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  1. It’s based on blueprints that were filed with the local government, so I don’t know how much more official it can get other than once it’s announced.
  2. Got to ride it three times this morning. I was actually very impressed—smooth and surprisingly forceful for a kiddie/family coaster! Great addition to the park and is sure to be very popular. Will be interesting to see how it functions since it has one train and has Fast Lane.
  3. This is not entirely true. They built a very nice little museum at Worlds of Fun for their 50th anniversary last year. It featured things like the front car of Orient Express and the drafting table that Randall Duell designed the park on. I was very impressed by it (and I was impressed by Worlds of Fun in general).
  4. The sign on this beer cart is incredibly nice. Looks like hand-painted wood. Was not expecting that at all!
  5. He was VP of Finance at Kings Island 1995-1998 and Assistant General Manager in 1998 before he was promoted to the GM position at KD later that year.
  6. Nice to see all the paintwork going in, and nice to finally get details about Pigpen’s Mess Hall. A little odd to me that they just talked about it and didn’t show off any renders, but maybe they are holding that off until later.
  7. I sure hope they repaint the building. It would be embarrassing to still have it painted the Subway colors this season!
  8. New construction video from the park posted today.
  9. Iron Menace has completed its first test run!
  10. I attended Dorney Park's Winter Chill Out yesterday and got to see Iron Menace in person. I am very excited for this ride! As has been noted many times before, this is something very unique compared to Dorney's competition and will definitely allow them to stand out. It looks a lot taller in person, and the colors really pop. It is shocking that they were able to fit such a huge ride into a piece of property formerly occupied by a Vekoma Boomerang! I am very excited to see the final thematic package for Iron Menace as well as for the surrounding Steel Yard land. The level of detail of what they have done so far is very impressive, especially for a park like Dorney. Kingdom Productions is doing the scenic fabrication; they did the fabrication/paintwork for Adventure Port last year. Everyone there seems very committed to the McTavish Steel backstory, and it's so awesome that the corporate XDS team developed this authentic, regional story to reflect in the park. I also have to note their Ghost in the Machine haunted maze, which we walked through with the lights on. I was absolutely blown away by it! Everyone at Dorney is so excited for this ride. I got the chance to speak to both their Communications Director and their General Manager, and they were so enthusiastic about Iron Menace, Dorney Park, and hosting this event for the first time. It really seems like this project has injected so much new life into the park. I attended Dorney twice in 2022, while I was completing an internship at Hersheypark, and thought it was very "meh." After yesterday, I walked away very impressed and excited for Dorney's future. I can't wait for Iron Menace to open and see where they go from here!
  11. The logo that was used for the 50th was probably the biggest missed opportunity of all. It would have cost them nothing extra to use the vintage logo, and it would have gone a long ways towards restoring Kings Island's unique identity.
  12. Orion is a great ride, and I am happy that we have it. It is probably (at least) top 50 coaster in the world...but we deserved a top 15 or top 10. The theming of it was also certainly a missed opportunity. The final storyline that we ended up with was not at strong as the earlier proposals.
  13. Absolutely devastating news. One of my favorite places from my childhood, and still one of my favorite places to go and show friends when I'm visiting home. Countless family memories there, especially with my late grandparents. I wish that I could buy it myself. Sadly, I don't have $6.5 million lying around.
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