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  1. Oof. If you were planning to go to Holiday World for their Halloween event and were hoping to get some night rides on The Voyage in, I had bad news: that won't be happening this year. The Voyage is slated to get yet another massive re-tracking, and thus must be closed for the rest of the season. From what I can tell Raven, Legend, and Thunderbird will all be open though. Giant traditional wooden coasters like Voyage need lots of upkeep, especially with how intense Voyage is (even with the MCBR on) and this is more proof of that. Hopefully when Voyage re-opens in 2020, it is a smoother ride for at least another short while (until the next inevitable major retrack).
  2. ...ok, I have rested up a bit and let the Day 1 part of the trip go up itself for a while: now, time for Sunday- Part 2! Ride rating system for new rides (or major updates) is in Part 1. Part 2: Sunday, September 15th, 2019 Some of the people in our group slept in, so we didn't leave Breakers Express until ERT was almost starting, thus we were not going to get Steel Vengeance ERT. When we arrived at the park, we instead opted to ride Valravn (save for "B" who won't do a ride with inversions unless it is Maverick) since according to the app Maverick was down. We were sat in the back row, and while hanging over the edge wasn't as intimidating, I got some nice airtime on both vertical drops as well as the airtime hill near the end of the ride. The ride was also very smooth. After getting off Valravn, we headed over to TTD, but found it was still broken as whatever happened on Saturday was major, so it would be closed all day. No TTD rides on this trip for me then, d'oh! However, Maverick was back open, so we headed over to it to find a 30 minute wait. For Maverick that isn't bad at all, so we got in line and waited. When we got on the line had already swollen up to over a hour, however! Maverick didn't break down this time, so we were able to board and got a awesome ride- lots of airtime, plenty of twists, and a powerful launch were all highlights. After Maverick, we headed over to the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, and rode it down to the Millennium Force plaza. However MF was a hour wait at this point, so we skipped it and got some food at the nearby food trucks. I got a hot dog. Most of the group wanted to ride Sky Ride to GateKeeper, but since I'd be riding alone I decided to walk and see if I could beat them to it. I did, but part of the reason was the rest of the group had decided to go to the car for a bit. So I rode GateKeeper solo, as it was only a 15 minute wait, from the 2nd to last seat on the right wing. The ride was running great, good g-forces and speed (It was for sure not being "GateSleeper"!) and I even got some airtime on the airtime hill. After riding GateKeeper, I headed over to Wicked Twister which also had a short wait, about 5-10 minutes. I rode towards the back, and thus really got "spun" on the backwards launch. Good fun. After riding WT, my group was back so I rode it again immediatley after, but we went for a seat closer to the front, and got another great ride. Then we rode GateKeeper again, again about a 15 minute wait, and this time I rode from the very back. It was about the same as the first ride a bit earlier. My friends decided to smoke for a bit, so next, I rode a new ride I had never ridden at Cedar Point before... NEW RIDE: Troika Basically, it's the exact same ride as Shake Rattle & Roll at Kings Island with a different paintjob. However, both rides are fun, as you spin and twist in the air. Score: 7/10 After Troika, my friends were done smoking, so we went and rode MaXair. If you have ridden Delirium, MaXair is the same thing but the ride cycle goes 1 swing longer once it gets up to full speed, thus making MaXair the better of the two rides. After MaXair, my group went to see a show, so I went and rode Raptor again since it was so good on Saturday. The line said it was a 30 minute wait, but due to B&M Capacity it was really only 15 minutes, the line for Raptor just kept moving. I noticed in the Raptor control booth there was a drawing that called Raptor "Queen of the Birds". If Valravn is the "King", then that means Raptor married him, and I imagine GateKeeper is the royal bodyguard, LOL. Raptor was a bit weaker than it was on Saturday, but not by very much and it was still a epic ride. After Raptor I got in line for "Boo" Streak, and right before I got on my friends show finished but I was close to riding so I rode solo. Boo (Blue) Streak was running pretty decent, not too rough, but the airtime was also a bit weak. After that, my friends went and got some beer and were eating at Chickie+Pete's, so I sat in the Raptor/Blue Streak plaza and just chilled for a while. I did get some nice pictures during this time, which you can see at the end. Also, it drizzled a little bit, but not for too long or very hard at all. When my friends were done eating, we headed out of Raptor/Blue Streak Plaza to find it was 4pm, which meant the Great Pumpkin Parade was going on. We followed it as we were heading for WindSeeker, but my sister and friends realized some haunts were open (unlike Kings Island, CP has a few indoor haunted attractions open on Sundays). I broke off from the group yet again since I don't like Haunts too much, and headed down the beach boardwalk. With Hotel Breakers closed, this was actually quite nice as there was barely anyone on the boardwalk. At the end of the boardwalk, I spotted my target ride: A big old Arrow from 1989. Magnum had about a 10 minute wait, and was back down to 2 trains instead of 3- a good sign that the park was much less crowded than on Saturday. I rode in 6-2 near the back, and got lots of good ejector airtime as usual. After riding Magnum, I headed back up to meet my friends at WindSeeker but they had moved on, so I went over to Iron Dragon to ride that. As the ride climbed up the lift, suddenly, we got E-Stopped: and a ride op came up and took a phone from someone in the front row. I saw this happen on Raptor too. When will people learn? Le sigh. However, with the phone taken, the ride started back up and I got a fun, smooth ride swooping through the trees. Iron Dragon may not be the most intense coaster ever, but it's still fun. I then headed over and walked onto a ride that is actually intense, Rougarou, next. This time I was put in the very back, and while I found the front row of Rougarou quite smooth, the back is kinda rough. I was able to avoid headbanging, but I had to be defensive to do so. I did still enjoy the ride, however. After Rougarou, I headed back to Power Tower, to find my group was still not done on the beach. I chilled near the Iron Dragon plaza for a bit, watching a heavy metal music show, then wandered to Valravn and took some pictures. Then I headed to Power Tower again, then I saw Corkscrew had literally no wait, so I went ahead and rode that. The retro paint job on the trains is actually pretty cool, and the banners that were added this year to both Corkscrew and Gemini are nice. Sadly, besides looking cool, and I am not really a fan of Corkscrew's trains: they are lifted up a bit higher than Vortex's, and thus while I am comfy and snug on Vortex, here I felt cramped up. I didn't get headbanged because of this (I was too tight to be moved) though. And Corkscrew did have some good g-forces and airtime. I am not a huge fan of Corkscrew but when it is a walk-on, I'll ride it, it's a OK ride. However I very much perfer KI's Vortex. After Corkscrew, I headed to the Magnum Gate, and waited for my group. They came in, and hearing Corkscrew was a walk-on, we got back in line to find it had broken down, so we got out of line. We then headed over to Power Tower. Earlier, Space Shot was down, but it had been fixed and re-opened. So we did that side. NEW RIDE: Power Tower- Space Shot Imagine Drop Tower at Kings Island...but in reverse. Instead of going up slow and then dropping, you get SHOT UP instead. Then you bounce around near the top for a bit, get some great views, and come back down slowly. I really liked this ride, though I do still perfer Drop Tower at KI as I thought it was a bit more forceful, and I like the suspense of waiting for the drop from high up. Also, I was on the side facing Valravn and Raptor. Score: 8/10 After Power Tower, my friends wanted to ride Iron Dragon and Rougarou. Both were about the same as earlier: my sister was the only one of the 4 of us who rode Rougarou who didn't like it (Roommate B sat out), she got headbanged because she is short. After Rougarou, we got in line for Millennium Force, which we planned to make our final ride of this trip. The wait was about 40 minutes, but the line moved pretty well. As the sun was gone and darkness was setting in, we got a quasi-night ride on Millennium Force, and it was great. The speed was much better than our 1st ride on Saturday, as the ride was fully broken in, and I did get some decent airtime to boot- plus I was riding in the very back car, so I got yanked over the 1st drop and then fell 300 feet getting airtime the whole way down. After the final ride on Millennium Force, we headed out, used a nearby restroom, and chilled for a bit watching the screamsters from Frontier Town head out past us which was fun. We also heard the Millennium Force crew send out the final train of the night. After this, we headed out and left the park, and came home. And that was Day 2 of Cedar Point! Had a ton of fun both days, but Sunday was better because of less crowds. We probably are gonna take a year off from Cedar Point in 2020, as we wanna hit up other parks, so it'll be a while before we come back. Hopefully Gold Pass madness has died down a bit by then. Anyhow, before I give some final thoughts...MOAR PICTUREZ FROM SUNDAY!!! Steel Vengeance in the morning! I didn't ride this Sunday, but felt as my #1 coaster, I should take a pic of it anyway. Not only is CP teasing about Orion's height, but they are lying and adding 2 feet to Millennium Force's!?!? It's Wickedly Twisty! A King and His Queen. (According to Raptor's ride op box at least) Boo! Going for a Loop! A huge barge. And in the distance, that white thing is a 2nd huge barge. Boardwalk views. Hotel Breakers- it's not super cheap, but this place is convenient to stay at when visiting Cedar Point. Magnum XL-200: Even when you see it, you won't believe it! 30 years old and still awesome. A big awesome 300 foot Giga Coaster, and a big broken 400 foot Strata Coaster. WindSeeker from the boardwalk- this pic was cooler last year when we got a rainbow in it, though. Valravn near sunset. OK, that's it for pictures. Now for final Pros/Cons of both days... PROS +Amazing Rides +Beautiful Landscaping and Scenery, even if not themed very much +Ride Operations were generally fast for most rides (Magnum XL-200 and Raptor especially) +Express Hotel was decently clean and nice to stay at CONS -Monster crowds on Saturday: the park nearly hit capacity, and I was waiting 45 minutes for Magnum and stuff! (Really made me respect how CP has kept their old Arrow coasters and such, they were lifesavers!) -Top Thrill Dragster breaking down and not running Sunday -Many other rides did have breakdowns, though not as bad as TTD's as they all re-opened at least, and I did get lucky with Raptor on Saturday Anyhow, that is all for this trip report. Comments and questions are, of course, still welcome. Now I await my next trip, which will probably be Kings Island Haunt. Haunt at KI can get busy, but after "surviving" this Saturday at CP, I think I will more than be able to handle KI's Haunt. McSalsa Away!
  3. I'm not really bothered by the rattle on Banshee. Then again, I can enjoy rides that are considered pretty rough like Vortex and Rougarou, so maybe I am very durable and thus probably not the best person to ask about these sorts of things.
  4. I was at CP this weekend, and I took my own pic of this, so here is more proof this is real: Also yeah I dunno why they have Millennium Force listed at 312, everything else I have read says 310. There was a 2nd tank that referenced Cedar Point's Jumbo Jet as well but I never took a pic of it. Edit: Oops, forgot the quote the OG pic, and not sure how to add it in now.
  5. Hello everyone! This past weekend, me, my sister, her boyfriend and our 2 roommates (who will be called "R" and "B") went to Cedar Point for a 2-day trip. This trip was also during Halloweekends. I did ride a few new rides on this trip, so I need to show the "ride rating system" I guess: RIDE RATING SYSTEM (For New Un-ridden rides or major updates) (Won't be used until Part 2 Though) 10=ZOMG THIS RIDE IS EPIC 9=I Adore This Ride 8=I Really Like This Ride 7=This Ride is Fun, I Like It 6=It's OK Enough, Will Ride Again 5=Meh, No Feelings Either Way for Various Reasons 4=Ehh, Kinda Bad 3=Yuck, Bad 2=POO, THIS RIDE SUX 1=SUPER POO, THIS RIDE SUX EVEN HARDER! 0=WHO MADE THIS MONSTROSITY!?!? PART 1: Saturday- September 14th, 2019 We left for the park very early in the morning, but due to some unforseen delays, we didn't make it to the park in time to beat the rush to Steel Vengeance. So instead we headed for Ohio's 1st Big Blue Giga Coaster (there will be 2 in 2020), Millennium Force. We got on after about a 20 minute wait, and got a solid ride on the OG Giga Coaster. It was fast, but due to the fact this was early in the morning the ride was still "warming up" and thus was a bit sluggish compared to how it typically runs later on. This is something that happens to a lot of coasters though, not just Millennium Force. Don't judge a ride just based on a early morning ride! It was still a lot of fun though, even at this early stage. After MF, we decided to go get in line for TTD, but my sister stopped to get a drink, and it took 10 minutes to do so because the cashiers at the Coasters Drive-In were clearly still learning the computer system (With a bunch of locals in school, I imagine CP had to do some extra hiring just for Halloweekends). We got to TTD about 10 minutes after the park opened, and it already was over a 1-hour wait. This was the first warning of what was to come. We didn't wait for TTD, and instead headed over to Magnum XL-200 which was a walk-on. Magnum may not be the smoothest ride out there, but the coaster's powerful ejector airtime (even so early on it was strong) and great setting more than make up for it IMO. Also, I love that they brought back the final tunnel lights and fog. Heading down the midway, we next hit Gemini. Our roomates went for the Blue Train, while my sister, her boyfriend, and me rode in the Red- very split up though as I went for the very back of the red train (but a middle seat in that car), and they were near the front. Gemini is a fun coaster- pretty smooth when you aren't on a rear wheel, great airtime, and it does the racing thing a lot better than Kings Island's Racer. And to make it even better, we on Red Train won! HAHA! After Gemini, we headed into Frontier Town, as we were heading towards the Forbidden Frontier "New for 2019" attraction but we didn't realize it was closed for the season. While in Frontier Town, most of us (B sat out- he is still intimidated by certain rides) rode Skyhawk. My sister and R both freaked out on this ride last time, and they still did a little bit here, it went much better than last time. Me and my sister's boyfriend both just enjoyed the ride though, Skyhawk is good fun. After Skyhawk, we did a quick stop in the CP Town Hall Museum (always cool), then headed down Frontier Trail. This is when we learned Forbidden Frontier had closed for the season (D'oh!) so after a quick stop at the petting zoo, we headed down the midway (locking some stuff in a locker down the way), and found some food trucks past Millennium Force. I got some Nachos with cheese because they were cheap, and I eventually ended up breaking away from the group to ride Rougarou by myself. This is when the crowds had really began to pick up- Rougarou, usually a walk-on, had a 30 minute wait! Still the good news is, Rougarou is a B&M that runs 3 32-passenger trains, so the line at least moved very well. And when I did finally get to ride, I got front row! Rougarou is much smoother from the front row, and the ride has some great intensity and g-forces. Another fun ride. However, what I saw at the top of the lift hill terrified me: THE PARKING LOT WAS 100% FULL! My friends had gone to ride GateKeeper, so I headed over to meet with B who didn't ride. We chilled for a bit near GateKeeper Plaza, when I saw Raptor do a empty test run. I headed over to check it out- there was a small line of people waiting for the ride to re-open from whatever breakdown had happened, but it wasn't bad. I got in line. They cycled the ride for 30-45 minutes (I only waited this long because all huge rides had lines about this long anyway), even putting a 3rd train back on the track, but I stayed and waited it out as they were cycling constantly and this was a B&M after all, and then Raptor re-opened and I was on one of the first trains back out. And I am glad I waited for it, because this was my best ride ever on Raptor: it was pretty smooth, save a few turns here and there, and the speed and g-forces were excellent. The final turn was still rough as heck, though, as always. After the awesome Raptor ride, I met back up with B: the rest of our group had STILL not gotten on GateKeeper! It ended up being almost a 2-hour wait for them! We only barely made it back to our locker in time to get our stuff. We also ate a cancellation fee for a hotel 20 minutes away we had booked, and just booked Express Hotel at this time (I was shocked they had empty rooms still avaliable considering the crowds, but then again if this was mostly Gold Pass people they would not be using the hotels I'd imagine), as we were nervous about the park hitting capacity and stopping people from coming in. We then headed over to Maverick, but it broke down as we got there, and after 30 minutes of waiting for it to re-open, we gave up for now. After this, we eventualy headed over to Magnum XL-200 again. It had a 45-minute wait, but with everything having big lines we just sucked it up and chose Magnum anyway. The line did move amazingly though with all 3 trains running and the ride ops working crazy fast, but it was indeed about 45 minutes due to the sheer number of people in line. I think Magnum had more people in line for it here than Diamondback typically does during Haunt! However, we played some games on our phones, looked at the awesome "30 Years of Magnum" posters, and after 45 minutes we did get on the coaster. Magnum was warmed up now, so the ejector airtime was very strong now, and we got a even better ride than the one earlier in the day. With the sheer amount of crowds, and us needing to rest, we headed to our Hotel for about a hour and half. On the way out, we saw numerous cars parked in weird spots, and a huge line of cars were coming in the park as well. After "recharging" at the Hotel and getting food at McDonalds, we headed back to the park around 9pm- and found tons of people were leaving, thankfully! However while the crowds had died down a bit, most major rides still had huge lines. For a while I broke off from the group again and got in line for Top Thrill Dragster, but the line for it was moving so slow, I ditched when I checked my phone to see Maverick had re-opened and was "only" a 1 hour wait. However, Maverick was down when I got there (it had re-opened: for 10 minutes!) However I still dodged a bullet, as about 10 minutes before I would have gotten on TTD (had I stayed) it broke down and stayed down. At Maverick, my group re-united briefly before my sister, Roommate R, and her boyfriend went to do a Haunt while me and Roomate B went to ride Gemini again. Gemini gave us a great night ride, and there was no wait for it as the crowds had thinned out at the less popular rides at least. Then we headed over to Magnum XL-200 yet again for a 3rd ride, which we waited 5 minutes for. It was even better than the 2nd ride, since it was night now making the lake a black abyss and the tunnels pitch black...save the last one which at night becomes a colorful mess. After Magnum XL-200, the group reunited yet again at Steel Vengeance (save "B" who would run over and ride Maverick twice when it re-opened near closing), and we got in line at 11:15pm. At 12:30, after passing through the new metal detectors and everything, we boarded the Blackjack train. A 75 minute wait for Steel Vengeance isn't too bad, especially when you consider it was 2 1/2 hours earlier. And the ride was worth it- Steel Vengeance is my favorite coaster, and this ride reinforced its claim to that title. Tons of sustained ejector air, smooth track, aggressive turns and barrel rolls...and then you do it all again underneath the structure. An amazing ride to end a kinda rough (due to crowds mostly) but still great day. And now, for pictures from Saturday: The sun rises over the Indiana/Ohio Border! All Fear the Great Wind Mill Army! Cedar Point! Complete with Seagull to the bottom right. Don't Touch GateKeeper's pumpkins. Power Tower and TTD. 2 Huge Rides at a park filled with them. The OG Big Blue Giga Coaster, Millennium Force! Rougarou and Iron Dragon. Gemini and its namesake midway BEWARE OF BIG PIG!!! Snake River Falls, and Forbidden Frontier (both closed) GateKeeper MaXair, Sky Ride, and Raptor, as seen from GateKeeper Plaza TTD at Night. In true TTD fashion, not very long after this, it would break down. (Shocked how good this pic came out) VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!!! (Sorry for blurry pic, at night my phone typically kinda sux) And that is all for now. Tomorrow I will probably post part 2, which will speak of how Sunday went (Minor Spoiler: A LOT BETTER). Per usual, questions and comments welcome!
  6. Thanks- yep, this is pretty much what I imagine this view will be like next year...with Invertigo's colors updated, Son of Beast and Firehawk gone (you can see the very tip of its lift hill in this picture), and Banshee also added of course. This pic also really shows what I mean by how Orion will help "fill out the skyline". In 2020, it is gonna seem like the Eiffel Tower is surrounded by giant rides. When 48 years prior in 1972, I'd bet not much was even visible from this location besides the Eiffel Tower and maybe the old sky ride.
  7. Yep, that's the picture. Also that is what I imagine Orion is gonna look like, maybe a smidge smaller but this isn't far off. Also I do believe the big 200' overbanked hill will be clearly visible from this location (I imagine it'd be coming up just behind the Eiffel Tower) and possibly even the turnaround.
  8. On the topic of "How Big Will Orion Look", from the parking lot...I'd say it will look about the same size as Diamondback, maybe even a bit smaller though. My basis for this: I looked closely at a old-ish 2011 skyline pic (still has Son of Beast and stuff but also WindSeeker), and you can see Firehawk in this picture which was 115 feet tall. Orion, being 287 feet tall, is roughly 2.75x taller- which is also how much bigger Diamondback looked from this same image. (I would share the specific image but I am not 100% sure where I got it from or who the original owner of the picture is) Orion only being 287 feet tall isn't the only thing though, you could have built a 330-foot Giga in Orion's spot and it would only barely look taller than Diamondback, because DB is in a great spot to look as big as possible while Area 72 (formerly X-Base) is tucked in a back area of the park and thus any ride put there isn't going to seem as big as it really is from the main parking lot. However, another thing I noticed- in that 2011 pic, from the Son of Beast area (now filled by Banshee on the skyline) to WindSeeker there was a huge "hole" where there were no tall rides surpassing the treeline from this view. Firehawk, Racer, FOF, etc. were all not tall enough. Orion is going to fill this hole quite easily. Pictures of Kings Island's Skyline in 2020 are going to be very cool looking.
  9. I do think some park will eventually build a 200-foot wooden coaster again, but not with the traditional hand-cut track rides like The Beast, Mystic Timbers, etc. use. Even had it been properly built, Son of Beast would have become rough very quickly anyway simply due to the fact traditional wooden track starts to wear out noticeably faster on rides beyond 125 feet, especially when you go over 200. The 159-foot tall Voyage at Holiday World needs extreme amounts of care and maintenance to keep running well, and most parks won't work as hard as Holiday World does just to maintain 1 ride like that. However, in the years since Son of Beast's failure, new wooden track styles- laser cut prefab track and RMC's topper track- have emerged, and both of these seem like they could handle a 200+ foot tall coaster. It has been a while since Intamin has made a woodie though, so I would imagine if some park did decide to do a 200-foot woodie in the 2020s, it would likely be a RMC with topper track. Topper Track RMCs may not be "true" wood coasters, but they do market them as such, and I do think a 200+ foot version is possible. But I am not 100% sure if Kings Island will be the park that builds one of these first. I expect Orion will be the newest coaster at Kings Island for a good while, since it is a $30 million dollar ride, and there are usually at least 5-year gaps between rides (possibly with a smaller cheaper ride in between) that expensive these days unless a park is really trying to build itself up like Carowinds. And Cedar Point is probably going to push Steel Vengeance well into the 2020's, and won't want to build something seen as "similar" at Kings Island until the hype for that fully wears of, so Kings Island might still get something different (like a B&M Dive if Valravn hype has worn off or Mack Multi-Launch, or even something from Gerstlauer or something) as its next big coaster.
  10. Oops! Sorry, they are both Sea World San (Insert Rest of City Name Here), so my mind got the 2 parks mixed up for a second.
  11. Sea World San Diego. Ben43065 also forgot Candymonium, the B&M Hyper Coming to Hersheypark, and Sea World Orlando has also confirmed a coaster for 2020 but has not announced what it is yet (Sea World is going all out in 2020, it seems).
  12. So, the leaked blueprints were legit. And DustinTheNow's prediction was nearly spot on, save there isn't really a trim brake before the big floater hill and he had the evac stairs on the wrong side. This is gonna be a great ride, my only complaint would be the short-ish length (only about the same as Leviathan in terms of ride time). The elements on this coaster look a lot better than Leviathan's though. Also I hope there are as many trees around this ride eventually as there were in the animation, if that ends up being the case night rides will be epic. This will probably be the best coaster in the park to me, at least at daytime (Beast after dark is hard to beat for almost ANY coaster). I will need to ride it though before I can truly make that call. Also, 1650 pph. This thing is going to eat lines as much as Banshee! Also, I did a bit of math a few days ago- I would guess this new coaster is gonna be $30 million or so, based on what Leviathan cost in 2012. I then estimated how much it would cost to build the coaster to the length of Fury 325 or so...it would likely cost $37 million then, I can understand why they may have gone a bit short on length then: $7 million is a lot of extra money, and a longer coaster probably would not have attracted as many extra guests as it would need to make up for that. Plus, I did some research, and Cedar Fair has only spent more than $30 million for a new coaster twice: Millennium Force in 2000, adjusted for inflation, was $38 million and Top Thrill Dragster in 2003 was $33 million. Since then Fury 325 and Copperhead Strike- both at Carowinds- were at but did not go over $30m. (Fury 325 probably should have been like $38 million based on my calculations but apparently from what I have heard the Carolinas gave Cedar Fair a deal or something and helped pay for it a bit) I would assume Cedar Fair doesn't usually spend more than $30m on new roller coasters. Edit: Also, for how this ride is gonna be 3 minutes, my guess: 1 minute lift hill. 1 minute ride. 1 minute on brake run.
  13. I dunno, if I was a news reporter who loved to also ride roller coasters, I would have done the same as a excuse to go to Cedar Point.
  14. Yeah that's true. Splashin' Safari's 2 are the only water coasters I have ever been on, so it's possible I just think of them as average sized when in fact they are giants compared to their peers. I knew they were the 2 longest in the world, but if Cheetah Chase is what your average-sized and length water coaster looks like, then HOLY CRUD WILDEBEEST IS HUGE. And Mammoth is even huger.
  15. For anyone interested, the Holiday World website has the stats for this new slide: https://www.holidayworld.com/rides/cheetah-chase/ To be honest I am a bit surprised- compared to Wildebeest and Mammoth, Cheetah Chase is kinda small. Both Cheetah Chase tracks combined are shorter than Wildebeest! Then again I have learned from rides like Raven, Maverick or Mystic Timbers, just because a ride is small does not mean it lacks intensity or fun. Cheetah Chase should be a fun water coaster, given it is from the same manufacturer that made Wildebeest and Mammoth anyway.
  16. I don't think so- oops. I know Indiana Beach hasn't been doing that great lately, but I accidentally added "too" in my post making it seem KK is in the same boat. No, from what I have heard Kentucky Kingdom is doing pretty good recently. Sorry for the confusion. I edited my older post.
  17. Yeah, probably- they might get a flat ride or a new waterslide at most, but I really don't expect anything too large for Kentucky Kingdom in 2020. But even something small like that is still something. Same for Indiana Beach, not expecting anything huge as I have heard they are kinda struggling. Not to mention Kings Island pretty much already made 2020 exciting for this region with the 99% confirmed Giga Coaster, Cheetah Chase just makes it even better.
  18. Wow- a 3rd water coaster, which will mean now there will be as many water coasters at Holiday World as there are woodies. I really like how this one is going to be about launches and dueling, it does look like it will be a great ride. It doesn't appear to have as many airtime hills as Wildebeest, or be as drenching as Mammoth is, but I imagine this was on purpose because Holiday World doesn't want to throw both of their existing water coasters under the bus: each one is going to do something different from the other two. The 2020 season is already looking exciting for me, as 2 parks within day-trip distance (3 hour drive or less) are getting good-sized or larger new attractions next year. And there is still time for the other 2 (Indiana Beach and Kentucky Kingdom) to make new announcements as well. Oh, also, I loved the announcement video with Wildebeests and a Mammoth walking around.
  19. If you still wanna ride a King Cobra-like coaster, good news is, it was cloned so a similar ride (same trains and layout) still exists. Bad news: it is all the way over in Italy. (It used to be SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland but they sold it in 2014 and removed it) https://rcdb.com/12069.htm You can also still ride a version of Jaws...in Japan. However, based on the fact the Japanese Jaws opened in 2001, it is probably a very different ride system versus the 1990 Jaws. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaws_(ride) Oh, and on the topic of this thread: yes, I would have liked to at least tried King Cobra before it went kaput, but it closed after 2001 and I was scared of big roller coasters until 2009, so it just didn't make it nearly long enough. I do have memories of seeing it during my visit in 2000 though, the big loop right next to the pathway in Oktoberfest being a vivid memory.
  20. OK I am gonna test a pic in this post, 1 second... (Seems to work: I may have added too many images to the Trip Report- I shall just share some of my favorites then!)
  21. Hello and welcome to my latest trip report! I went to Kings Island yesterday- July 13th- and this what happened. I didn't ride any new rides or anything that I have not before so the ride rating system is kinda pointless. Also, I have my own phone now (finally) so I was able to take pictures! (Update: Pictures for some reason not working, so I am removing them and will probably share a few in a manner I know works if requested) We left the house later than usual, since this was a midnight close, at 11am. We had 5 people with us, me, my sister, and our one friend who was overcoming his fear of coasters from our usual group plus one of my sister's longtime friends and another guy I don't know as well. Upon entering the park, we headed for Diamondback as they were getting trains out very fast (as seen from the parking lot). We arrived to find a 30-minute wait, which was mostly due to a Fast Lane clog, it would probably have been 15 otherwise. Still considering this was a July Saturday I was expecting even longer, but it was also over 90 degrees outside so I imagine most were at the waterpark. The ride crew was also getting trains out very fast, so that also helped. My sister's friend didn't ride, as she is pretty large and doesn't fit on Diamondback, though she was nice enough to stand in line and wait with us (she is pretty nice). We ended up riding in the back car, with me and our main friend riding in the very back row. Going up the lift and looking around made me think even if KI's Giga is not the biggest, a 300 foot drop is still gonna be plenty intimidating. Got some great floater air, and a little wet from the splashdown but considering the temperatures it wasn't bad at all. After Diamondback, we headed over to Mystic Timbers to find it with a 20 minute wait and much less Fast Lane clog. My sister's friend fit fine on Mystic, and it was a enjoyable ride- though not too much airtime, oddly. We got the rare tree ending, which is only my 2nd time getting it in nearly 20 rides on the coaster. After Mystic Timbers, my companions went to smoke so I decided to go check Beast, only to find it broken down at the moment. Splitting from my group, I instead went to... ...Vortex! It had a 25 minute wait, but with most other coasters having lines as well or being down (BLSC was 45!) I sucked it up and waited. And it was worth the wait- I rode in 7-1, and got some great ejector on the first drop, nice g's in the loops, hangtime in the corkscrews, and it all ended with a fun forceful helix. A little rough, but not too bad- there was a old man riding behind me and he also enjoyed his ride. While climbing Vortex's 148 foot lift hill, I saw Beast doing test runs, so I checked it again on the way back. Turns out, it was back open! I messaged my friends and got in line, and waited 1 cycle for 6-2. Beast was running great on this day, sometimes it can feel a bit sluggish in the day but this time that was not the case as it had great speed to it, and it was pretty much the right amount of roughness from 6-2 (a bit bumpy to make it feel more out-of-control but nowhere near painful). However, when my train returned to the station, the line had swollen up to at least a 15-20 minute wait already! YIKES. After Beast, I found my group, and together we headed of to ride another woodie at KI, Blue Racer. It was also running great- rougher than Beast, but it actually had very good airtime, more-so than Mystic Timbers did earlier! Also looked over at the 2020 Giga Construction, it seems coming along nicely, and footers are clearly visible. It is gonna be kinda cool to see a massive near-300 foot lift hill from this ride next year. After Blue Racer, we headed into Action Zone. As my friends smoked, I checked the lines- all looked to be around a half hour, so I didn't ride anything and came back. We were hungry, so we went to Chicken Shack and got some food. It was served fast, and we ate. I just got some chicken tenders, which filled me up pretty well. The chicken was nice and moist, with good breading, it could have used a bit more flavor but dipping sauces easily fixed that problem. My sister also got some BBQ Wings and Fries, and gave me half her bread and a wing. The wings were good too, and the bread was great. I have eaten at Chicken Shack a few times now, and it has been a good choice every time. I still miss the Chicken Wraps though. After we ate, the next show for Gravity was about to begin, so we went and saw it. They added some extra jokes to this show that I did not see last time, and there were less goof-ups as well (though there was one, one of the guys on a bike fell over on their 2nd scene with them, they made a joke of it and continued though). Afterwards, as we didn't see the last show for once, we did the meet and greet, and I got to let the actors know how awesome I thought this show was. Gravity is leaving KI forever on August 18th this year, and will be replaced by a new show for 2020- if you have not seen it yet, do not wait much longer. After Gravity, we headed down International Street (saw the awesome and expensive Beast model on the way) and then went up the Eiffel Tower for the views...I took a barrage of pics. (Sadly for some reason I cannot link them from the site I am hosting them on) Afterwards, my group wanted to smoke again, so I went off to ride Banshee. Only had to wait 10 minutes- the line moved very fast! I hope the 2020 Giga line moves this fast as well! The ride was pretty forceful and intense, with great speed and strong g-forces in the inversions. After Banshee, I headed down to The Bat to find it a 1-cycle wait. It was also running pretty good, fast and smooth. After I got off Bat I found my friends wanted to meet back up, so I headed their way hearing they were now riding Banshee. But the one friend who I still don't know to well lost his phone to her (he wasn't using zipper pockets and was putting it in a loose one) but didn't quite realize it at first so we went and looked all over for it. After a wild goose chase and the eventual realization of what happened, we ended up riding Adventure Express. The wait was only 10 minutes or so, but I got a wheel seat, and ouch- this was one of the most painful rides I have ever gotten on Adventure Express. I was thrown around in the turns pretty violently, and left the ride with a minor headache. Our friends 1 row ahead though were 100% fine and thought it was smooth! Seat selection matters. However, there was good news for me from this ride- most of the theming was working, and the 3rd tunnel had its "lava glow" effect working! After AE, we went over to check Beast to see a big line, about 45 minutes worth- we were gonna do a night ride later so we skipped it for now (and I had rode earlier). My sister got some dippin' dots on the way, and I got a soda refill (Red Cream- no matter the stand though, for some reason, KI's Red Cream Sodas were ALL tasting kinda flat!). My friends then decided to ride White Water Canyon, which I figured would have a big wait since it was hot, and wanting to stay dry I went and rode Mystic Timbers since Diamondback appeared to be having issues. It should have been a 35 minute wait, but there was a "phone idiot" 1 train before mine and they briefly had to stop the ride and that added 10 minutes. I boarded Mystic Timbers, and got the very back row. The ride was fast and gave much better airtime this time, but there was a little roughness. Also my riding companion (a random I was paired with as a single rider) kept screaming at the top of his lungs and bumping me- he was clearly forced to ride and not a fan of big roller coasters. I got off missing my usual riding companions as they don't do that stuff. Mystic Timbers itself was running good IMO though. Speaking of them, I headed over to the White Water Canyon exit to wait for them- the waits for both WWC and Mystic Timbers ended up being about the same, with WWC being just a bit longer so I beat them off. My group met back up after WWC, and we headed towards WindSeeker- I didn't realize it until later, but they wanted to try to get a "Fireworks" WindSeeker ride. Also, we decided to ride Vortex, minus our one friend who cannot do loops and the mere sight of Vortex's twisted track still scares him. It was only a 10 minute wait. Me and my sister's friend rode in 7-1 again, while my sister and the newer guy rode in 6-2. We all got great airtime on the 1st drop again, but while our ride in 7-1 was decently smooth, I did see my friends in 6-2 get thrown around a bit in the 2nd half, especially my sister who is short, and especially in the final helix. She got a minor headache, but it went away a few minutes later. We then all grabbed some drinks, and our friend who didn't ride Vortex got cheese fries from Juke Box Diner and shared them with everyone. They were actually pretty good too! After eating, we got in line for WindSeeker. We missed the Fireworks cycle by 1 cycle, which was annoying. But we did get a night ride on WindSeeker, which had some very pretty views of the park (though WindSeeker is one of those rides that still makes me nervous- I still have fun on it though). After WindSeeker, my friends wanted to smoke again, so I went and re-rode Vortex for a 3rd time and for my 1st night ride on it in a while. It was now only a 5 minute wait, yet for some reason now they were assigning seats? As such, I got 2-2 instead of 7-1 again, and remember how I said when I rode AE earlier seat selection matters? Yep- riding in a cramped seat in the front of Vortex was not very enjoyable, while riding in 7-1 is great. The first drop has no airtime from the front cars, and it throws you around a lot more for some reason. Ouch. I didn't really get head-banged because I am tall enough my head is over the OTSR's, but I did get shoulder-banged. One bright spot, there was a little kid who also rode Vortex 3 times this same day, and he rode in the car behind me and LOVED it. I think I am just gonna keep riding from 5-1, 6-1, and 7-1 from now on because those are much better seats than 2-2 (unless I am somehow forced to ride in a different seat). Even the dark "night ride boost" can't help overcome that. After 1 bad ride on Vortex (thankfully also got 2 great rides same day) we met back up and headed to Action Zone, as Rivertown was packed and we wanted that to clear out a bit before we tried to ride Beast at Night. Action Zone was much better, but Banshee did have a 20-minute wait, and our friend who cannot do many inversions can't ride that, so we did The Bat at Night...which was a walk-on for nearly every seat! My friends rode in the very back, but I decided to ride in 1-2 instead. It was a very fun ride, and swinging around in the cool summer air at 50mph in darkness was awesome. My friends say the back was very crazy. We then headed back to Rivertown to find The Beast at a 45 minute wait, but Backlot Stunt Coaster was down to 10, so we rode that instead. BLSC was running great- smooth, had some airtime in a few spots, with the great forceful helix and dark tunnel both in full effect. After riding Backlot, we got in line for Beast as the ques had cleared up and now it was only a 20 minute wait! We waited for it, and got a epic night ride. Beast was HAULING through the woods, and in spite of a nearly-full moon it was very dark- the long tunnel mid ride was pitch black. We got off the ride at 11:55pm, and realized we probably didn't have time to get on anything else, so we got back in line for The Beast and ended up getting the last ride of the night! While we waited for the final train, I noticed a nearly-empty Vortex train with 1 person on it who appeared to be having fun go by- I think that may have been VortexBFForever, LOL. We boarded the final train, and then...ride ops joined us! It was cool to see that you get that perk when you work at Kings Island. Only 2-3 of them stayed off, just to run the coaster 1 more time, plus a mechanic showed up, probably to prepare to put trains up. We headed out into the woods of Ohio 1 more time, and got one more Beast night ride- it was about the same as the 1st one, but that is not a bad thing! Afterwards, we headed over to the front gate, where most of us waited for one of our friends and the newcomer to go try and see if anything could be done with the phone issue. The Royal Fountains were still on for some reason, but looked gorgeous at night with the new lighting package. Also, I want to make a shout-out to the Kings Island ride crews: you guys were doing an AMAZING job on this day! Almost every ride in the park was getting great dispatches and running at 100% capacity, which really helped with the huge crowds, rarely did we see a line of 60 minutes or longer in spite of a nearly full parking lot. And so, our friends came back having talked to KI Employees, and we left the park. And that does it for yet another McSalsa trip report! Now, Pros/Cons: PROS +Rides were running amazingly well (unless you got a bad seat on certain ones) +Ride crews, as said a minute ago, were doing a epic job +Gravity is still awesome, sadly it leaves soon +The Park looked beautiful, especially after dark CONS -Vortex and Adventure Express both hurt a decent bit if ridden in "bad" seats (Vortex was very enjoyable from good seats though, didn't ride AE in a non-wheel seat...) -Huge Crowds, Especially After Waterpark Closed, Not Park's Fault Though -Very Hot And that does it for this trip report! MCSALSA AWAY!!! (As usual questions and comments welcome) Edit: Could not get pictures to work for now, will link them in a 2nd post here if I can find a way.
  22. I also rode The Bat yesterday- twice, once at night- and am also here to tell the tale. The ride is safe.
  23. I was just about to say this, but you made it WAY more compact. LOL. A 296 foot coaster with a 301 foot drop (which will probably have its height listed as 301 feet- Leviathan's height appears shorter than its drop too but they claim 306 feet for it) is gonna draw in just as many of the local GP as a monster Giga with a 330 foot height, bigger drop of 320-340 feet, and 1000+ foot more track that costs 5-10+ million more (with cost of steel, probably closer to 10m). All the bigger coaster would really do is draw in more enthusiasts from far away and since Kings Island lacks its own Hotel, they can't make too much money of that the way Cedar Point can since CP has Hotel Breakers, Express Hotel, the Log Cabins, and more (Cedar Point and KI have almost the same attendance, yet CP makes tons more money, and I think the Hotels are the big reason why that is). Carowinds also already had cabins, and is now getting its own Hotel this fall. However Kings Island also can't really get its own Hotel because now Great Wolf Lodge exists. They- and the other local hotels- would be the ones getting most of the extra money from distant travellers if KI did go all-out and build a monster Giga. Had KI never let that land go, Cedar Fair could have built KI its own Hotel, and suddenly record-breaking coasters to attract more guests from farther away than KI's main cities would make more sense as now the park could make more money off them.
  24. Low power so must keep this short. Today was amazing! Full trip report tomorrow possibly. Also: got last ride of night on...BEAST!!! Was epic.
  25. Having a great day even though it is very busy. Phone is at 50% so updates from here on will be scarce. But have a pic of Banshee!
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