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Well I kept tabs on the Antique Cars site all last week.

Last Tuesday night some surveyors were on the site, going to different areas.

I didn't notice anything going on Wednesday, there was still some cars left in the station.

On Thursday constructions signs went up near the entrance and on the fence. The cars were gone, and from what I heard are stacked up behind the games buildings in Coney Mall.

There was two workers in there using cutting torches to dismantle the queue lines, and were stacking them up on skids. When I left Friday morning the queue lines were completely removed, but that's all I really noticed in terms of construction.

The concrete track remains as well as the steel guide bar in the centre of it. I also didn't notice any clearing of landscaping, I am sure that will come soon as it looks like they just kicked it off construction on Thursday.

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SlingShot isn't spread out over a couple of acres of land...

I too saw the spray paint over by the old station, I thought it was interesting that there were only three (or four?) marks in that specific area, and nothing else. Oh well...

I'm sure there will be real construction reports once FearFest rolls along.

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Sling Shot went up pretty fast.

Ok for one I'd have to say this is a stupid comment for the almighty Pat!

Slingshot is basically two big poles and you've got the structure done. I know you know that you know that Italian Job is going to take longer. They had nothing to take out for Slingshot; not to mention the complexity of the two rides are nowhere even close.

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Somebody call the Waaaaahmbulance! Haha! Thats hilarious. How did you get that instead of PKIU Lurker or PKIU Mod Squad or whatever? And whats with the spatula? Oh well.

Well anyway, I noticed that too, on Labor Day; the 6th of September I think. Its like somebody went in with a crow bar, and pulled up a foot or two of track and called it a day! No, but I do know they tore out the queue already, and that the cars themselves were behind the Skeeball arcade, as other people have posted on here already. I'm anxious to see what is done by fearfest! I know there wont be any track or anything, but I wonder if construction on the parking garage or aqueduct will have commenced.

And I wonder if we will be getting a new park map next year, or if they will just update the one we have already by drawing a totally inaccurate and goofy sketch of IJST in where the Tiques used to be.

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