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Park map changes


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For anyone who hasn't noticed, a new park map is now up on the site at:



Not really any noticeably big changes but here's what I see:

  1. Vortex track is now more orange-y
  2. Thunder Alley is gone
  3. AZ water tower is gone
  4. Racer's supports look more detailed

Also I notice the lack of a change. They did not add the new tallest dinosaur to DA.

So overall pretty boring in terms of changes to the map, but still a new map is a new map. And something about seeing a new map gets me excited for the opening of the park! B)

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Overall, like you said, not much of a change. I do however miss the days of the rides and attractions being labeled by number, thus showing more detail generally to the rides/attractions on the maps.

I have to disagree with you. I'd rather the rides be named on the map rather than having to look up what they are. Just from a more useful perspective, I'd rather they not change back. Food and the like can be numbered, but not rides, please. :)

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I think it's time for Cedar Point to get a new map style, too. Citigraph! Really, Compare Gatekeeper's "height" to Wicked Twister's. Gatekeeper is barely noticeable since it's shown from such an extreme overhead angle while Top Thrill Dragster is scraping passing planes. Couldn't hurt to try out a new style next year. (Spoiler alert: they won't.)

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