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  1. I am talking about the ones through out the ride...
  2. If we learned from Banshee, then we know we probably have about 1 year worth of all of this lighting working before it starts to go bad. Note that now next to none of Banshee's lighting works now.
  3. I wanna bet it might be White water Canyon.
  4. Former Employee of Banshee/Diamondback and also a little bit of Maverick! (I also operated numerous other rides part-time through the park) Got any questions let me know!
  5. I love how with Banshee the park was very strict about people taking photos and videos on the property (Specifically the pick up/drop off area) But this year they haven't said a word about it, and I see a lot of people using that this year.
  6. Son of Beast and Diamondback operated together for roughly 2 months. I always forget that fact.
  7. I've kinda threw out there that I think a copperhead type of ride would work well in that area. I get that Backlot is right there, but I think the park could do with a new launch coaster. Or they could use Mack with a lift hill.
  8. I'm hopeful to see closure and the park releasing a video within the next few days. I know the park is celebrating Orion's first test runs and achievements, but some closure is needed on Vortex still. Just think... Orion tested while parts of Vortex were still standing tall.
  9. Such a drastic difference over the period of 1 month...
  10. Banshee's POV was done about a week or two before the park opened to the public to give you an idea.
  11. I mean, The Park can contact the FAA, and then you answer to the FAA.
  12. I can confirm it's WCPO Source is FlightRadar24 over Kings Island.
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