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  1. Im not sugar coating anything family man i agree with you that smoking is harmful and that he shouldnt do it. Smoking is terrible and someone like family guy whose profession deals with smoke would know.
  2. 1. TheKlockster 2. CoastersRZ 3. Alien Seed 4. CombatStupendous89
  3. First off, DXrunner started bashing people in the first place when he had no right to and he does it constantly on other topics...a taste of his own medicine if he will. And you say hes as much as a person as I am. Of course he is. I never said he wasnt! I dont agree with peoples decision to smoke but im not going ot hunt them down and persectute them for it! I never said he wasnt a person, so dont twist my words emonun. And yes Dxrunner tar can build up in your lungs in you smoke 3 or 4 cigs a day, eventually it will, like i said, just not as quickly as someone who smokes a pack or more a day. True, there are some people who can smoke two or more packs a day for 50 years and get no diseases but that is....RARE! What makes you think your gonna be so lucky? It affects your physical appearance too, I bet any of those people who have smoked two or more packs for 50 years have the most unattractive teeth. I agree with Dxrunner on some things though...Labeling is wrong, I have friends and fmaily who smoke and while I dont agree with it Im not going to persecute them or label them with derogatory names. I also agree with Dxrunner that the people who run the "Truth" and "stand" commercials are deceiving and wrong. They are very stupid commercials that often have no proof to them...which is why you see some of them only once or twice on your television. So once again, I do not see smokers as any less of a person then me, all Im saying is that theres no good benefits to it at all. Family man you didnt have to make the comment about him "killing himself" suicide is different from smoking, that was a stupid thing to say my friend that makes people on our side look ignorant.
  4. after seeing how MGM simulates their machine gun bullets while visiting thier park, i cant wait to see this ride, its gonna be so great, i pray that Kings Island maintains all the effects.
  5. Cool, thats what i though, lap bars making looping coaster a million times more fun and allow a different experience, i wish theyd put some in on Vortex although it may not be worth it.
  6. He has no brain? Its true insurance rates are starting to go up for smokers and many companies wont take on clients who smoke or wont cover them if they die of certain cancers/diseases/factors that can be linked to smoking in any way. I think you have no brain for smoking......Im not one of those "Truth" people and I know there is no concrete evidence that prooves second hand smoke kills and I think the stand and truth commercials are very deceiving but why smoke? honestly! Does it sustain your life in anyway? You HAVE to eat and drink, thats a vital life function, but your body works fine without pouring black tar down your throat! Why even start? My friend in my band started cause he said "i thought it would make me look cool". In todays world most people will label you and look down on you for it, it doesnt make you look cool, it doesnt help anyone, it creates litter and polution, there is not one good reason for smoking.....sure it relaxes some people but so does taking a nap, no one got cancer in their lungs from a nap. And yes Dxrunner, if you smoke 3 or 4 a day long enough in your life and continue that pattern you will develop problems. Good day and good luck. www.nicoderm.com
  7. They are Premier trains and they do look awesome, are they supposed to have OTSR's or lap bars? Im guessing lap bars from the look of things but they might jsut not have any restraints isntalled yet cause i noticed there arent any decals yet. I really hope for lap bars.
  8. Spinning wild mouse coasters can be a lot of fun and make you feel things you cant ever feel on a regular type of rollercoaster, i just hope if they make it a spinning wild mouse that it is fast.......possibyl the fastest wild mosue in the world
  9. I know it was, I want yelling at you. I wouldnt want the ride to show death or anytthing, like animatronic humans getting blown away.
  10. I imagine they would as long as its not massive terrential rain or ligthing.
  11. "Talk about depressing. They would need counselors on hand once you get off the thing. " Chill out, its jsut and idea for an action ride. More people need to know th truth about Vietnam anyways. I reccomend everyone go see the movie We Were Soldiers. It acurrately portrays the war unlike Apocalypse Now and Platoon which are just jokes!
  12. Yes its one of my favs too, Im talking about farin the future though. AE is fantastic.
  13. True, but you could keep it relatively low to the ground and keep it fast, i think this would be something cool to replace AE with.
  14. What if KI put in a "we were soldiers" themed ride. You could make an all new multi sensory ride in which you hang from above like in a helicopter and there could be explosions and stuff and excellent theming. It would give you a very big adreniline rush although since the movie takes place in vietnam I could see the ride as being "too contriversial". People would say it was politically incorrect and stuff like that. However I would like to see ride made after thos movie because I feel it is one of the few vietnam war movies that actually portrays the war in the right way. Although PKI wants to be more "family" oriented I think this would provde great thrills.
  15. Id like to see an Adams family themed coaster id just rather have something more intense than a wold mouse rollercoaster especially after riding that one at Animal Kingdom. It was good and it would make for a great dark ride, I just like higher speeds and corkscrews and stuff, some barrel rolls, awesome theming, Adams Family theming would be stupendous.
  16. Thats true, PKI's cant be beat and is great but we havent ridden Fire Fall yet and Fire Fall is completely different.
  17. That would be cool, I wish someone would also do something with Lesourdsville lake!! They have one hell of a wooden coaster.
  18. The ride sounds great, im sick of everyone assuming its going to suck *cough* kong fu guy *cough* when they havent ridden it and havent seen it with all its theming. I bet this ride will be very cool in the rain too.
  19. When I first heard about the Italian Job and that it would be heavily themed I thought it was gonna be another flop like Tomb Raider (No offense to Tomb Raider, its grown on me and I love it now) but I wasnt sorried they wouldnt keep up the effects and the theming like on some other rides. But now that I see all the effort KI is putting into this, I can not wait. Its gonna be fantastic.
  20. I was just checking RCDB and reading about the coaster Coney used to have, I really wish they had more of what they used to. Coney is such a great classic park.
  21. It could be possible to re-theme FOF to the Adams Family, I think that would be kind of boring though cause its not that long and I dlike to see something more elaborate done with an Adams family ride than just re-theming FOF. They could always add another building and expan FOF.
  22. Please, if you could scan it sometime that would be so great, I could really use it, if anyone has a map of coney island could they please scan it and send it to me? That would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Isnt it rumored that HS:XLC will be taken out in a few years due to high maintenance?
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