting.
  16. What if they had a monorail going to and from the park back to KI's hotel (if we get a hotel) like WDW does down in FLorida? I think that would be pretty cool. They could even work with the 50 foot platform on the eifel tower to turn it into a monorail station. I think that would be pretty awesome.
  17. What if on Adventure Express they made the men wear Fedora Hats and a brown leather jacker like Indiana Jones and the women dress like Marion in Raiders of the lost ark. I would work that ride jsut for the awesome hat.
  18. No offense PKD4life but your park has a lot of work to do before it can match the quality and greatness of the coasters CP and KI have to offer.
  20. Anyone know any other sites where you can read about Supposidly hauntings of Kings Island
  21. hahaah that is very true. I cant wait to see what Kings Island has coming in the next 10 - 20 years. Things are looking great for the most part.
  22. On CP's website they claim that maXair will be the largest Huss Giant frisbee in the world. It only has about 10 more seats than our Delerium. I think they did that just to be jerks and try to anger us. Just Kidding.
  23. anyone got a link for those ghost stories? the original one doesnt work.
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