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The park is a bit crowded today. Banshee is at 35min.


Pftt, that was nothing.  They had Diamondback rated at 3045 minutes today!  :ph34r:


Oh, the wonders of the ride wait apps screwing up. :P  Someone was trying to type in 30-45 minutes....

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During my 5-hour visit, I rode The Beast, Vortex, Drop Tower, Adventure Express, Racer and Viking Fury (twice), and watched Cirque Imagine. Most of the waits were 15-20 minutes, so not too bad. But, as I was leaving the park, there were floods of people and the wait times were listed at 30 minutes plus for most rides.


Looks like the Fourth of July crowds are already starting. 

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Entertainment and food entry:


The park is crowded, but as much as one might expect on the Friday right before July 4. I just saw the 7:00 Cirque Imagine (which, WOW!) and it was a packed house. This has been a great KI day by far. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nicer, so I will arrive a little earlier (preferred parking was "packed" by 11:00, so I could've saved the $7 with where I wound up having to park anyway (lol)... Did I mention Cirque Imagine is amazing! I love this park!


Some military hardware is here again, and kids can climb up on the back of the flatbed truck by the Tower. I'm sure it'll be here tomorrow, too.


Skyline was a quick walk-through, and the food was warm and fresh (I like the fries they serve here, vs. the type at the restaurant by my place).


Off to the Eiffel Tower for the traditional dusk visit. More later, perhaps. -Tb

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