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Tower Gardens.


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Was just glancing at some Coasterstock coverage on this area...With the repeat live show of the Phantom Theatre in the American Heritage Music Hall...where is the puppet tree house acknowledged much less what actually occupied that footprint prior....just throwing this topic out there.

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If I'm following, you are asking what occupied the space that is currently tower gardens?

If so, I'm sorry that I can't answer that, its been some form of tower gardens for a long while (and much of that form was very shoddy as well as on of the designated smoking spots).

What I'd love to be seen done is a KI hall of fame kind of display.  Get the people at Entertrainment Junction involved who did the Coney Island Mock up (is that sill there on the upper level) and put in a working mock up of the The Beast and and maybe something like Diamondback as part of the history section.  They could sell vintage KI clothing apparel there to bring people into the area.  It appears like some refreshing of the area has been done of late, but I haven't checked it out yet.

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Prior to Tower Gardens it was the original Kings Island Theater. It was an inflatable theater that lasted until
1977 when it was replaced by the current Kings Island Theater (American Heritage Hall)

The puppet tree was in Hanna Barbera land where the pin is in the photo.

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