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  1. This is not my poll, but I do love these head-2-head type polls as I feel they are more accurate than popularity polls as representing how well-liked a roller coaster really is (plus this method is great at revealing hidden gems at parks that never get any attention). So I figured I would post about it yet again. The ElloCoaster basically replaces the old Mitch Hawker polls, which ended in 2013 for some unknown reason (I fear something bad may have happened). This year, ElloCoaster boasts a new poll: THE STEEL POLL IS FINALLY HERE! Here is a link to the ballots for wood and steel: http://www.ellocoaster.com/the-ballot Note that coasters RCDB lists as kiddie on the steel poll don't count. Granted, this is a bit odd since Great Pumpkin Coaster is listed as "Family" for some reason, but Wilderness Run (formerly Junior Gemini) at Cedar Point is listed as kiddie (and thus not in the poll). I'll also give a tip for this poll- especially for the steel part. My suggestion is to use Control+F and look up the parks you have been to, and then mark all the coasters you have ridden in those parks. Then when you have done this for all your parks, delete the coasters you have not ridden and then begin your rankings. I imagine most people are gonna be deleting well over 2,000 steel credits they don't have. BTW, here is what my personal ballot looks like- my entire wood Ballot (have only ridden 10 Woodies even counting Racer as 2), plus my Top 10 Steel (out of 27 that counted towards this year's ballot): WOODEN COASTERS 1. The Voyage @ Holiday World 2. The Beast @ Kings Island 3. Mystic Timbers @ Kings Island 4. The Legend @ Holiday World 5. The Raven @ Holiday World 6. The Racer (Blue) @ Kings Island 7. Blue Streak @ Cedar Point (Blue Racer ran so well over Red IMO in 2019, there was a big enough gap that Blue Streak sneaks between them!) 8. The Racer (Red) @ Kings Island 9. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach 10. Woodstock Express @ Kings Island STEEL COASTERS (Top 10 out of 27 Ridden that Operated in 2019) 1. Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point 2. Maverick @ Cedar Point 3. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point 4. Magnum XL-200 @ Cedar Point 5. Diamondback @ Kings Island 6. Raptor @ Cedar Point (Surpassed Banshee and others with some epic rides a month or so ago) 7. Banshee @ Kings Island 8. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point 9. GateKeeper @ Cedar Point 10. Valravn @ Cedar Point BTW, here are some things I am looking forward to in this poll: -Where will Steel Curtain, Copperhead Strike, Yukon Striker, and MAXX Force end up ranking as these are the new-for-2019 coasters? -How will Vortex rank in its only year on this poll (should give a good idea how loved/hated the ride really was)? -Will Wildfire @ Kolmarden defend its title as the #1 wooden coaster from last year? Or will El Toro or some other coaster steal the title? -What steel coaster will win best steel coaster 2019? (My guess is: Steel Vengeance @ Cedar Point!) -How will the B&M Gigas, Fury 325 and Leviathan, rank- as to give us a realistic expectation for how Orion may do in 2020? -What rides will be "MOST SUCK"?
  2. Technically, it is a tie between Orion and Intimidator 305, as both of them have 85 degree drops: https://rcdb.com/4520.htm Though if you count launched Gigas, Red Force takes the cake with a 90 degree drop: https://rcdb.com/10698.htm
  3. Wow, that looks cool. I like how it goes from a sit-down coaster to a inverted/suspended coaster and then back again while still doing inversions. Clearly this is still very early in development (I expect final models will seat more than 4 people) but it already looks interesting.
  4. Yeah, Adventure Express seems much more do-able to get to hit 1 million. Invertigo may not even have enough capacity to hit 1,000,000 guests per year since it only runs 1 train.
  5. Based on that- assuming the other rides held somewhat steady to 2015- Vortex was still one of the more popular rides in the park in terms of rider numbers. It probably dropped one spot- thanks to the debut of Mystic Timbers, which from everything I have heard is in the million riders club (which would put it ahead of Vortex). Also 862,000+ riders per year would actually be the most ridden ride at a lot of parks- I think I even read somewhere that Kings Dominion's MOST RIDDEN coaster, Dominator (at least I think), only gets like 850k-900k riders per year (though I imagine a lot of this is probably because Kings Dominion is a park that generally only gets 1.5-2 million guests per year or so, Kings Island gets 3-3.5 million)!
  6. Le sigh. And it's officially over. Sadly I was unable to come get 1 last ride in on Vortex, things kept getting in the way of visiting the park during Haunt so my final memories of the coaster are from July 13th. At least for the most part, they were good memories: I got kinda beat up on the last ride in 2-2, but I also got some epic rides earlier that were actually quite smooth in 7-1 (complete with ejector air). I have kept track of my rides ever since my first one in 2009 (like many on here, Vortex was my first looping coaster) and I managed to get 23 rides total over a 10 year span- considering I only got to KI once a year until recently and even missed a few years, 2.3 rides per year average isn't too bad I'd say. While I am excited for Orion, I am gonna miss Vortex- unlike Firehawk, which I only rode 4 times because the line was almost always too long, Vortex was a staple on many of my Kings Island visits: with short wait times, it was my go-to coaster for crowded days or if I just wanted to kill a bit of time (say if I wanted to do a Beast night ride and it wasn't 100% dark yet). Whatever replaces Vortex (I expect 2023-2025 range to be when this happens) is gonna have some big shoes to fill. Then again, Vortex itself replaced The Bat, one of the most famous defunct coasters ever created. Hopefully KI can pull off the hat trick, and the 3rd coaster (I do think a coaster will go in Vortex's spot- it is very uneven and thus would not really work flat rides and stuff) to occupy that plot is as epic as Vortex must have been when it opened in 1987.
  7. To add to this: CBS didn't even own the park very long. March 2005 (the CBS Viacom Split) to June/July 2006. Italian Job Stunt Track- a small coaster but still a coaster- was pretty much a Viacom addition, and I'd imagine at that point in 2005 it was pretty much done with construction and ready for testing. The main thing CBS did was jack up lots of prices around the park, to increase profits and make it look better to potential buyers. The only actual additions the park made under CBS ownership came in 2006, when Hanna-Barbera Land became Nickelodeon Universe. A few kids rides were removed- including Scooby's Ghoster Coaster- and a few were added, but nothing major was removed under CBS (Viacom was the one who got rid of the Antique Cars and sent the Flying Eagles to Carowinds) and they very likely did not spend $30 million on the replacement rides that went into the then-new Nick U. (And this does not factor in the Antique Cars, I-Street Renovations, Switch from Reds to Brewhouse, Blue Racer Trackwork or Glockenspiel Fixes of 2019 that surely cost money)
  8. McSalsa

    Beast Brakes

    ^ Also, for the record: I have heard Beast runs with less trims (they shorten some of them by taking small sections of them off) during the spring and fall seasons compared to mid-summer as the ride is usually only running during weekends at this point, and it is usually cooler so the rides don't run as fast as they do on hot summer days.
  9. TBH, not too shocked. I went about a month ago and it was crazier than I have ever seen any park, Halloweekends already got packed at Cedar Point and now you have a shiny new $99 Gold Pass boosting crowds even further (though even had they not done Gold Pass the park would still be PACKED today- people seem to love the Haunt events). Even a 10% boost or something from Gold Passes would drive the park to capacity, based on previous years. Plus it is very, very nice today. May and June next year may also see a slight attendance bump from Gold Pass, but at least those months were not crazy crowded to begin with like August-October have become. Heck, from what I have heard today Kings Island is very crowded as well (my sister is there without me ATM- there was no room in the car for me to come). Banshee is apparently a 90 minute wait. I have not seen a line for it that long since Opening Day 2014!
  10. Woah. Imagine how different Kings Island would have ended up had that happened. My thoughts on this (Warning- BIG POST AHEAD): The park would have ended up separated from its former Taft brethren, as Paramount still gets those. The Bat (then TOP GUN) would probably have still happened as that was in the works well before it opened in 1993, just with a different name and theme, but: no Flight of Fear (Paramount likely builds a 2nd FOF still but at Carowinds or Canada's Wonderland). No Drop Tower- Cedar Fair always seemed to add S&S Combo Towers instead. No Invertigo- Cedar Fair generally avoided Vekomas. No Son of Beast- Cedar Fair would have known better than to add such a massive woodie thanks to their experience with Mean Streak, so the park would actually dodge a bullet there. No Tomb Raider: The Ride as Cedar Fair would not do a mega themed ride like this in 2002 as Kinzel was still stung by Disaster Transport's flop. No Delirium (because no TR:TR and Delirium was apparently built just due to the early success TR:TR had). No Backlot Stunt Coaster- though this means the OG Antique Cars and Flying Eagles both stay, likely even to this day. Yay a plus! Even the Cedar Fair era stuff is not "safe". No Diamondback- as we likely would have gotten a hyper much earlier than 2009, maybe even in the mid to late 90s. It would have likely been a Morgan or a early era B&M. No Banshee in 2014- we likely do get a Invert, I would guess sometime in the mid 2000s, and it would probably be somewhere else as there would be no failed Son of Beast to replace. A GCI may have come sooner, or maybe we'd even have a Intamin Prefab built back when they were on much better terms with Cedar Fair, so also no 2017 Mystic Timbers most likely. With no Canada's Wonderland or Carowinds under Cedar Fair, would a B&M Giga have even happened? This puts Orion in some doubt, though it could still be a thing- heck, maybe we even get the FIRST B&M Giga. I also have to wonder: what would have come instead, because Cedar Fair would add new attractions to the park obviously. As stated in the previous paragraph, I do think we probably get a hyper much sooner, as well as a Invert, and a modern wooden coaster (GCI most likely, small chance Intamin Prefab). Other new big coaster additions would probably include a B&M Floorless (maybe even the record breaking one Cedar Point turned down to build Maverick) or a B&M Flying Coaster (Firehawk never comes, read on...). Flat ride additions would probably include a S&S Combo Tower. I dunno if Phantom Theatre would remain, or what Cedar Fair would replace it with. Lion County Safari probably leaves as Cedar Fair doesn't do animal attractions like that. Firehawk never comes in 2007, because I don't think Cedar Fair buys the other Paramount Parks in 2006. They just wanted KI, so they never go into massive debt. Because of this, Geauga Lake never closes (Cedar Fair suddenly had a lot of debt and a bunch of new parks that needed rides so they cut Geauga Lake), and because of this X-Flight likely stays put where it spends the rest of its life until its demise at the end of 2018. Geauga Lake probably doesn't get many large additions post 2004 though, but at least they'd be open. (Geauga Lake would probably be in a similar state to Worlds of Fun right now in terms of new additions and stuff). I fear for the other Taft/Keco parks though in this AU. If Cedar Fair skips on buying them in 2006, because they already have KI, then it is likely they end up under CBS ownership for several years at least. Would Six Flags have bought them? Probably not due to huge debt at this time. IMO Kings Island would likely be in much better shape than all the other former Taft parks in 2019, unless Busch Gardens or some other great owner bought them. And to end this: for a brief period in the 1990s, the kids area would have been...Berenstain Bears! (Then becoming Snoopy in late 90s)
  11. From what I heard, most likely. Kingda Ka has had its launch cable snap and things like that and has been closed for long periods as well. The same is true for the smaller Xcelerator at Knotts, which was the prototype for this model. Interestingly Red Force in Spain, a newer and more updated version of this ride (though not quite as tall), uses LIMs instead of a launch cable. However because it is way over in Spain I have no idea how much this change has helped reliability versus the old cable launch models.
  12. From what I have heard RMC can indeed do loops, but their lead designer, Alan Schilke, doesn't like them so his designs don't use them (save Tennessee Tornado which he did with Arrow in 1999). Thus we aren't likely to see a loop on a huge RMC Hybird Coaster as long as he is the designer. Thus if the park did decide to build a huge RMC (I would not be opposed) I'd imagine they might have to either come up with a new theme (they'd probably go this route- it would just be a huge RMC with little to no storyline ties to SOB), or find some way to explain why there isn't a loop in a SOB "tribute" coaster.
  13. Can confirm this. Showed up to the park last year during Haunt on a Saturday, rode everything except Firehawk at least once. Diamondback and Mystic Timbers were 5 minute waits or less early on. Then around 2pm the crowds began to kick in, those 5 minute waits became 30...45...and then by the time Haunt began they were up to an hour. Granted the ride crews at KI have also been doing a great job so the longest I actually had to wait was 1 hour for a Beast night ride, Mystic Timbers was only a 45 minute wait in spite of being listed at 75 since the ride crew was getting trains out very fast. Then around 11pm, people begin to leave usually, so the lines ease up a bit around this time- though they don't go back to how short they were in the morning, they will go from say a 60 minute wait for Beast to about 30'ish towards close. If you don't mind staying late, you can sometimes grab 2-3 extra night rides on coasters and stuff if you get lucky.
  14. According to the web site Que Times (which apparently uses Cedar Fair's data), Beast has re-opened. If this is correct it must have just gone back up not long ago, as most other rides in the park have decent listed waits (will probably get even worse as Haunt approaches) yet it is listed as just being open.
  15. Here is a picture I took with my phone on Saturday July 13th this year. Vortex was the first roller coaster I actually took a "solo" picture of, as all my pictures before this were park "skyline" pics. I took this picture while walking over to Vortex as Beast had broken down, had to wait 30 minutes (longest I have ever waited for Vortex- it got pretty busy this day because Saturday in July) but I did get a great ride in 7-1 so IMO it was worth the wait.
  16. Ehh, if this happens, I had my own Joke: The Beast- Presented by Snickers PS: I too hope this does not happen, or if it does Kings Island at least somehow stays at least somewhat similar to how it is now. Though I fear that may be unlikely.
  17. Yeah I thought of that. Of the 3 rides though, if something structural or track repair does need done, Magnum probably has the best chance that Cedar Fair will pay to have it done. Anaconda and Viper probably won't warrant a expensive repair like that at all, if Vortex couldn't. Granted if it is really bad, even Magnum's popularity won't save it. Volcano's issues were bad enough that they removed it even though it was clearly one of the most beloved coasters at Kings Dominion.
  18. IMO of those 3, Magnum probably has the best chance of survival as it is still pretty popular in spite of its age. When I was at Cedar Point a few weeks ago (first weekend of Halloweekends) I noticed in the operator's booth it has already given 1,000,000+ rides this year alone. Raptor, for comparison- one of CP's most popular B&Ms, was only at 930,000. Though I do think they may have to give Magnum a major overhaul/repair soon, due to its age. Anaconda and Viper are probably screwed though.
  19. You forgot about The Bat. I would think AE is safe because Mine Trains have not really been getting demolished as of late, with some of them going on to be 50+ this year like Cedar Creek Mine Ride. The Bat I have started to worry about: it is over 25- the age at which Big Bad Wolf was demolished- and it is a rarer model than the very common Mine Train coasters, with seemingly many more moving parts. I do think it'll stick around for a while, but I don't know how much longer it really has. And while they are not Arrows, I have similar thoughts about Invertigo and Flight of Fear in the upcoming decade (2020-2029).
  20. Also if you read the blog, Gold and Platinum passholders can get 30 minutes of ERT on Saturdays and Sundays as Vortex has been added to the lineup for that alongside Mystic Timbers and Diamondback.
  21. Vortex probably is structurally safe now, but I guess Kings Island's maintenance crews have been monitoring it and realized it's gonna need some big re-tracking or structural replacement this offseason to stay that way, which for a steel coaster is very expensive. And with declining ridership, Cedar Fair probably doesn't wanna spend millions of dollars on a aging ride that is losing popularity. Granted this could also mean some part was actually rare and expensive, and thus cost too much for Cedar Fair to justify replacing it. I do remember meeting a staff member at Holiday World who said they removed Pilgrims Plunge/Giraffica because a replacement part was gonna cost $1 million dollars by itself, and ridership for that ride was already declining even though it was a mere 5 years old. I also fear that we are about to see a lot of coasters go defunct in the next 5-10 years. Magnum XL-200 started a coaster war in 1989, and with that war many new rides were built, but now those same rides are approaching the 30+ year old age when most parks say a ride has reached the end of their life. The still-popular ones that warrant it will get the maintenance and care needed to keep them running (to a point, sometimes repairs or parts are just too expensive even for legendary rides). But the lesser stuff (mainly Boomerangs and SLCs, etc.) is probably doomed. Heck, we have already seen this with most of this era's signature wooden coasters getting demolished or RMC'd.
  22. Yeah, I also think it was probably metal fatigue- I don't think replacement parts for Vortex could have been that expensive, and it was still a very high capacity ride. KI probably would have preferred to keep it around at least a few more years to be a low-wait option for guests. But, if the structural integrity was going bad, then this was sadly the only option. Firehawk probably was a parts issue, as Vekoma seems to have stopped supplying parts for their older, less popular ride types as they move onto new ones. While I fear for Bat (it has lasted longer than Big Bad Wolf already), I think Adventure Express will be OK- it has a mostly wooden structure, and there are some very very old Mine Trains still in Operation (Cedar Creek Mine Ride turned 50 this year and is still in operation with no signs of going away). I think the fact they are family coasters and thus not as fast or intense as the big loopers helps a lot in this regard.
  23. Vortex was, like many other people on here, my first looping roller coaster. My first ride was in 2009, and this was only the 2nd coaster I rode on that trip that broke my fear of them (Beast was the 1st). I enjoyed it, but it was not until I found out how good the ride was from 5-1 in 2010 that I fell in love. Since then, I have ridden the coaster on all but 2 of my recent visits to Kings Island: in 2014 when Banshee opened (waiting 4 1/2 hours for Banshee sucked up all our time) and on a day last year when a bad wheel seat Beast ride hurt my shoulder, making Vortex a no-go. I do have some memories already from 2019, which will be the ride's final season, from my trip back in July. Beast was down, so I headed over and got what may have been the best ride I ever got on Vortex from 7-1 after about a 30 minute wait. A old guy was sitting behind me in 7-2, and he also loved it. Later on, I came back for a night ride while the rest of my group was smoking, and saw a little kid who had just hit 48 inches who's parents said he had ridden it twice in a row and was going for a 3rd. That made me "D'AWW". I feel bad for that poor kid, and his parents, who now have to explain the coaster he loved so much isn't going to be there in 2020. RIP Vortex: I will probably be there for Haunt to get last rides on you. Please don't be like Firehawk and be down the entire time, open up, I wait 20 minutes and then go down again. Then again, Vortex has generally been much more reliable to me than Firehawk ever was.
  24. Oof. After Firehawk was removed last year, I was expecting the other coasters at the park would all last at least a few more years and co-exist with Orion. Sadly I woke up to find this. I'm one of the people who actually liked Vortex, to the point when it does go, it is gonna be my new favorite defunct coaster or ride, surpassing Pilgrims Plunge/Giraffica for that title (and fairly easily). Unlike Firehawk- which I only ever rode 4 times- I have been on Vortex 23 times so far and on almost every visit (will likely being adding to that total as was planning to go for Haunt this year). It's one of my go-to rides on days like Haunt Saturdays, when the park gets very crowded. Which makes this much more of a gut-punch than Firehawk was. Plus Orion is replacing Firehawk, and looks to be a big upgrade, but I fear we are waiting a while before something replaces Vortex, at least until 2023. I think a B&M Dive is pretty likely- they are GP Pleasers, High Capacity, and comparatively cheap versus B&M's other big looping models. KI is gonna want to replace Vortex's capacity eventually, and Vortex had really good capacity so that will be tricky to do. A RMC wooden coaster could also be a option, but Steel Vengeance is still CP's newest coaster and will likely still be very popular in 2023 even if CP adds a new coaster soon, so I don't know if they would add a similar-ish RMC to Kings Island so soon. Most of the other ride types I can think of in this spot are more expensive, such as a B&M Floorless (would be a pretty much direct replacement for Vortex) or a Mack Multi-Launch like Copperhead Strike (but CH cost $30m so if this is the model they wanna replace Vortex with it may be a few years, possibly as late as 2024 or 2025). I also fear for Invertigo (which I thought might go before Vortex but it could live a few more years from Stinger parts), The Bat, and maybe even Flight of Fear in coming years. They are all also aging models and parts I imagine must be getting harder to come by. (Adventure Express is older but Mine Trains seem to last crazy long, and by their standards AE is still young) And of course for all the other Arrow Loopers in the chain (Corkscrew, Anaconda, Carolina Cyclone, etc): if Vortex is going, I don't see the other ones outliving it by that much.
  25. In terms of height, according to RCDB, Nemesis @ Alton Towers at a mere 42.6 feet tall. However it does have a 104 foot largest drop, because it goes into a ravine. Also in spite of its small size I have constantly heard it is one of the best B&M Inverts ever made. Random Fun Fact: You could stack 7 and half Nemesises on top of each other and the ride would still be a tiny bit shorter than Fury 325, B&M's largest coaster to date!
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