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  1. I was checking out coaster gallery.com and i came across some pictures of SOB and on the description of the ride it said "Kings Island sued some of the companys who helped build the ride and provided the wood" Why did theys ue and hwo did they sue? Ive been googling this but to no avail, do any of you guys know?
  2. i dont think thats the final paint job, they will probably have charecters from danny phantom painted on them to theme it better........or atleast i hope so......just one solid color looks like absolute
  3. I dont like the tram cause im fat and lazy I just like to use it after I've been walking from 10 AM in the morning till 10PM at night. Plus, its also great for families that have lots of little kids who get tired easily.
  4. My friends and I have gone to just about every PDG HSBC show since last year, we are always the guys with the homemade PDG t-shirts who skank (skank as in the ska dance) and scream and go to Bogarts two hours early and sit in front of the door just to make sure we get up front to see PDG.
  5. I think what Maureen Kaiser made refrence too is the same thing Kings Dominon just announced not to long ago.... PKD got a Starbucks and a Cinabon put in their park and a no smoking ban put in place. This is probably what PKI will put in effect. Starbucks definently seems like a real possibility. We'll see how it turns out.
  6. Hell yeah!! GO PDG AND PINSTRIPES!! I am friends with PDG and they are the #1 Ska band in the Cincinnati area, if not the #1 local band! They will win this years HSBC!!
  7. I know it owul dbe distracting, it would just be nice to see them every once and awhile and just wave hi
  8. I just got off the phone with the HR offices. Games is all closed up. The only thing left that they have for 15 year olds is Pan and Broom. Im not to sure about this job. With all due repect to those who do it, will I still have fun and will I like it? I have friends who work on The Beast and WWC would i get to go walk down ride path and say hit o them every once in awhile? Is this job worth getting?
  9. Funny you should mention a Waynes World ride! I was working on a thing in RCT3, an indoor tilt coaster. I got this from an idea had after riding Rockin Rollercoaster at MGM: WAYNES WORLD THE EXPERIENCE: You **** in a car like the Merth Mobile form the movie and your on a tilt coaster, you pull into a dark room and it is completely black. Then all the suden you hear "FEED MYYYYYYYYYYYYY FRANKENSTEEEEEIIIINNNNNN!" and the music kicks in and we see the giant skeleton and animatronic members of Alice Coopers band playing irght in front of you (from the Alice Cooper concert they attend in the movie) Your car is lifted up straight into the air and the tilt device kicks in and you plummet 90 degrees straigh into the skeletons mouth and go on a dark adventure in which you see many scenes in sequence as they appear in the movie with little audio bites from Wayne and Garth playing through the speakers on oyur headrest. You could also feature other music. What do you guys think of that? It would be one hillarious rock and roll adventure straight out of Waynes World!!! PARTY ON!!!
  10. That sounds like a really good idea but I wouldnt want it to be like Phantom theatre was were you slowly went around in cars. Id like to see an indoor coaster of some sort or some new one of a kind thrill ride.
  11. Oh, so that's why Cedar Fair owns the #1 Amusement Park on Earth? Cedar Fair owns the number 1 park on earth? No you are mistaken, Cedar Fair doesnt own Kings Island!!!
  12. That sure would be creepy if they had the cables that killed Johnny jsut sitting back there. Id really like to see a picture of the thicker cables that TRTR guy is talking about.
  13. Hey buddy, thats highly debatable as to who is #1, thats your opinion, not everyone elses and dont get off topic starting an argument about it.
  14. ^ I agree witht he above post, you cant bunch a lot of things together which in a way sucks because it only give me limited space to make KI so Im doing my best with the space I have. Hopefully the expansion pack will yield sollutions to a lot of my problems.
  15. I really would not like to see Six Flags purchase Kings Island at all, with they way theyve run their parks in the past....ugh I just cant stand Six Flags. My dad worked at SFAW back when it was jsut Astroworld and he went back a couple of years ago with it now being under Six Flags management and he says its jsut not as good and that they hardly get anything really good and it has become very run down.
  16. Well for one thing, I have magic powers and use little pixies to fly into the game and perform the action for me. No not really. Ive just been trying to get creative with how I could do it. Im experimenting now with using rollercoaster track that is painted the same color and tilted at angle to resemple the supports. Dont know how it iwll turn out though. Kind of an interesting process. Ill post some shots soon. Thanks for the compliments Jasper.
  17. My idea for the coaster is to have two differnet types of rollercaoster track and I cant do that on RCT3 or no limits
  18. Hahahah no i dont need to make videos, just the models like a 3d virtual model of the track. Like an engenerring thing, no video needed.
  19. All i can do is hope now, god I really hope so. I love Ki and a job there would just be excellent.
  20. Does anybody know of a good 3d designing program that I can use to make coasters? I dont need to be able to ride them like in RCT3. I just need a 3d program to design them and recreate them. Its for a school project. Im going to desing my own futuristis coaster. I cant use programs like No Limits coaster designer or RCT3, i need a real 3d program.
  21. Yeah, thats what I thought, a job at the park would jsut be really cool in genereal, rides jsut seems like a lot of fun though.
  22. Sounds interesting. Exactly what type of work do you have to do?
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