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Ferris Wheel


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A smaller one elsewhere could be themed to a mill waterwheel I guess, but I still think across from Dodgem would be the best place to make a nice entrance statement for that path into Coney.

The former Salt Water Circus location, I wouldn't mind the entrance statement for Rivertown being a Screamin' Swing on that site.

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That plot of land, other than minor use for Starlight Spectacular props and storing Diamondback components during construction, has been vacant for a LONG time. The last actual use of it was in the 2004-2005 range for FearFest when they set up a temporary structure and queue there with the Massacre Manor name. It would easily accommodate a dual Screamin' Swing like Skyhawk, in addition to entrance, queue, etc, without interfering with Diamondback or Showplace.

Over by Dodgem, a wheel like a Chance Giant would still be a nice visual statement without being so large like the KK or CP wheels to worry about the balancing so much. I believe they offer a ground-mount park model of them in addition to the three-trailer fair units.

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Yep, I remember the temporary set up for that Haunt.  They need to do something in that area to liven it up a bit.  It would be nice to see a small flat ride there.  And put a solid roof on the International Showplace.  I cam fine with keeping the open sides, but a solid roof over it would allow them to utilize it for a Winterfest show.  

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On 1/6/2022 at 10:51 PM, Captain Nemo said:

While I love the idea of a ferris wheel I would prefer a sky ride like what we used to have. 

I actually did some math through Google maps and found that if KI were to build a new entry building and place a skyride station at the top it could go over the center of the fountains, through the 50ft platform of the tower, over stunt coaster and decend right into the spot The Vortex station used to be. Now that is a view I would wait in line for everyday! Plus a great way to get to and from the front and back of the park!

I would love to see a skyride return. Down the middle of IS would look amazing as well. The other location I had always thought of that would fit in thematically was across the Coney Mall midway. I would take out the 3 Point Shootout and Marketplace (though it could be reworked into the ground level of the station and basketball game might even still fit in next to it). It would have an elevated station here as an Oktoberfest entrance with Bavarian design (the wall inside/facing Coney Mall could be painted to match Coney Mall better). The ride path would extend out along the midway and end with another station by Vortex's old station.

On 1/16/2022 at 6:35 PM, silver2005 said:

I think a wheel should be separated from the Eiffel Tower a bit so it kinda has its own place in the park skyline. 

I agree with this. That's why I feel Planet Snoopy is a good spot. If they moved the petting zoo to Rivertown and do something liek CP's Frontier Trail petting zoo they could use that spot. This would really enhance the skyline then. The other side of the park already has Drop Tower, WindSeeker, and Orion. Center has the Eiffel Tower, and the RT/PS side only really has Diamondback which is closer to the center so this would ad a high point to the other edge.

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