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  1. All I can say is wow. That is truly outstanding, the Koch's are a class act. I cannot wait to get back to Holiday World this summer. On a slightly less happy note, if anyone still had doubts about whether some people will complain no matter what: All you can do is shake your head.
  2. I saw the 7:00 showing yesterday and thought the show was great. The theater was packed and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. The jokes were funny and honestly it was just nice to see a show that isn't a musical revue. The tricks were also very good. I've seen the videos from Knott's Haunt and I really hope Kings Island is planning on having the slightly more "adult" version of the show this October.
  3. I voted for both Summer and Fall. Summer because to me that is the "official" park season when the place is in full swing. The coasters, flats, water rides, water park, etc. are all open and the park itself is open daily. It is also when I visit the park most often. I put Fall for several different reasons. It is definitely my favorite season in general not just in the park. The temperatures, the leaves changing colors, and my favorite holiday, Halloween. During the day in Fall, the park to me seems to have a more laid back atmosphere, cool breezes, all decorated for Halloween, and the color of the leaves all make the park a beautiful place to be. Once night falls, the park takes on a whole new atmosphere, and since I'm a fan of Halloween, I love Halloween Haunt. In addition to the Haunted Houses and decorations, you get to ride all your favorite rides in the dark, many with fog, either intentionally put there or that has drifted down from the midway. Flight Deck was a personal favorite last year when I rode it. Fog had settled in the valley and you couldn't see that far ahead, the ride seemed to booking it. However in terms of the park season, the only problem I have with Fall is knowing that the end of another season is near.
  4. ^ That was in reference to the first post.
  5. What? Confused Terpy. Please refer to above post of "do you like anything about Soak City? Then i replied, no there is nothing i like, until i find some BB items. (which is very very unlikely to occur) How about all the slides?
  6. I'll have to get out and try the Voyage again this year, while I still found it fun last year, it was really painful and I did not feel the need to reride it even with the short lines. As for the Legend, I could ride that thing all day.
  7. I had one at the very end of the night when I went and while I'm sure it could have been better if I had gotten it earlier in the day when it hadn't been cooking all day, I still preferred it to the Super Pretzels which were rock solid every time I got one last year, no matter what time of day I got one. So I say the new ones are an improvement.
  8. ^ All too true as I experienced on my evening visit Friday, the 4th. So yes while some early rain or the threat of bad weather can keep the crowds on the lower than average side of things, beware of actually going when the weather is bad. In fact, I felt our waits were actually longer based on somew rides staying closed longer, people were scrambling to find open rides.
  9. Signed up, I cannot wait to see how this works throughout the year! The free drinks wristband just for signing up is a very nice touch.
  10. I'm still waiting for the Glockenspiel on the Festhaus to be operating again...
  11. I think it's a fun little ride when the wait is on the shorter side. 1) I think the restraints are fine 2) I don't think it's uncomfortable 3) Toss up 4) I wish it still had the water effects, but it's nothing I would lose sleep over/influence me to ride or not ride. 5) 6.5/10
  12. Don't get crazy now, those kinds of decisions take time. The 'What's Next for Son of Beast' thread, however, will be about 500,000 pages long, with arguments about how someone saw a piece of wood fall off while they were riding Son of Adventure Express: Phantom Theaters Revenge the Ride.
  13. From April 27th: That was one of four coasters I missed on my trip to Cedar Point in 2010, wish I could've ridden before it went, but that's the way it goes.
  14. Kings Island - The Beast WDW (Magic Kingdom/Epcot/MGM Studios/Animal Kingdom) -Haunted Mansion/Can't remember unfortunately/Tower of Terror/Countdown to Extinction) Cedar Point - Maverick Holiday World - The Legend Six Flags Over Texas - Titan I need to get out to more parks!
  15. Aren't they also having a show for music of the 70s as well?
  16. I'd definitely make a point of seeing the show if it had a good amount of Pink Floyd in it (Does it have any?) Perfect way to start off the show: 'In the Flesh?'
  17. Very nice report, sounds like you had a very nice day. As for the burritos and the philly cheese steaks, I'm not really expecting Chipotle or Penn Station quality, though that'd be a really good surprise, I'm just happy to see from what I've read so far that they're good and compared to out of park offerings, not all that much more expensive. Good quality and good value has been missing from the park for a while.
  18. ^ I thought it was only KI's 40th?
  19. The lights in the launch tunnel were kept, they look just as good as at Haunt. Awesome, Thank you! I loved that effect, such a small thing that added a whole lot in my opinion.
  20. What was new in Flight of Fear? Just trying to figure out if it's the same things that were added during Haunt last year (which I'd be extremely happy with still being there, especially the lights in the launch tunnel) or if other things have been added.
  21. Love the Phantom Theater picture! Also as jcgoble said, thanks for all the pictures and work you put into this topic, truly appreciated!
  22. Very impressive! I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the company and the parks. That interview just further enforces my view that the company is in good hands, he just seems to 'get it'.
  23. Did the chaser lights ever go the whole length of the ride?
  24. I love watching how that view has changed over the years
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