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  1. I dont think we can call it dull yet, look at that picture, there is still a lot of contruction equipment around there is probably going to be a lot more theming put in it and when it is completley finished it is supposed to be surrounded by jungle like theming so you cant see the rest of the park. I think that will be cool plus they could have explosions and other effects that can be done inside. This may turn out to be pretty cool
  2. No, if Mission Impossible stunt show was going to happen I think theyd make a bigger deal about it coming as a major attraction. Whatever happened to that stunt show they used to do in AZ?
  3. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...6515206657&rd=1 Hahaha check it out Familyman, the dream of the monorail being for sale just might as well happen soon.
  4. I havent heard anyhting about it but that does sound like a really awesome idea and that was a very popular parmount movie made.......I wouldnt be surprised if KI did that. That would be EXTREMELY popular! Now only if they could do something with Napoleon Dynamite.....
  5. After riding Kraken at Sea World Orlando, I would love to see floorless put into PKI especially with an Adams Family theme.
  6. I dont know, why would you vote that The Beast is the next to go? That is the crown jewel of PKI. The worlds longest rollercoaster. Longer than any other wooden coaster in this world and some consider it the best wooden coaster if not the best coaster on this planet. Kings Island would be crazy to take this out, I could see KI resurfacing it and repairing it and upgrading it and keeping it and good shap as long as they possibly can and one day probably the time will come when it must go but then I see a massive record breaker taking its place.
  7. Yeah, well what most of us want is more coasters more thrills more intensity in the rides but the KI sees the money in the families who come to see spongebob and scooby doo.
  8. KI probably would not like to spend the money on one of those atleast not now, and Adventure Express is not jsut taking up space, its a great family coaster that is perfect for those kids ready to make the step from the smaller rides to the bigger rides. If any ride is going next its going to be Scoobys ghoster coaster due to the constant maitenance and capacity.
  9. Ok, I wasnt trying to be rude or anything when i said "you couldve jsut told us to get back on topic" so please dont take what I said that way.
  10. You couldve just said get back on topic
  11. Dude, what the hell. Why would PKI get rid of a ride that takes up very little if any space for something else, and pretty much needs darn near no maintenance during the season? Honestly? Chill out dude, its jsut what i thought, it WOULD make sense because for one reason, barely anyone rides it and its not opened when the parks has a low staff and if KI wanted to put a major kiddie attraction they could use the space where those rides i mentioned were, if they are going to expand nick central they are going to have to put in newr stuff to attract more guests, not as many people will come to see the same thing with a differnet name.
  12. Hauntguy! that is an awesome idea!! That owuld be so cool if they actually did that for fearfest, but i dont think it would be cool all year round because it wouldnt be fearful during the day. But that is an excellent idea!
  13. Ki will probably tear out the older ones like the little train track one where you power your car by turning the handles and that one where its flips you around the turns really quickly. Most will definently be re-themed to be like Nicklelodeon however i can see them tearing out Ghoster Coaster due to its downtime and capacity and putting some new type of ride in there for kids. Rides like Boulder Bumpers especially will jsut be re-themed.
  14. What do you guys think couldve been a better them for the IJST? I personally wouldve loved to have seen it themed to the James Bond Movies. I think that would just be spectacular and would be the best choice for a theme but, I dont know if Paramount owns the rights to it anymore to use it as a theme. Another one that seemed likely would be Mission Impossible. That would be pretty cool. The Italian Job theming is cool too. What do you guys think?
  15. Is face off just supposed to get touched up this year int he same colors or painted in brand new colors? I think it would look coller with green track and orange supports.
  16. So it seems in the past 10 years the records for tallest and fastest coaster get broken quite often. Lately its really been heating up...In late 1999/ early 2000 Millenium Force breaks the records and barely a year after it opens, Nagashima Spa land breaks it, what happens next? Cedar Point retaliates with Top Thrill Dragster shattering all the previous speed and heighth records. TTD opens up in 2003. Now in 2005, almost two years after the opening of TTD, Kingda Ka at Six Flags great adventure has gained a slight edge over Cedar Point. They have succeded in building the same type of coaster just about 10 feet higher and 10 miles per hour faster. My question to you guys is: What happens next? The Intamin strata coasters have shattered records and their height and speeds cant be matched by any other type of coaster. Do you think the records will be broken again soon? And if so by what type of caoster and by what park? My thoughts: I dont see the record being broken for a long time unless some other park builds an Intamin strata coaster like KK and TTD just a little bit higher......sigh......that owuld be boring! I think within 10 - 20 years we are going to see so many advancements in coaster technology and the race will heat up again, but for now i think the race is going to take a break, unless CP raises TTD about 30 more feet and increases the speed a bit more, to steal the record back from Six Flags! I think they should do it jsut to P**S SF off.
  17. The Stupidest thing youve ever seen? You have to be kidding me? Id take smash factory over Spongebob. It's ACTION Fx theatre, sure spongebob has some action but when i think of action i think of explosions and car crashes not Sponges and starfish chasing pickles and evil undersea creatures how is smash factory stupider than that? I mean dont get me wrong I love spongebob, but its much stupider than anything thats been in there.
  18. Did anyone else watch that video of the topping off ceremony? That wokrer hammers in the final bolt with a wrench!!!! I call for a better inspection of Kingda Ka!!! Stupid Six Flags!! Just kidding
  19. Lmao!!!!! hahahahah i forgot about that!!!!!! God i wish i could find a video of that ride on the interenet or something! hahah! remember the telephone booth with gas in it?
  20. For me its a clsoe one between 007 and Days of Thunder but i gotta give it to 007 cause it was well themed with the big scoreboard in the middle and the movie featuring "M" and "Q". That was great. Bond Movies are great. But still, how could you forget smash factory?!
  21. I know, i was jsut kidding to, we should jsut talk about the best Paramount park (not to mention its also their flag park) PKI!! and not those PKI wannabes up north! *cough* *cough* Cedar Point *cough* cough* Anyways back on topic, PKIS Delerium Paint Sceme owns! Circus fanfair colors with checkers! Remidns me of a clown wearing wearing Vans slip ons while in a tornado.
  22. Just to make PKIbeast and legend rider mad.........PLEASE WILL EVERYONE TELL ME MORE ABOUT KINGS DOMINION AND Cedar Point RUNNING OUT OF SPACE!!?? repost things if you have to! I dont want to miss a thing! Im just kidding of course but you guys really need to chill out, these are message where people come to learn and share and have a good time you dont have to be so strict. Its all fun and games.
  23. I think they may have, but im not sure.
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