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TR: Holiday World

AZ Kinda Guy

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What is there to say about Holiday World that hasn't been said before? The place is just great. I make a trip there every year.

This time it was only three of us. Myself, my girl Sarah, and Chris. We drove there and back in the same day(sunday) and I manged to spend no more then 40 bucks and thats with a fillup of gas included. Not to shabby eh? See, you can visit amusement parks and not have to spend insane amounts of money. Anywho, here's the pics.....

Heres the pics

Like always, let me know what you think of the pics.

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Now, I've never been there, but from what I understand, they have areas dedicated to Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July... is that right?  How do they go by themeing to that?

:: cracks knuckles ::

okay ive visited and gawked enough...

there are Three Sections...

first, Christmas, Mainly Food and Shops, and a Game Stand(Skee-Ball)

There is a Kiddy Ride Area Rudolph's Ranch, has 4 Rotating rides, with a carousel, planes, ships, seahorses, and they have some baby bumper boats, but not like coney island, that they have no motors, my neice rides them, the operators play with them, but they drive themselves... there is also a kid play structure in the back by the raven, that comes last... the play structure has a ball pit... which ive heard can stay due to frequent cleaning...


theming X-mas (which IS correct) is done by Elf-ish Buildings Greens and Reds, red flowers, and benches, Santa Claus Staue, Nativity Set, and those kiddy rides have reindeer named on them, i think dasher dancer prancer comet and blitzen... not so sure...


now it doesnt seem to have a very themed atmosphere, but due to there being different sets of music in each section, it makes it better, there is hillbilly-->modern-american praise music, like god bless america... there are two specific rides on the x-mas side, the spider and the tiques... the spider has a themed station, a gazebo, and it is called Paul Revere's Midnight Ride, and you could even picture a light in the gazebo, and a Weather Vane on top! the tiques across teh path have a barn style entrance, and have a small shed over the queueing guests, the station itself is NOT covered however, like "les Taxis" these cars have a fairly short track, a squashed figure eight... and they pass by HallowSwings, later to come...

4th of july heads back to the next segement... Liberty Launch, Rough Riders, and Thunder Bumpers on "chesapeake bay", typically the names say it, LIBERTY, TEDDY ROOSEVELTS ROUGH RIDERS, CHESAPEAKE BAY, liberty launch is Navy White and some red and yellow, Rough Riders Bumper cars are not cars, they are Buffalo, and Horses, that go in a tight oval shape... moving on...

THE TRAIN, MOTHER GOOSE TRAIN, called Freedom Train, been in the park since the 40s, when it openned, and it circles the other kiddy area, Holidog's Funtown, a place for Kids, a roller coaster, jeeps, slides, all themed to the parks beloved Holidog Character... the train has several statues around it, and has nice stories and nursery rhymes to it, only one train for it, so there is typically SOME wait, the only operator rides on it... and its very loud in the front, ha ha, i have squeezed into the 1.5 ft. wide door in front, it hurts, i suggest the "open car" to any one...

next, we head down into the Basketball area, there is a big 4 hoop Basketball Game, next to the 8 tub scooters! but no snapping, as it is both impossible, and illegal at this park, you get frowned on... across the path is the roundhouse (themed to sound like the trainstation roundhouse where the engine spins and locates to another peice of track...) and has been replaced with the new revolution, you can use your imagination, 4th of july is quite large, so bear with me, almost done... there is constant themeing throughout, mainly the fact of teh BBQ USA food stand, ALAMO MEXICAN RESTAURANT, and the effect the buildings possess... the rest of the rides include RAGING RAPIDS IN BOULDER CANYON, a short canyon rapids ride, very short, but very wet, you will most definietly get wet, trust me, i have been drenched... and yeah there are pay cannons... not toolong of a wait... three more rides... the Virginia Reel, DONT START NOW! it is NOT a roller coaster, it is a Tilt-a-Whirl, and i think i have figured the name out... it is an old dance derived from the Waltz, which is also where the coaster gets its derivative... two more, just baby rides... a fish ride, and a canoe ride, the canoe ride is themed to the INDIAN RIVER, and has two native statues, and the height board is themed to native colors, and the fish are just quite nice, thay do have a red and blue top to it... there is a stadium, i think called HOOSIER CELEBRATION THEATRE, there used to be a smaller one too, but it was moved and made bigger to allow the size of todays crowds, the old one was converted to a Smoking lounge before the park even went Smoke free, but speaking of which, it is now the 4th Of July Smiking area, as there are some in each themed section. theming explained, moving on...

Halloween, what a fun section, i like the exorcist theme song... WOW

HallowSwings Greets you, it is very pretty, it looks like Zephyr, but backwards, and its prettier, it has a halloween theme that is just beyond words, bats on top with rope light, and a giant jack-o-lantern, as well as halloween color striped canopy. there are 4 rides left... i will go ahead and get the scrambler out of the way, teh scarecrow scrambler, which has been run many a times, by the owner, pat koch, is just a typical scrambler, not risk of falling, unless you trip on an arm dry.giflaugh.gif

we will go ahead and talk about the restaurant, dive show and flume before the coasters, as i know you are dyinng at this point,

Frightful falls Log Flume holds i believe 4 people per Log, not 5! it has a very long dark tunnel, then meanders around a cemetary and under THE LEGEND ROLLER COASTER... tehn heads up the big ole' lift, then down quickly, its a rush! fun-times...

okay, when you exit Frightful falls, you come back up to Goblin Burgers, which has a picture of the slime green thing from ghost busters, and a photo opportunity to match, and all of this is in plain sight of the legend, so as you enjoy that "goblin burger" watch the legend a few times, see if your daring enough, HA! you can see the lift the drop, the helices if you turn your head... the finale and any station time, they work fast! and as you hop on you notice, this station looks like school! eek! the walls are so school like, there is even a chalkboard on the wall, and a bell on teh back end of the schoolhouse, i mean station. it is very nice, the Howl at the top is awesome, make you have a sudden chill before plummeting to the ground...

user posted image

on to the raven...

you head up the hill and watch the AWESOME DIVE SHOW which is visible fromthe raven queue, but you wont want to watch it if you are like me, too busy watching RAVEN! it circles above you, and heads to the lift and you really dont see much of the ride, till teh end, and it just rocks, think of our coasters also as the LOST IN THE WOODS FEELING...

user posted image

raven station is Gothic, and is really just cool, a bird of prey is juat an awesome concept,

the halloween area doesnt really have a lot of SPOOKY theming, but hey, its awesome! the arcade is called Merlin's castle, and thats all for Halloween, but as for the park, yeah thats about it...

you will just have to go visit to see what was voted the worlds #4 most beautiful WAter Park... which includes the legend in lots of its scenery...


HOLIDAY WORLD HAS A WEBCAM... on their website...


its awesome, but its fixed ont he Raven's new Transfer area, yes it took 10 years to finally get a second train, i think the transfer area will be something cool!

looks big!

ta ta for now!

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Know before everyone gets crazy over this let me just put my 2 cents in....

I know we ALL love Beast! right! Its absolutely amazing and its still the worlds longest woodie!! It has two lift hill and a GREAT double helix at the end!! What more could you want right???

Well I dont know about you but this is what i would love to see happening!

1st: I want new trains!!! Or 3 bench PTC trains are to heavy! Therefore if we get lighter trains then it willgo faster and be alot smoother!

2nd:I would love it if they would re-bank some of the turns on it. For instance the turn right before the Break Shed. It would be awesome to see them bank it another 20 degrees or something along with some other turns.

3rd: I would like them to take off some of the brakes. One of the reasons why its so rough is because there are to many brakes.

4th: They need to keep the same crew!!! LOL BEAST CREW 05'!!!!

But, This is the part everyone is like dang it not about that little Raven coaster thats 80' and 2731ft long and a mind boggling 48mph!!!

My first trip to HW was June04' and when I first say this coaster from the parking lot I was like there is NO WAY that this coaster is one of the top 3 best woodies! Its so small!!!!

The first drop is one of the best drops Ive ever been on and from there you fly over hills poppin out of ya seat like crazy then you make this huge awesome turn over the lake and then fly up another hill! (did I mention Your poppin out of your seat!!!) The 5th drop is what makes this coaster so special! its crazy the drop seems like its 180 ft tall and your going 90 mph but its only about 85 ft drop into a ravine and then your off through the Raven woods again poppin out of your seat (whast poppin) LOL smile.gif. You honestly feel like this coaster gains speed through out its coarse its that amazing!then you fly the woods and then flyinto the Brake run!! NO BRAKES until the end!!! There you have it the BEST coaster Not taking anything away from Beast but Raven delivers a better ride! And Night rides just BLOW beast night rides away Seriously!!! Its pitch black out there in the woods!!

No before everyone says I still think Beast is the best well then Have You been on Raven???? IF not then dont say "Beast is The Beast" Or Beast has the best night rides". The park is amazing and only 3 hours away so everyone needs to go!

Final thought>>>Id rather ride Raven than MILLENIUM FORCE or Raptor,Dragster any coaster in the world!! Besides Thunderhead because that ride is amazing also!!

Way to go HOLIDAY WORLD truelly THE BEST AMusement/Theme park out there!

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Okaaay, First off I have been on both Raven and Legend I have no clue why you people are saying the Raven beats The Beast..The Raven is a great coaster but is way too short and it may have a lotta airtime but The Beast gives you a feeling that your out-of-control when you ride it..its even better at night....The Raven doesnt give you a thrill like The Beast does The Beast is a lot longer and more fun....sorry but this FanBoy perfers The Beast besides.. The Beast has a Taste for birds laugh.giftongue.gifjerry.gif

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