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  1. Please, if you could scan it sometime that would be so great, I could really use it, if anyone has a map of coney island could they please scan it and send it to me? That would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Isnt it rumored that HS:XLC will be taken out in a few years due to high maintenance?
  3. Ok, I think i got a pretty good idea of the Pepsi Python but I havent been to Coney Island in about 7 years, do you know where I can find a park map or an aerial picture or something that shows a vast layout of the park?
  4. Also does anyone know where I can find a map of Coney Island or some good pictures that show the layout? Id like to recreate Coney Island on RCT3 as well.
  5. I would love to see Coney get a wild mouse coaster like Coasters RZ was talking about earlier, that is a great family park and I would love to see their attendance go up and for Coney Island to thrive for many years to come. Has anyone been to strickers grove? Their tornado coaster is pretty fun and it is cool to ride the teddy bear because it is a remake of the cyclone that was once at Coney Island. I would also love to see something done with Americana/Lesourdsville lake. The Screeching Eagle is one hell of a wooden rollercoaster! I think it would be great if KI bought it and did something with it. Cant have too many coasters now. Boa Squeeze is just.....uh.....well.......I dont think I need to say more about it but my lillte 2 year old cousin loved it and its awesome having a coaster 5 minutes from my house.
  6. Wood - SOB Steel - Flight of Fear I was checking on rcdb and looking at the Raven at Holiday World and they have a sign above their que with a golden ticket award saying "number one wooden rollercoaster on planet earth!" is this true for those whove ridden it? Can it POSSIBLY be better than The Beast? Has The Beast ever gotten that golden ticket award?
  7. Hmm, ive never heard this but I do remember that it was jsut always sitting there whenever I would go to Kings Island. I miss having a flat ride there, those pay to play attractions that are there now are so stupid. They couldve put the eagles there, Im not griping about that but they couldve atleast put some cool small flat in there instead of some stupid rock climbing walls that made hardly any money or somestupid virtual reality game that barely ever has people on it.
  8. How did people get hurt on skylab? It went "haywire"?
  9. Those books are written by R.L. Stine who also wrote the popular "Goosebumps" novels. Those books have nothing to do with the supposided hauntings of Kings Island. They are just fiction tales (that are pretty cool) written by the author in which The Beast is portrayed as a time machine that takes these kids back to a vaudeville era park that once stood where Kings Island stands now (which we all know that there wasnt any park before Kings Island). The stories are pretty cool.
  10. Im glad you guys like the FOF recreation, it was tough to do, I know theres still some kinks as far as the ride goes and Im working them out, that site its hsoted on is called the Ultimate Thrill Zone, its run by my frined zach in Houston. Hes doing a great job running it, it would be really helpful if some of you guys registered on it and checked it out and did some posting. Im on his staff as a photographer, Im going to be taking a lot of pics of KI this year for him. Heres the link: THE ULTIMATE THRILL ZONE
  11. Hey everyone, you can get a sneak peek at the recreation. You can download and ride the recreation of Flight of Fear. Anyone who has RCT3 just has to download it and place it in My Documents/RCT3/Custom Track. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Before you tell me whats wrong, these are flaws that I already know about: 1)there is no second station (due to a flaw in RCT3, it makes me create and entrance and exit for both stations, this will be corrected as soon as the expansion pack comes out. 2)Flight of Fear seems too spread out (This is as accurate as you can get with Flight of Fear, the track is as close together as it can be.) 3)Its not indoors. (RCT3 doesnt let me save the scenery (aka the FOF building) with the ride itself, soon I will post the file that includes all of FOF's theming and building. Note: The theming is great, it is DARK and has lights jsut like th real thing) Let me know what you guys think, heres the link: FOF RECREATION
  12. I still dont like how they have the dumb animation on the maps that doesnt depict the rides very accurately. I dont know I just find it annoying. The park map illustrations never seem to change much.
  13. The tunnel is supposed to have some big special suprise in it that Ive only heard rumors of, I know its going to make you feel like your swaying from side to side as you go around the curvuture of the tunnel but what do you think the suprise could be? A woosh of air? Water? Blast of heat? Barrel roll (from thelooks of the picture this doesnt seem likely)? something else?
  14. the ride itself does not, the eagles plot is supposed to be where you exit at.
  15. Flight of Fear is so much beter now without the OTSR's its an amazing ride experience.
  16. Does MF have explosions, helicopters, sound effects, machine guns, headlights, fishtailing cars, effects that make it feel like its going downstairs, does it travel through a cityscape, and most of all is it at THE #1 RANKED SEASONAL SMUSEMENT PARK ON THE PLANET EARTH!!?? I think not.
  17. Once again, did you not read? Its running in the middle of winter because they are TESTING it! No one crawled up my butt, im just sick of coming across these forums and seeing ignorant and stupid posts from you.
  18. Learn how to quote and it looks dull and plain. Thats the end of my story Ok, Kong Fu Guy, shut up. Just cause he messed up the quote doesnt mean you get to criticize him! Also, how can you say the ride looks dull and plain? Cant you read? The theming hasnt been finished on it. YOU have never been on it. YOU cat judge it from one picture. THINK BEFORE YOU POST, remember those posts about TRTR being gone? You need to put some thought into what you are posting or else you go around looking like a complete idiot. Anyways back on topic, since this ride is outside i bet that volcano and fire scenes + effects will be very cool, PKD4life you are very lucky, this ride sounds like it will be good.
  19. Paramounts Kings Island (as much as i possibly can and hopefully will get a job) Was supposed to go to PKD or Carowinds but not anymore Was supposed to go to Six Flags Astrolworld but that was cut out of our plans. Maybe Six Flags New England when i go to Boston Anyone know if theres any coaster or anyhting around Hilton Head Island? thats where im going this summer.
  20. You make it sound as if the one at PKI doesn't do that. The one at PKI has several "scenes" where the gondola stops and effects take place. I wasnt trying to make it sound like KI doesnt have effects. I dont think at KI's you spin around scenery. Everyone else makes it seem like its just a regular top spin, its not. I wasnt dissing KI's at all, i like TRTR at KI.
  21. If it is a coaster probably not, I think people associate the adams family more with the tv show and movies that arent really geared towards kids rather than the cartoon show. I think it would be really cool if KI put in a big Adams Family themed coaster than re-themed the ghoster coaster to the adams family for the kids, that is a possibilty considering scooby doo already has two themed rides.
  22. Theirs will probably have points in it when it stops and special effects take place like explosions, boulders flying, maybe something cool they could do with those stone monsters that come alive in the movie. Your not jsut oging to spin around scenery your going to spin around a lot of special effects.
  23. Dont worry PKD4life im sure its not that bad, a lot of people were jsut dissapointed in ours but yours is completely different and none of these people have experienced it. From the renderings i saw of yours i think it will be pretty cool!
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