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Ahh So I use to be a Team Leader at Coney Potato Works. It was probably the best job I had, because of my returning associates I had each year. And then my area supervisors, and my supervisor Will (many will know). I worked there from 2011-2014. Back when we had the Coke marketplace, serving fresh fruit.

We had some of the best fries in the park (sorry RPW), topped with bagged chili and cheese. Or our hand dipped corn dogs and cheese on a stick. Even our sign having “Curly Fries” on it, when nobody in the park even sold them

Each day was a different day there. You met so many guests... “my food is too hot”, “my ice cream is too cold”, we use to go over to Skyline and make us a big thing of chili cheese fries (they need to add to their menu)

The associate ride nights were amazing, even with being able to ride Banshee before anyone else. I would always love to return to work here.

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My original intent was to share my Robb Alvey story from 2005 at Tomb Raider but since it involves another fan sites admin and would go against TOS I don't wish to share it. Let's just say it wasn't good

Instead I want to detail just working in general in 2005 the Tomb Raider ride. This was my first season at the park. I feel it was such an honor to work this attraction while it was still operating at its peak performance in terms of themeing before Cedar Fair began it's de-theming the following season. Tomb Raider was the only attraction I ever worked (or more so known) where there was a audible and unprovoked applause/cheering at it's conclusion. This was well before the times of "Welcome back riders how was that ride". It was a nice feeling to be part of the only attraction that had that love that left guests wanting more. Made going to work worth all the work we put into it. 

Not a day goes by I miss those days and hearing those cheers as the house lights went back up. 

Of course it was always nice to get worried calls from Beast and WWC whenever the ride would Skew.

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Glad this thread got bumped!

As many of you know, I was a Scareactor in Field of Screams this past Haunt (as a Scarecrow) and had a blast (I was also in Madame Fatale's one night as well as Urgent Scare the last night). Though most every night was unique and fantastic in its own way, I'd like to share one cool thing.

I cannot thank my supervisors enough for pushing me to do better. For those who know me, I'm a really nice guy and although I have a ton of energy (they kept telling me to "save it for the maze" as I was so hype after getting into costume lol), I was also weak at scaring at the beginning. I kept being told to be scarier and more aggressive, and I eventually found something that worked and it kept getting better. So, again, thanks to them for helping me to be scarier and (eventually) to face my fears. On the last night, I was put in Urgent Scare because it was raining and I was terrified (this maze, along with Blackout was one of my least favorite mazes). So, a few of us had to be trained in the maze as we hadn't scared in there before and I had to pull the drop box and that scared me, but I didn't have much of a choice, so I did it! And then I had to go through the maze. Multiple times. While at first I recoiled at every jumpscare, I was eventually over it and had a blast. Ironically, the room that had scared me the most ended up being the most fun to take guests through (my role was to follow groups through the maze and I called myself "The Chaperone*"). It was also great to interact with the Urgent Scare regulars as well as our crew - they were all really cool.

And yes, I do plan on being back next year. Most days I still think about Haunt and all the possibilities for next year. I love my Haunt Fam! :D

*Interestingly enough, "The Chaperone" is also the name of an episode of Spongebob, which if you'll recall, was one of the movies that played in the Action Theatre before its demise.

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10 hours ago, anonymouspringle said:

Not a worker, but would you recommend working at KI?

Yes.  It was a great experience, I met some of my best friends working there (even now, 15 years later I'm in touch with a lot of them).  The work can get boring/repetitive from time to time, but there are opportunities to try new things.


I would recommend Rides or Park Services.

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On 4/3/2019 at 11:20 AM, Oldiesmann said:

Nope. It was for a few safety issues:

1. Accidentally let a guest who was too short ride Beastie. This was back before they had the height check station in the kids' area (only at the front of the park or at Guest Services) and the same year that the minimum height on Beastie had changed to 40 inches from 36 inches. On top of all that, we were short handed so we didn't have anyone to work greeter, which left height check responsibilities mainly to whoever was working load side in the station. For safety reasons, you couldn't let the incoming train pass you either, so it was kind of hectic.

2. Let 4 people (dad and three kids) ride in a helicopter on what was then Yogi's Skytours (now Woodstock Whirlybirds)

3. Accidentally left an exit gate unlatched (it was closed, just not latched) at the umbrella ride (now Peanuts Offroad Rally, though it was in a different location at the time)

So you got 3 safeties? 

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I never worked at KI, but I did five seasons in rides at Cedar Point and wanted to participate. One of the many stories I have to pick from was one morning in 2012, my second season at Millennium Force. At the time Disaster Transport was in the process of being demolished.  There was a room at the top of the DT building, the projector room, that was purported to be haunted, that particular morning was the day they tore that portion of the building down. Around 8 AM, I was walking across the midway near the Red Garter Saloon on my way to the island to perform the morning low zone inspection.  It was a gorgeous morning, barely a cloud in the sky, no indication of any incoming weather.  Suddenly out of nowhere a bolt of lightning struck Dragster, jumped to Wicked Twister, and finally to one of the SkyRide towers where it caused some damage to the motor and took it down for the day.  I have never heard a thunder clap that loud before or since, I nearly hit the deck and I definitely swore.  I've never been one to believe in ghost stories, but that was just too coincidental and eerie.

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