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Interesting Things Ride-Ops Do


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Guest dtk1376

But with a statement like that, I wonder why it has to be made? From a park point of view, why would I want my workers confusing my paying guests? I want them to know they are at a Cedar Fair park, not a park of flags....

Couldn't agree more, that would be like going through the McDonalds drive thru and them saying "Welcome to Burger King, may I take your order". It would seem kinda childish to me as it would with the Six Flags thing.

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As a former ride op here's my two cents.

Safety is the most important responsibility of any ride op on any ride. Capacity, entertainment, efficiency, etc. can all go out the window, safety takes time, patience, and dedication. I expect ride ops to learn the sounds, usual tendencies, safety systems & fire extinguisher locations, etc. etc. etc.

I expect them to comply with that before anything else. I did not have ops spiel until they were competent to do the job like it was their lifelong duty. Once the muscle memory and consistency are ingrained and perfect, then I can expect them to possibly multi task. However for a fresh new ride op to multi task, it doesn't end well. They may miss something, or not answer a question, or not have their eyes watching the ride (fumbling with mic, etc. etc.). However again once they're ready, let em take the mic and spiel to see how it works. If it doesn't work quite right, they can pass the mic back to someone else who's ok with it. It just all depends.

Give the ops time and operations will get smoother at KI. They only get a day to a few days of training before they see people, and once they see people honestly they are still being trained. They are still learning the techniques and tricks to do their job to the best of their ability. Trust me the first couple of weekends I had serious gripes, some around me saw me roll my eyes at operations. However again it just opened, I expect issues. The ride supervision and leadership will iron all that out in due time, if not feedback will eventually hit the ride and it will take care of itself.

In regards to spiels, information is nice to pass to the guests. It does help the guest and us as ride ops on how to board, where loose articles go, platform info (gates closed, someone handicap boarding, we'll get you on the next ride, etc.). Plus, as a ride op imagine doing a full 12+ hour day rotating the same positions all day on a quiet platform of just guests talking that's it. It helps keep a fun atmosphere alive (who doesn't want to have fun at work, especially at an Amusement Park) and also keeps the upbeat atmosphere on the ride up for the guests. A good person on the mic can get riders stoked for the ride and have fun, plus hearing an applause or a yell or something at the end of the ride. It boosts energy and fun for the guests and ride ops alike. I can't complain there. If you can belt out a fast spiel that gets some good necessary information out and some fun playful things that are appropriate and ok, I can't complain there at all. If the spiels are bad, hand over the mic or let there be a quiet platform. It's better to have nothing over the mic than a constant boring disinterested drone.

So all in all for you TL:DR folks. If they do it right and correct, and have a bit of fun with it amongst the employees and guests alike, there's nothing wrong it in my eyes, and I praise them for being fun and creative. If they suck, keep quiet and just do your job and develop a better spiel. My spiel sucked week one, after about a week of working it out with crew members and my roomates, I got better. My end of May I was rocking on the mic and having a blast with it while working the ride. Same can be said for KI ride ops if they're determined to.

For y'all that want the get in get out be quiet walkthrough deal, that's fine, but it's not all about you. Spiels work for employees just as much as guests being honest. Let us have fun at work with you while you ride, sounds like an awesome concept.

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I remember the automated spiels at Son of Beast mainly becuase they were awkward in the sense that the returning train of people who had just been beaten to death were OVER IT. I always found some comedy in that situation. That being said, I enjoyed the automated spiels from the Paramount days. Just seemed more professional.

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In line for Beast last year on 7-20, the ride op had incredible enthusiasm. Screaming "woo!" over and over, getting the crowd all psyched up, talking like a Ren-fest berserker. I filmed about 15 minutes of it. That performance was impressive. When the train returned he would say"You faced The Beast! You passed the test! How was it?!" He had them cheering before and after the ride. He's the best ride op I've ever seen.

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At Coasting For Kids the DB ride ops were making our night rides a little more interesting by quoting Spongebob.

"Train is clear!... at night."

"Get ready to ride Diamondback... at night."

They were also singing the Spongebob theme song while checking the restraints.

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"Are you like always here?" -op on Vortex

"Hey! I know you! You were here last week!" -op on Delirium

"You come here a lot" -op on Eiffel Tower

"Hey, its that long haired kid whos always here!" op on The Bat

"Hey there!" -op on Banshee

"Do I know you?" -op on Racer

"Seriously, this is like your millionth time on this thing." -op on Drop Tower

Im getting the feeling that i go to KI too much

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I mentioned this in my Trip Report thread, but one day I was at Flight of Fear and the person at the controls asked the station for a number 1-100. The number picked would match with a phrase to say when the train is sent out. All of them were very amusing, for example: "TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAAAAAIN!" I haven't rode the ride since that day, I hope they are still doing that.

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