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Which Is Better?


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FYI: This would have gone better in polls, and you could have even added a poll for it too.

But on this topic: I prefer Diamondback of the two. I feel it has stronger and longer lasting airtime, and it is a noticeably longer ride to boot (65 seconds from drop to brakes for Diamondback versus just 47 for Mystic Timbers). Mystic Timbers does have the edge IMO in theming and how rapid-fire the elements are, but I would still go for Diamondback overall.

PS: I am glad this is not Diamondback vs. Orion (even though that comparison seems more obvious) since I have not been able to get to Kings Island this year to ride Orion yet.

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I love wooden coasters... and GCI -  and is Mystic Timbers is the quintessential experience of both. So naturally my vote goes as such.

But as the Theme Park Crazy says, "You can never go wrong with a B&M hyper", and Diamondback is no exception...so its a close call, but MT for me...

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Ooooh this is a brain-scratcher for sure.

I have to go with Diamondback, but I am VERY biased towards B&M.  I also have an intense love/hate relationship with wooden coasters.  (Lookin’ at you, Voyage.)

Mystic Timbers is by far the smoothest wooden coaster I have ever been on.  It’s drop hill is super fun, and I like that it gives you those quick elements without all the pain.

But Diamondback is a fun ride I could go on again and again.  Those airtime hills are so fun, and I love screaming on that first drop!  Plus that splashdown is just perfection.  *chef’s kiss*

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