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  1. I was expecting Winterfest to be a great event, it exceeded my expectations by far. It definitely gives Dollywood a run for its money (which says a lot because Dollywood at Christmas is incredible) and the local Cincinnati events (Zoo, Christmas Ranch, Sharonwoods first come to mind) truly pale in comparison to what Kings Island has done. I don’t think it’s possible to see everything in one visit. Between the lights and entertainment, every where you go there’s more to see and do. I missed a lot of the live acts, but the ones we were able to see where good. Roaming characters, music really add to the event. The mac and cheese bar located where Hank’s is during regular season is delicious. I don’t know how well it would do during regular season, but I would not be disappointed if it stuck around.
  2. I actually thought the DA! Crew was consistently one of the more friendly crews in the park. That was my favorite place to go when the park was crowded. Between it being an excellent path to walk everyone seemed happy back there
  3. Excellent trip report. Dollywood is one of my all time favorite places to go. It’s a beautiful park. Thanks for sharing.
  4. It was one of my favorite days there this season. Money well spent and it went to a good cause. I wish the environment could carry over every day like it was that night. Even the ride ops seemed far more chipper than they normally are. I plan on returning next year. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  5. I will be there. It should be a great time. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  6. Sad? Not really. 5-10 is still a minimal amount considering the amount of shows that were done, how large the painting is, etc. Transporting home could be an issue. I don't know if arrangements can be made to have it sent home by other means is possible. Traveling long distance, smaller car with a lot of people would play into that number. We live close to the park compared to many if not most and had to have help getting it home. So 5-10 is still impressive. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  7. At Saturday's 3:30 show Princess Sparkles was picked to go on stage. I appreciate people who took and sent pics to me since my seat was further back and not in the best place for taking pics and I didn't want to get in the way of others seeing the show. The painting is much larger than I thought (as are the apes you can win in Coney Mall) it would be. Thanks to OhioColts mom (her screen name escapes me right now) who helped me get it home Sunday. After speaking with the lovely people in Guest Services, I was told by them out of all the shows only one time was the painting not picked up. Pretty cool that so many people picked them up. Once we get it hung up I will have to post pics. Courtesy of Jeff O. (Used with permission, but had to omit last name). Courtesy of Jeff O. (Used with permission, but had to omit last name). Courtesy of Don Helbig.
  8. The day before ^^ that incident, my Kaitlyn refused to ride that ride. She has since not let me forget she said no. It was actually a punch in the gut that it happened the following day. To this day it's rare Princess Sparkles will ride any type of drop ride. We rode The Big Droppy Thing (Zumanjaro) the day it opened and she willingly rode, but was really freaked out by the time the ride was over, which is not the norm for her on most rides. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  9. Princess Sparkles was nearly hit in the face with a flip flop riding Racer a few years ago. We think someone may have lost it on WindSeeker. Definitely startled and in disbelief at the time. There are times I wear my glasses on rides without a strap. I have never had anyone say anything at KI about it. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  10. You all will make her day. I will share this with her when she gets home. I try to tell her how great I think she is and she responds that I have to say it because I am her mom. I would find her awesome even if she wasn't my daughter. Thank you. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  11. Princess Sparkles apparently is the big meanie who took his GoPro away at Beast. You can hear her talking over the mic. Aside from the on ride recordings, he did a pretty good review of the park. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  12. Well after reading the comments this news will make people happy. Rumor has it the rapper gal from FoF has been promoted to train supervisor. I am sure the train spiels will be more delightful...
  13. Just catching up on this thread and this made *me* laugh. I speak for the trees because the trees have no tongues....Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  14. Woodstock Gliders - Flying Beagles Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
  15. I am 46. I am at the park enough that I haven't marathoned anything the past 2 seasons at Kings Island. Last time I really marathoned anything was Banshee during Scream Like A Kid night in 2014 and Racer in 2013. I think Banshee was 14 times, Racer 18. Last summer two friends of mine and I went to Holiday World and rode Revolution 3 times in a row. Two should have been it - well maybe once. One friend wanted to go a 4th time, but there was no way in the world I could do that. We marathoned Thunderbird 8 times without leaving our seats. I typically push more marathoning at parks not as close to home. I do know I pay a pretty steep price for the marathons in the days that follow. Sent from my SM-G860P using Tapatalk
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