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50th Anniversary Celebration Underway at Kings Island

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On May 28th Kings Island started its season long 50th Anniversary celebration.  Part of those celebrations include new food offerings, more live entertainment, and caping off the night with a new fireworks display called Fun, Fireworks and Fifty. One of the highlights of the day was the return of Tower Gardens which had been closed since the start of the season. This is now a true walk down Kings Island memory lane. Not only is Tower Gardens the same relaxing area it has always been, but you are emersed with Kings Island history not only with descriptive history square pavers, but signage with descriptions and pictures. Along with that, there is a pleather of Eifel Towers that is representation of every coaster in the park. This is an excellent area of the park that you will want to cool off in. Reliving the history and the nostalgia from your childhood is a ride in itself in Tower Gardens. It is so much fun to see the year your favorite ride opened, or when one of your favorites was retired from the park that you remember so well. 

To see a full gallery of Tower Gardens use this link: https://kicentral.com/photos/tower-gardens



Fast forward to the end of the night and you will experience the new Fun, Fireworks and Fifty. Be sure to get to the near front of the park on International street to experience a fireworks show like you have never seen before at Kings Island. Not only are there fireworks, but laser lights, pyrotechnics, over 100 flying drones as part of the show. This is also not just a few minutes of fireworks either. This is a full 13 minutes straight of entertainment in the sky and on the fountains at Kings Island. To say this is show is nothing but magical is not doing it justice.

After the fireworks show, KICentral talked to a few people who had just witnessed what they said was amazement. We heard a few comments like, "I was crying", "they won me over, again", "best thing the park has done." While watching the show myself, I would be lying if I didn't tell you that my mouth dropped multiple times. I was blown away at the full experience of this show. I can not tell you enough to make sure to stay all the way till the end of the night to see this show. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.  KICentral would like to thank Kings Island and Cedar Fair for putting on such an extravagant show. 


To see a full gallery of Fireworks use this link: https://kicentral.com/photos/fun-fireworks-and-fifty




Here you can watch a KIC video of the new Tower Gardens and the full Fireworks display from start to finish.




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We noticed that too. There appears to be only a couple speakers facing the front gate so most of the audio is echoing off the International Street buildings. The area around the Bandstand has much clearer sound.

Otherwise it is really awesome to see the park pull off a production of this scope!

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I was there from 1-8:30ish and it was somewhat crowded, but lines weren't terrible. According to a wait time site I check and the official KI app, it appears the popular rides (with higher wait times) were Flight of Fear and Beast. I was able to get 16 rides in today (17 if you count Orion twice), plus a show.

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