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Hundreds of Fall Freak Out & Fearfest Photos Added

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The staff of PKIC was honored to attend PKI's Fall Freak Out yesterday!

The day was loaded with all sorts of sorts of events including:

Flight of Fear backstage tour (King Cobra Trains in there)

Beast backstage tour

Son of Beast backstage tour

Yet another amazing Stevie B scavenger hunt

Dinner with a special guest speaker

ERTs and EHTs (exclusive HAUNT times)

and the presentation of an ACE landmark at The Beast

Oh yeah, and while all this was going on, PKI also had an AMAZING reincarnation of Fearfest! This concept has improved by leaps and bounds since last year!

Click here to see our Fall Freak Out pics!

Click here to see our amazing Fearfest pics!

PKIC would like to thank ACE and GOCC for sponsoring such an amazing event. We would also like to give a big hand to PKI's stellar marketing team. This once again proves that they are the best in the business!



PKIC Staff

Dane: Bill has just wrapped up the editing on 3 new videos! First a video of Flight of Fear in the bowl of the empty train. Second, clips of The Beast walkback including a amazing shot of the group with The Beast flying by. Third another snapping video with all of us going crazy. And the snap to end all snaps... Watch it, you know what I mean.

Click here for a link to the video section.

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I paid to attend the event and planned to go. However, come Saturday morning BOTH my wife and my son were sick. Hence, I was unable to attend. I hope that there will be a similar event next year.

Have a great day!

Italian Chef


Your wife and kid were sick, which accounts for them not being there, but YOU were fine...

Just kidding, Charles. It's noble that you look out for your family so much. :chef:

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Until recently, it was Dane and I who did every update, took every pic, etc. Recently we acquired Bill who has, in my opinion, proven himself over and over in only a matter of only a couple of weeks. His skills behind the DV cam have made our ability to cover excellent events like this that much better, and hopefully enable us to bring to you, what you would consider, a better product.

Kimberly, thanks for hanging out with us Saturday night. The pleasure was all on our side of the fine-crafted Philadelphia Toboggan. :D

Once again, a special thanks goes out to everyone who planned, organized, sponsored, and attended this event. Quite a blast, wasn't it?


Save the Flyers! :angry:

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Well some great pictures and Videos keep up the good work. When did the Fall Freak out take place? If it was this past weekend I was sick so I was at home all weekend. If they do move the Flyers I see they still have some work getting the old Flight Commander spot ready. I am sure it will not take much time to move the ride if it gets moved.

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<span style='font-family:Impact'>I just wanted to thank all of you who came out Saturday for the 2004 Fall Freak Out Event. We had such a great time! Also, a specaial "thank you" to Dane and Ryan for all your hard work on PKIC - the site looks amazing!! ;) ~ Kimberly</span>

That remidns me...Drop any pins lately? :lol:

NO! I'm jsut kidding!

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