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Nick Universe Remembered (photos)

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8 hours ago, flightoffear1996 said:

Man the things my 5 year old would do to run through that water maze.  I was trying to explain the area to him the other day and he was about in tears that they took it out.

Even as an adult, I loved that thing. It was very convenient for hot days. 

Most of my nostalgia is geared toward the Hanna-Barbera days. But as a kid, I did enjoy when they initially placed Nickelodeon in the park

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19 minutes ago, Kifan6754 said:

Wasn’t the Woodstock whirlybird themed after lazytown I cant remember for sure ?

It was. Lazytown Sporticopters was the name. Mainly named after Sportacus' Airship. That's mainly why that song makes me think of the Nickelodeon days of Kings Island because I rode that ride a lot when I was little. Even though they never played that song (at least when I was there). 

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