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  1. Great to read about all these terrific reviews. Won't be able to make the trip out to the park this year. Anyone who rides today and this weekend, have a blast. Merchandise looks amazing too.
  2. Noise seems to carry in the summer nights for some reason. These buffoons need to turn on their air conditioners/fan to help drown out the noise. I don't know how many times I've stayed at hotels near the railroad tracks by Rte 6 in Sandusky by Cedar Point and all we do is leave the air conditioner on to help drown out the noise of the train going by and it works for us. If they don't like it sell and move out.
  3. I bought a brick and a mini brick. Hopefully they stay there for many years.
  4. Picked up a Beast mug on my visit last week. Just wish they has Beast HO scale trains for sale. Oh well.
  5. I'm the furthest thing from any expert reading prints, but does anyone see or is there a MCBR with this coaster. If not this thing could really be hauling.
  6. I could not agree more with this. As I mentioned earlier I wish B&M would incorporate RMCs elements into their coasters. Beg, borrow steel do what ever to put in a couple of outerbank turns, and sudden change of direction would really enhance the ride. You mentioned B&M is about as cookie cutter as it gets, well its time to get out of the cookie cutter syndrome and be even more creative. A coaster that's between quite possibly 5000-6000ft can give rider quite a ride experience if the designers dare push the envelope.
  7. We don't know the actual design yet, but oh I wish B&M would incorporate some of RMC's elements into their ride. Would like to see a couple of outer banked turns for sure but one can wish.
  8. Have the plane on standby
  9. For all those wanting to take vids and pics of any further land clearing, I'm thinking there may be a 'Running of the Bulls" to the Eiffel Tower' If there is don't get your heel stepped on.
  10. After listening to that music, I feel like floating into any rollercoaster station I come to regadless of what it is.
  11. I have a question for the forum here. If there is potentially a new plaza, do you thing KI would use the pedestals from I-Street. A ton of people on this board like those pedestals and I',m wondering if the park could possibly incorporate them in a new plaza. I've never been to the park and will visit the first time for 3 days at the end of May before I head up to CoasterMania and I'm looking forward to my visit.
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