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If Paramount still owned Kings Island, what rides based on movies would you like to see?


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KI probably wouldn't have gotten much of a budget for theming if Paramount owned the park.

If Viacom (who bought Paramount) still owned the park, there would probably be an Iron Man ride somewhere in the park, since all three movies were funded by Paramount (Paramount distributed the first two, while Disney distributed the third), unless there's something in the Universal-Marvel contract that prevents this from happening. This ride could have possibly been a B&M Flyer (or if Firehawk was built at KI, it could have been rethemed to that). Italian Job would have had better effects. An Indiana Jones retheme of Adventure Express would have probably been done with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (only to be reverted later due to Disney buying Lucasfilm). Nickelodeon Universe would probably have more of the Dreamworks stuff, especially since Nickelodeon has/had shows with those characters. I'd like to see a Star Trek ride near FoF. There would be Transformers, and TMNT rides in the park. A G.I. Joe ride could have been added near Top Gun. Maybe Titanic 3D in the Paramount FX Action Theater? All CF rides would not exist.

If CBS still owned the park (when Viacom split, CBS took the parks), KI wouldn't be here today. CBS clearly had no intention of running the park, and wanted to get it off their hands as soon as possible. They probably would go as far as to sell the park to a redeveloper. Our favorite park could have become condos if no one wanted to buy it.

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Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle, yes.

But I doubt that would've happened. To completely hide all the Scooby Doo references and replace them with Paranormal Activity references for only a month (or the duration of Fearfest) seems like quite a hassle. But perhaps they could have built a completely new dark ride (maybe with the same ride vehicle type used in the Indiana Jones Adventure) themed exclusively to Paranormal Activity.

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I was hoping for something cool to be done with Mission: Impossible. There's a ton of stuff you could pull off with that theme, especially pulling inspiration from the recent movies. I'm also very surprised more wasn't done with Star Trek.

Other possible movies of interest-

- Beverly Hills Cop (the first 2 at least)

- Friday the 13th for Fear Fest

- Grease (possible show)

- Godfather themed restaurant?

- Indiana Jones (I know AE kind of counted, but I mean among the chain)-

- Braveheart

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Paramount Park Spain will make sure of a VERY odd selection of intellectual properties (including quite a few you listed, silver, from Grease to Godfather.) DEFINITELY not ones I would've expected.

Note that Paramount Park Spain (if it opens) will be like Tokyo Disney Resort, only licensing the rights to use Paramount branding and associated films. Paramount itself does not plan to own or operate the park through its channels. That could be great, like in Tokyo. Maybe not.

I'm no expert so I don't know, but some of the ideas proposed here seem unlikely. A film's distributor, I'm guessing, doesn't just retain perpetual rights to use that film in any way it deems fit. Like Indiana Jones. Now owned by Disney. Even before it was, Disney exclusively had Indiana Jones themed attractions in its parks. I don't know what kind of deal was in place there, or for how long, or to what extent, but it seems that the Indiana Jones thing was off the table, even if the movie says "Paramount" before it. Likewise, Shrek. Dreamworks is no longer a subsidiary of Paramount. Even when it was, it partnered with Universal and Australia's Dreamworld.

All I know is, it must not be as easy as it sounds. Paramount Park Spain will have a kids area made up of really odd, older fantasy movies that are no where near as recognized as Dreamworks' more recent films. So I think if they COULD have Dreamworks, they WOULD. You know?

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